Thursday, June 30, 2011

Curse you Hobby Lobby!

I'll start off with the good news. I was able to get everything I needed to into the mail this afternoon. I had the two envelopes for Jessica and Joanne as well as a package to send out. The package was the Sailor Moon Tuxedo Mask doll that I bought a few weeks back. I quickly found a buyer for him, and I was able to get him out into the mail today. So it's great that I was able to get all those three things taken care of and off my mind. Now I can get back to sewing for fun, which is more... well fun. Although, I still don't have any projects in mind.
Now I would have a couple that I want to do, all I'm missing are the supplies. And you can thank Hobby Lobby for that. Today was a shopping day, which was good because I needed some stuff. Unfortunately what I needed and what they had were two different things. Since Malibu Skipper is wearing those yellow flats I got from Jessica I decided I want to make her a new Kimono. Right now she's wearing a Rement one that I bought for Momoko way back when. It fits her better. But it doesn't match the yellow shoes, so I decided to make her one that did. But I couldn't find any fabric with yellow in it that was interesting. I'd rather wait and find something that really clicked with me instead of settling for something that was just okay. But there wasn't anything just okay there either it was all so boring, ugly, too big, or a combination of those. I guess Skipper's going to have to wait a bit before she gets new clothes. That's not a big deal, I was more mildly interested in making her a new kimono, I don't know if she's going to be in a kimono forever. She's a really nice Malibu Skipper, but her hair's been cut into a bob. I would re-root her in my quest to get one of each of the Malibu dolls, but since they're so new (to my vintage dolls) I'd rather get ones with original hair. It's weird I know.
But there was something else that I was looking for at Hobby Lobby, from the book I borrowed from the library I saw that you could make Barbie hats from buckram. I've been looking into making hats, so I thought this would be a fun and interesting foray into it. So I looked to see if Hobby Lobby had any buckram. They do sell it on their website, but I could not find it in store. I even asked the girl working at the fabric section. She was kind and tried to help me, but it was her first day, and everywhere she pointed out were sections that I already tried. So I guess they don't carry it in store, which stinks. I wanted to make hats now! I mean, they didn't even sell something similar to it. They should have had it. Hrumph!
So I didn't get anything when out. We even stopped in at the "Quilting Coops" so I could look at their fabrics. I wanted to see if they had still had some fabric that I bought way back when. I wanted to get some more, but they were out. I guess I should have been back earlier than this. It seemed like they had less fabrics there than last time. Also the woman working there was really overly friendly. Now I'm not sure if she was just really friendly or didn't think I knew what I was doing because I was young or a guy. I looked around for a bit, but didn't see anything I liked so I hightailed out of it quickly. I really doubt that I'll be back there anytime soon. I just didn't care for the atmosphere. So I was home empty handed. I went to log into the Doll page so I could tell Sue that her Tuxedo Mask doll was on it's way to her. That's when I found someone had listed a vintage Malibu Barbie for five dollars. And so I emailed the person asking them if she was still available and what her back markings were. She was still available and she was from Japan. Even if she was from another country I was still interested. She looked good for only five dollars, plus the Japan dolls are the better quality ones. I was able to get a shipping price and pay for it all in the course of a half hour. The seller was already heading out to the post office, so she's already on her way to me. I'm not sure if she's going to be wearing the clothes she's pictured in, but I wouldn't be heartbroken if not. She's going to be redressed once she arrives. It's weird that while I'm trying to collect all the Malibu dolls all I've really been able to amass are Barbie and Ken (and Skipper). And now I have two Barbie's. I honestly thought I'd have P.J. or Francie before another Barbie. Although I've never even seen P.J. in person, I've seen Francie once or twice. I guess that eventually their friends will come in time, just not now.
I guess it's time to do some research for some more 70's clothing... I'm thinking shorts, where do you guys get your inspiration for vintage clothes?

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