Friday, June 24, 2011

Another Quiet Day...

Well, I didn't finish the dress I started yesterday, I just couldn't find the motivation to actually work on it. Instead I left it alone all day, and because of that I left Charlotte alone in it all day because she's the one that got stuck wearing it last. Instead I started another dress using that same burgundy fabric as the one from yesterday. And yes, this dress suffered the same fate as the other one, languishing unfinished, still pinned to the doll. Just for some reason what I made so far doesn't excite me enough to finish them. Not really sure why that is.

Either way I went out today so I was unable to finish the dress even if I wanted to, which I did not. Let me show you what I got. See it? It's "Vintage Clothing for Fashion Dolls" by Mari Dewitt. Yes, the same Mari that complimented my Skipper and Francie dresses a few posts back. I've been wanting to look at this book for a while, but haven't been able to find it at a decent price. This copy isn't mine, it's one that I got from the Library through a loan. It came all the way from Virgina. It cost me almost three dollars to borrow it. I wanted to see the book in person before I shelled out 50 plus bucks for my own copy. From what I see from my general skim through, there's several dresses that I already know how to do, as well as several new things. I really haven't had that much time to flip though it yet. It's due back July 11th, so I think I have plenty of time to look though it, might even get a chance to make a few things before I have to send it back. We'll see.
The Library wasn't the only place that I got to today. I also stopped into Hobby Lobby again. Next week I'm going to be good and skip shopping because these last few weeks I've been terrible, just terrible. Today I got a yard of tulle, a yard of navy blue calico, matching thread for that, as well as a yard of that John Deere plaid. So now I have the material to make those skirts for Joanne, I'm planning on making them Sunday. I won't be able to get to the post office until Thursday, and I hope to have them done by then.
Back at home, I did some reading of the book I borrowed, that's where I learned the technique for using tulle to hem necklines and sleeves. So I tried it out. I decided to make something for Francie using the bodice pattern I made a while back to test it. I figured, Francie could always use more clothes, right? It came out okay, it's certainly an interesting technique but I'm not totally sold on it. I like lining better, having it lined just makes it seem more professional to me, just my preference, however weird. I mean I'm glad that I learned it, and maybe I'll come to find it invaluable, but right now I don't really care for it. Maybe if I learned it earlier I would like it more. Since I didn't know it early on, I learned other techniques, and I prefer those. I did manage to finish the dress so that's one less thing entering the unfinished project box, but still, I don't really care for it. I'd be more likely to use it to dress a doll that I would donate than use it on someone in the collection. But it's a usable garment from a test piece, not too shabby.

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  1. Hon, let me know if you're still interested in getting a copy of this book. I have it, and haven't touched it in years. I'm sure we can come to an agreement much better than fifty bucks !

    I'm still lethargic and sick, too. Haven't sewn in a month, but things are getting better. Hope your tomorrow is fantastic !