Thursday, May 5, 2011

What a day, what a day...

Again I'm suffering from another poor night's sleep. Last night when I went to go to bed, I immediately stopped feeling sleepy as soon as my head hit the pillow. My eyes just went "Vring!", wide awake. This happens from time to time (more often than I'd like to admit), and I usually stay in bed until I manage to fall asleep but not last night. I ended up getting up doing some stuff. I didn't go to bed until almost 1 am. And I actually got up when my alarm went off compared to turning it off and going back to bed. Of course when I got up I stretched my shoulders and managed to pull a muscle in my neck really hard. In fact I'm writing this several hours later and it's still tender to the touch. So not a lot of chance of falling back asleep after that little escapade. (Owie, owie, owie, owie!)
I had a conundrum on my hands. Today was a writing day, but I also wanted to re-root Sweet Sixteen since I finally had her. Since I was so tired I didn't feel much like writing. Also, the sooner I start re-rooting the sooner it's over. I'm going to have to do it eventually, so it's good to get it out of the way. Then I can start dressing her, and playing with her. So this morning I took the scissors to Sweet Sixteen's short hair. I always feel terribly guilty about cutting doll's hair, because I know I shouldn't be doing it. Even when it's trimming off old hair to replace it. But I mustered up my courage and chopped all her hair off (No going back now). I also tweezed out the hair from the inside. Learned a couple things about Sweet Sixteen from that little experience. Apparently when Mattel originally rooted her, they used the tension method. It's where each plug is looped into the ones around it. I don't think they use that for Barbie, or at least I don't think I've ever seen it, and I've taken hair out of several Barbie dolls. I also learned that instead of circles of hair plugs, the pattern of holes for Sweet Sixteen is a spiral, which makes sense since it's the tension method. Here's a picture of how she looked at 11 this morning. She kind of looks like Daddy Warbucks, or least with a bit of Annie mixed in. And here's how she looked tonight at 9:45 when I called it quits. My finger is aching and my eyes are getting crossed. I got three and a half rows completed... I think. Could be more, feels like more. I take back what I said about her having the same number of holes as Skipper, she has more, so much more. It's not as many as the current Barbie dolls, but there's so many. I have another full day planned with this mess, including the part line. Which is usually the worst part. Wish me luck!
My day was not filled totally with re-roots, we also got a new dog today. I would have mentioned the fact beforehand, but it was news to me too. Before I started rooting Sweet Sixteen my Dad got a call from a woman that had a few stray dogs. They had met at the Chili cook off and they had talked about dogs, she had a couple, and she sent pictures and my Mom wasn't interested. She called today, and my dad went off with the dog to go meet them. He then came back with one. "Yellow dog". He's a mutt, a bit bigger than Pach. He's yellow with spots of gray, I think he's a German Shepard mix. He was a loaner, to see how well we meshed with us at home, and the dog on his home turf. I tried telling that to my Mom and she reminded me when was the last time that my Dad could say goodbye to an animal?" Touche. He spent the day outside with Pach, they seem to get along well, in fact a little too well. Pach kept trying to get a little... fresh with the new dog. It's weird because the new dog is a boy, and Pach is fixed. He shouldn't be doing stuff like that. The new dog wasn't a fan of it, and kept nipping at Pach to make him stop, good for him. Even with that they seemed to get along, Pach liked the companionship. All during the day when I went out to see them Pach was much more calm and better to be around. We were even able to keep him in his yard and he didn't whine like normally. I'm not totally excited about getting another dog, but it could be worse. So I guess we have another dog. We've never had more dogs than cats before. It's a weird thought. We are planning on actually naming him, my brother wants to call him "Yellow Fellow", but nobody's keen on that one. I feel kind of bad because he was outvoted on naming the last pet too. He wanted to name Waffles, Mister Crackers. But we went with my choice of Waffles. I also named Pach, and my dad keeps asking me to come up with names for this new dog too. So I guess I should think about it some. Was not expecting that to happen today, I don't think an of us were. But tomorrow's another day, another day full of needles, hair, and knots. So many knots.

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