Friday, May 13, 2011

You guys, I seriously hate snaps right now, seriously

Friday again? I guess that's means it's time for "Finish it up Friday". I've missed the last couple of these theme days, so I'm eager to get back to them. Honestly the box is beginning to overflow. I'm either going to have to pick up these theme days, or get a second box. I'd bet money on the second box before too long.

First up we have this jacket from Pedro. It's what Skipper was wearing when she arrived. Ricky here took it the moment she arrived. Snatched it right off her. I think it's got this cool Indiana Jones vibe going on with it when he's wearing it. The issue is that it only had one snap in the center and the bottom would gap, very unsightly. So today I added a snap at the bottom, and he's good to go. Now I just need to find him an explorer's hat to go with it.

Next we have another item from Pedro. This is a simple black jersey knit swimsuit. It has a couple of runs, and the thread was broken in several spots (eight). I like swimsuits like these because they work as nice shirts so I wanted to fix it. Using a hand needle I fixed all the holes. Nothing I can do about the runs, but they're not that bad.

The next item is another one that Pedro sent. This is a red and white checkered shirt. It was sewed together in the back, and I wanted to replace that with snaps. Originally I thought it belonged to Skipper, but when I tried it on her, she swam in it. Turns out it's for vintage Barbie. I got it to fit her, but I ended up having to use two snaps on it. I also had to reinforce the underarm seams since they were starting to go.

Next we have the Chatty Cathy shirt that I made the other day. Like I said then it was much too big and just hung on her. Today I took both sides in about 1/4 of an inch. It's still a little big, but fits much better. Taking it in like that even fixed the issue I had with one snap being really misplaced. I did have to resew half a snap, but totally worth it. My other Chatty Cathy is wearing it right now with some jeans and a bandana tied around her neck. She is adorable!

After that I moved onto the outfit for Sweet Sixteen. Even though it was never in the box, it still needed to get finished. Today I cut out threads, reinforced seams, and added snaps. Both the skirt and shirt are finished. All I need to do now I make her handkerchief, the tie for the handkerchief, and her socks. Did you know that her outfit alone uses seven snaps? The only outfit that even comes close to that number is the steampunk outfit, which also uses seven. Can you blame me for disliking snaps right now?

For our final thing of the day, I chose a skirt. I made this skirt the other day when testing out the ruffler that I bought. But when I first made it, it was too big. Not sure how big of a waist the doll would need to be in order to use it, but I didn't have one like that in my collection. So today I basically took the entire thing apart and redid it. I got more practice in with the ruffler. It's a simple white skirt, so I guess I just made an underskirt? Either way it's done, and now you guys you know what the ruffler can do.


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