Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finish it up... on a Tuesday???

I started off today with some laundry. It's amazing that when you have only six shirts that are wearable in public how quickly you just run though them. The majority of my shirts are too big or have holes in them so they're fine for kicking around the house, I'm not trying to impress anyone there, but not so great for public display. So if I was planning on going out and not looking like a scrub I needed to get some clothes cleaned. Plus it's better to do it when it's small manageable loads and not a gigantic all day pile.
With that started I thought about what I wanted to do for the day. I could start a new video game, but I wasn't really feeling it. I think I'm still riding the post high of finishing Lego Batman. I wanted to do some sewing, and even though I don't have a project in mind, I turned my attention to another source of sewing projects. The unfinished project box. In there I have tons of projects that I started and gave up on midway though for a variety of reasons. The projects are already started so I just need to come back to them and finish what I started, fix whatever issue I was having with them, or cut my losses and throw something out. I started off with throwing something out. It was a pleated skirt I made out of material that was way too thick. I needed to reinforce seams and add a snap, but that was going to be hard sewing a snap onto that thick fabric and I'd never use it, so why waste my time and the potential damage to my fingers? So I just tossed it.
But that was the only casualty of the box today. I started by dumping the entire box and pulling though what was inside and setting aside the things that didn't totally bore me. One of the things that I pulled out was the dusty yellow bodice that I made for that Skipper dress that was from the wrong pattern. While it was too big for Skipper it was too small for the fashionista body. I was looking at it when I realized I have at least two dolls that are in-between those two sizes. Luckily I had a Francie right next to me who was waiting to be redress and placed back on the bookshelf so I grabbed her. Trying it on her proved that that it was a decent fit, it just needed some under bust darts. I also had to remove the collar that was on it. It was a attempt to do something different, that wasn't working. So hello trash for that. I decided I was just going to remake the outfit the same as how it was for Skipper, just in Francie size. I did the pleated skirt and set it outside to dry while I finished the bodice. I made a new collar and this one went it easier, I didn't have to redo it over and over like usual. When I was done with the collar I went outside and the skirt was dry! So I was able to attach it and be done with the initial sewing. After that I reinforced seams, added two snaps in the back, pulled out all the holding stitches in the skirt, and I added a row of pearl buttons down the front. I used chalk this time to show me where they needed to go, because the pencil I used on Skipper's dress, is still there. It's faint, but not going away easily. I also added the white ribbon bow at the neck, but that's just tied there. I'm going to run out of that thin ribbon soon at this rate, I've been using it a lot. I like this dress, it came out really cute. The only problem is that with the color of the fabric, any yellowing of the doll's face is really noticeable, and it makes them look even more sallow. I tried it on Molly and she looked super sickly. Out of my four Francie dolls, two of them are yellowed, and the other two are dressed how I like them, so this dress is going to become a spare for whomever comes into the collection that wants it. I took a Francie and Skipper out to take their pictures so I can share them over on flickr and "In the Pink", and wouldn't you know Waffles had to jump up on the railing, even though there's an at least 10 foot fall from there. So I had to grab him and take him back indoors. I did snag a picture though.
After that I moved onto another project, a quick fix this time, compared to the dress. I bought these doll shirts a while back. They're actually made for scrap booking, but are made up like actual t-shirts. The only issue is that they don't open in the back. So they went into the box for a while. It would be easy to just slice up the back and hem them, but they're kind of tight already and I wouldn't want to lose that much fabric. But I learned a trick the other day that really works wonders. Using medium thick ribbon (I think it's ribbon could be hem tape or something) you fold it over the raw hem and sew that together. That way the not hemmed fabric is enclosed, and you don't lose any extra fabric. I did this with one shirt a while back and it came out okay, but this one I did today came out much better. It looks much more professional. I also added two snaps in the back so it can open and close. And I was done... almost. When I was trying it on Charlotte when I was done the seam at the neck popped. It was a simple fix, but annoying that I had to do it in general. Oh, before I forget, does anyone need any of these? They came from Big Lots and there's still several of them left at the store. I'd be willing to buy and ship some for people if anybody wanted. They're pretty cheap, like 1.25 each. There's London, Paris, San Fransisco, and something else too (I didn't get the last one that I can't remember.) I'd be willing to send them MIB or adapt them like I did here (for a slight fee). If anyone's interested contact me though here. I should point out that they do fit the fashionista body. The reason why there's a gap in the back is because the dress form is slightly bigger than Barbie, also I couldn't be bothered to add more than two snaps. Had I added three it would have not have the gap.
After that I did another quick fix. I made this skirt out of the tiny woven houndstooth that I bought back at Christmas. I was having issues with the back seam, so I gave up on it. Today I came back and fixed it and finished the skirt. It's part of a suit that the jacket is still in the box, but at least the skirt is finished. It fits Charlotte (very tightly), but it's more for the Vintage crowd. Love, love, love this material, pain to work with though.
After that I finished up another dress. I made this red polka dot dress for the doll I'm sending to Pedro (which I still have not sent). The fit was off, so I gave up and moved onto another option for that. Today I dusted it off and finished it up. While the fit was off for the older style of body that it was designed for, it fit Charlotte's body. (I don't know why that keeps happening to me, it's not the first time this has occurred.) I will say it's not a perfect fit on her either. Today I reinforced the seams, added snaps, attached the straps, and sewed the back closed. It's cute and flirty... and really short. I must make sure that underwear is worn with this dress at all times. But still, cute, and finished!
Finally I moved onto another repair job. This dress is one that came in the lot of stuff that came with the Christmas Bubblecut. Do you see that fabric pattern? It's so lovely and geometric. They don't make them like that anymore. It's in pretty decent shape in the front, but there's some issues with the back. The skirt back hem had come undone and started to unravel. Again I had an issue with using too much fabric to re-hem it, so I used more ribbon to fix it. I took the back seam apart and added ribbon to each side, then sewed it back together. All it needed was some seam reinforcement and it was fixed. This is an unusual dress. It too fits Charlotte's body much better than the vintage one, and I didn't even make it. I assume it was made for the vintage doll because of who it came with. It can fit the vintage body, but it's extremely tight in the bodice, and I worry it will tear, but it's still a cute dress.
So that's what I did today, got several things out of that box. There's still plenty to do, but I made progress. And even more shockingly, I like all of these items and are more likely to use them in the collection compared to some other stuff I've finished on days like this. I really like that Francie dress. It's weird, I haven't made much stuff for her ever, but in the past week or so I made her two things. I guess I'm branching out?

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