Friday, June 3, 2011

Dull as Dishwater Friday

Just like I promised (or threatened) yesterday, today was a cleaning day, and not very exciting. I managed to clean the living room, dining room, hallway, stairs, and about half the kitchen. It wasn't that bad, really just dusting, sweeping, and putting some stuff away that was left out. Tomorrow I have to go and finish the kitchen, as well as pick up in some other spots that I missed today. As well and redo what will inevitably be messed up before tomorrow. *sigh*
Like I said, not very exciting news. Although I did get some annoying news today, although it wasn't the news that was annoying, it was how I found out about it. It was something that did affect me somewhat, but I had to found out more than second hand. I wish the person would have just told me it compared to having to find it out on my own. And if I hadn't found it out, I would have been left totally in the dark. It's just the rudeness that I mind. I seem to have a rather large influx of that in my life lately, and it cannot go away soon enough.
But enough dwelling on that, it's over and done for, and that's for the best. I think it's high time to show the final (and most exciting) part of the birthday present. Quick note, as if writing this I have yet to pay for it. I would love to go and get this taken care of but unfortunately Canada's postal service has gone on strike. (The one time I need to actually use it!) So I'm not finding an economical way to ship a letter up there. I'm hoping that they come to an agreement because otherwise I'm going to have to spend a great deal of money to mail a letter, which is nuts, and seems to be just my luck lately.
But anyway, I've made you wait long enough. Let me finally show you the last thing that's coming in the Barbie case. Here it is! Did you see the pictures? It's an American Girl Barbie, isn't that exciting? I mean just look at her, isn't she lovely? She does have some troubles, which is no shock for what I paid (or will pay). First off she's not coming with her original body. While it's hard to be totally sure I am ninety percent sure that she's on Casey's body. Like I said, hard to tell, but her feet look flat and it looks like she's not filling out the top of her dress like she should be. I just wish there was a clear shot of her hands because that would be a sure giveaway. She also had some missing paint, but at least her hair is stunning. She won't need a re-root. But the worst thing is that she has neck splits. It's really evident in the photo showing the issues with Casey's (Skipper) feet. It's hard to tell, but it looks like there is some sort of glue on the neck/head. I really hope that it's easily removed and that it's there for a reason other than the body/head is irreparably broken. I'd hate getting a Francie body that I can't use, especially since I'd then have a Casey head that needs a body. But personally I'd rather lose the body than the head, that head is the real reason why I bid on this thing in the first place. But I'm really going to have to wait until they get here to really see the extent of the damage on her. Finger's crossed for me people!

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