Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Everyone!

Hope everyone wished their father a happy father's day today. We didn't do much for it. My father's doing one of those terrible three day over the weekend shifts so there's not that much to celebrate. It'll be better Monday afternoon when he's had a chance to sleep and doesn't have to work for a few days. Even though he's tired from work, I still wanted to give him something on the actual day. So I gave him a card as well as a small present. He seemed to like it, so that's good.
My morning was spent posting things for sale over on the Dollpage. You guys might remember that I started a "for every one in, one must leave" rule back when I posted Donny, Marie, and Marie. With the recent influx of dolls you'd think that I'd be behind on that, but I'm actually not. Even including the two dolls from Canada (that is still on strike), I'm ahead of the game. Even the flip TNT was covered by the fact that I posted and sold a doll recently. But still recently I decided that it was time to sell my TNT reproduction doll. She was an impulse buy and we never really bonded. She was the one that really sealed my thoughts on getting reproductions. (To not get then anymore.) I tried clicking with her, but it just wasn't happening. Lately I've been unsatisfied with her clothing, but compared to redress her, I just wanted to get rid of her. So today I went and posted her, as well as Tuxedo Mask, and the Liv doll/wig I don't need. I also contacted someone on Flickr about giving them a vintage tie I got from my Grandfather. I got it from him for a project that I never got around to, and so I decided to give it away compared to just moving it from place to place. I didn't bother selling that because I don't know anything about it, plus I'm trying to give my karma a boost. Plus, it feels nice to de-clutter, so therapeutic. So, I don't know if you're keeping track, but right now I have a spot for one more doll to join the collection before I have to post someone else for sale. It would be two, but I'm not counting Tuxedo Mask since he never officially joined the collection.
I also did some more work dressing the TNT flip today, but it didn't turn out well again. I always have the worst luck with Mod dolls. It's just so not my bag. I'm starting to get to that point of frustration, but I'm trying to remain calm, I know I'll figure something out eventually. I'm also still having trouble with Sweet Sixteen too, and that just kills me because I love her and I want to dress her wonderfully, but I can't find what looks best on her. This is Vanessa all over again, and the worst part is, Charlotte can't help me because she's on a totally different body. At this rate there's going to be a while slew of dolls joining the redress list, and a lot staying on it!
Here's hoping tomorrow brings me better inspiration. Hopefully I have some Mod dreams tonight!

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