Friday, May 6, 2011

Well, it could have been worse...

I got a bit of a late start this morning. And honestly, there's only one reason why, I was stalling. I was already tired of doing this re-root, even though I was closing in on the final stretch. But no matter the amount of motivation that I tried to give myself, I had a hard time rallying myself to get to work. I knew that I was closing in on finishing, but I just hate doing the part line. But I know that it needs to get done in order to actually finish. And Sweet Sixteen here really depends on her part line to cover a big section of her head. So I knew that the sooner I started the sooner I could be finished and move onto more fun projects. (What an awkwardly worded sentence)
It was a little after 11 that I finally managed to force myself to sit down and actually start working on her. I had already finished most of the main holes in her head. I think I really had the final two circles left , other than the dreaded the part line. I managed to knock those holes out before I stopped for lunch. After lunch I started again, beginning the part. This one was different than the other Mattel dolls that I had done before. Usually there are two rows of tiny holes that you crisscross as you fill them. It's called thatching. This one was a row of large single holes. So I had to fill the holes with large chunks of hair and part it like you would on a person. It's a bit different, and there are some thin spots, but at least I figured it out how it should be done. Originally when I saw it, I was a little "Hmmm, this is different", but I figured it out quick enough. When I was finished with her (Yay!) I brought her downstairs and gave her a dunk into some boiling water to make her hair stay flat. I might have to go back and fill in some bare spots in her part, but for now I'm done with the majority of it. I've already trimmed her hair a bit and did a little of styling. (No pictures yet because she's still all wet.)
And speaking of the styling of her, I'm already re-thinking my Gothic Lolita idea. I was having trouble finding anything that I really liked, not to mention how it would work in her scale, and now that I see her hair in person, it's not really the look I want for her. (Didn't I say that this would happen?) So instead I'm going with another Japanese classic, the sailor school uniform. I think I was making those way back at the beginning of the blog (Maybe earlier?), so it'll be interesting to revisit them, considering I'd hope my sewing has improved. Midge was wearing one for a while, (and has since changed,) so there's room in the collection for one. Although her's was completely blue, a winter uniform, the one I'm going to make will be white on top, a summer uniform, although I am planning on making it with long sleeves. Not sure when I'll get a chance to make it, since I need supplies, but right now Sweet Sixteen is wearing Midge's old one and it looks pretty cute, although it did stain Midge, so I will have to be careful. (I did colorfast it after I saw what it did to Midge, but you can't be too careful!)
When I was downstairs working with the boiling water for Sweet Sixteen I also spent some time in the Kitchen doing some cooking. It's nice starting something that's done the same day you begin. I've been wanting to cook for a while, the other day I was watching a program and someone made Tomato Soup Cake, and it looked interesting. I at least wanted to try it. I've been collecting up the ingredients the last couple shopping trips, and finally had everything. So I decided to make it today while I waited for Sweet Sixteen's hair to dry. It's a pretty simple recipe. Just toss everything into the bowl and mix. I will say this for it, you cannot tell that it's made from tomato soup, it's weird, and really tasty. If I had to compare it to another food, I'd say it's mostly like gingerbread. In fact, if we're going up to Connecticut for Christmas again I plan on making a batch and bringing it up. That's how Christmas-y I thought it was. And I can't stop eating them!

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