Monday, May 9, 2011

Writing and some musings about the collection

Today started off like it should. Since it's Monday, and I was done with Sweet Sixteen's re-root, it was time to get back to writing. It was a little tricky today since I'm still having trouble with that section that I recently started. I'm thinking about jumping ahead and coming back to that section later. Today I got about a page written, but I'm not really sure how much I like of what I did. Either way, there needs to be a lot of thought put into that section. Hopefully Thursday will be more productive.
When I was done writing for the day I basically hung around. Today is official one month mark for my Birthday, so I've been doing some preliminary shopping for it. I assume I'll get a check from my Grandmother, and I'll have some money to spend from my parents too. It won't be a huge amount, but it will certainly be a bit more than I've had free to spend in quite a while. I like doing all the pre-shopping, weighing the pros and cons, and finding out the best way to utilize my money so that I can get the most from it. It's the best part of the present... nah, I'm kidding the best part is the stuff.
But with my pre-shopping I've been thinking about the collection. Don't worry, this isn't one of those, "I'm done collecting deals." Even when I was in college and on a doll collecting hiatus, I still couldn't pass up a decent deal if I found one. It's just that I wasn't actively seeking the dolls out. Really in my collection it could basically be split into before college and after college, with like five from college. Like I said, not really collecting at that time.
Even before college I did say I collected vintage Barbie, but only had like two actual vintage Barbie dolls, I had more of her friends and family. Even then I only had 12 of the current vintage collection. The majority of the dolls I had in my "collection" were modern play line that I amassed, but really didn't care that much for. It's only recently that I've been able to really build and strengthen the collection. And while I have quite a variety of dolls in the collection I can really see where the collection is going. The past year I've purchased six new dolls, out of those six, five of them have been vintage. I'm really focusing in on those dolls. I'm even going though and rethinking other aspects of my collection because of it. I'll admit that while I claim there's always room for dolls here, that's not true. I will eventually reach my breaking point. Just not yet. Even now I'm looking over the collection and I see dolls that I would like to pass along, and ones that I'd say my collecting days are over.
Right now I have nine Silkstones, 11 if you count re-bodied Artemis and Modern Circle. After college I went though a big Silkstone collecting period. That's where most of these came from. But recently, I haven't had a real desire to get any new ones. Which is a good thing, their prices are insane lately. I have a pretty decent assortment of these dolls, and don't really see any that I have to have. I think it's in part because I have so many actual vintage Barbies. Part of the major appeal was their vintage like face molds. It was a way to get a vintage like doll at a lower price. But now I'm able to find and collect vintage dolls for about the same price, if you look hard enough and overlook some flaws. (I'm not perfect, why should they be?) With my expanding collection of vintage dolls, they don't really inspire me anymore. I haven't touched any of them in months. They're always the last thing I dust. And while I still like having them around, they're not really dolls like the others in the collection, they're more like decorations. I really can't see myself getting more to add to the collection (famous last words), since I'm focusing on vintage dolls. Even the most recent Francie Silkstone left me cold because she just looked like a pale imitation of the real Francie dolls. I already have three of those, and for that price I could probably get a few more. The Momoko dolls suffer from the same issue, I like the ones I have a lot, but can't see myself getting anymore, although with them, I wouldn't say that's a definite thing. I still have my holy grail Momoko out there, maybe someday.
But there are other dolls that I wouldn't mind passing along compared to the Silkstones, or Momoko (Who are NOT leaving), mainly the reproduction dolls. I have six? I think, and they don't inspire me at all. Again I'd rather have much loved original compared to a new copy. I bought most of them because they were on sale, or a flat out wanted one, but time and time again I just waste my money. I think I'm slowly learning though. I managed to avoid the most recent line of reproductions. But the ones I do have, the majority of them have their original hairstyles. I do redress them, but it's more that they're dress forms for the clothes compared to dolls I really like. If I found someone who wanted to buy them, I could easily pass them on without any doubt or guilt (okay, maybe a little guilt).
And Barbie herself isn't immune to this little issue. I have been buying less and less from Mattel's latest offerings. Last year I only bought one outfit, the shoe pack, and two dolls from them. I've seen their upcoming lines, and I only want one thing. One thing! Can you believe it? And that's really a doll for a body swap, so it's not even the doll in question. And I've heard that she might be hard to find, so I might not be able to get her. The only doll from any new line that I really wanted was Kyu from the Dynamite Girls line, and I know that's not going to happen, and I'm slowly making peace with that fact. So forgive me if I complain a bit more about that injustice! Anyway, I guess I'm changing as a collector, or all the stuff out there is boring.
So, what do you guys thing? Has anyone else seen their collections change so drastically? Or do you guys think this is another phase, like my blue period? (so to speak) Or maybe I just don't need every doll that comes down my way? (And I would like to point out, I was never that bad)


  1. Love how Sweet Sixteen's reroot looks ! Great job - but I know your fingers are glad it's over !

    I'm still trying to figure out what's with my sudden and intense obsession with Monster High - sure to be an entry on my blog soon. Thanks for reading, BTW ! I don't know if they came along just when I needed a challenge, or felt something was missing in My Life With Barbie...or if it was something more. But the end result is that I have next to no interest in the 2011 Barbie line, collector or playline. Not even in clothes. Most of the dolls and misc. I bought - and wanted very much - just before the MH virus bit me hard leaves me feeling somehow empty. Can't explain that, either.

    About the only thing I'd buy right now is a repro of Modern Art - I've tried a dozen times to make my own, and failed every time. Even in the MH line, there's only a few pieces I really want - Mattel's not making much available separately, and I don't need six Frankies and eight Ghoulia dolls, but that's what I'll end up with if I'm not selective !

    Big change in my purchasing, seriously. I don't even want to hit yard sales anymore, I have all I want and then some. I think a lot of us are learning to enjoy what we have, instead of taking pleasure from the endless pursuit. At least, that's what I'm hoping I'm doing, I honestly don't know right now ! (grin)

  2. I always go through phases with my collection. I find moments when I leave my Mattel stuff alone and play with my FR more. I may concentrate on Kelly and friends and leave the 11 1/2 world alone. I'm working on enjoying what I have. I have so much so working through what I want to get rid of is shining new light on what I really love.

    I'm getting ready to go on a buying hiatus for a moment. I really need to concentrate on clearing out. I also avoid the boards with the for sale posts. There is always some temptation somewhere.

  3. Dorrie, thanks for the compliment about Sweet Sixteen's hair! I think that what's captivating about the Monster High line is all the thought that went into it. It's just so different, and everyone is so unique. Even with the Barbie lines they rely on a lot of their older products and characters. And Barbie is always, Barbie. Perfect in every way without fault. She's become a caricature of herself. And I like characters that reflect real life, I want someone to aspire to be (or be thankful I'm not) not some impossible level of annoying perfection. Plus with Barbie she always has to be center stage and almost an eerie God like figure. Personally, I like the doll not the character they created for her.
    And I'm totally agreeing with you about not buying as much allows you to look at your collection more. Just looking at it, and my day to day interaction with them shows what I care about compared to what I just have.

    Dollz4Moi, I've been through several phases too. Although usually they're all Mattel phases, except for the Takara Jenny one and the Momoko one. Seeing what I have I can see dolls that I haven't touched in months, and I don't really care that I haven't. I'd say the collection is split 30/70 with 30 that I could somewhat easily let go.
    And those sales boards are too tempting. Even if I can't afford anything I always find myself looking and coveting!