Monday, June 6, 2011

I love it when presents come in the mail

Today, I several of the things that I'm waiting for arrive in the mail for me, I just love it when that happens. First off we have the boots I ordered a week ago, and let me just say this, ... I love them. They are just so awesome, such a great purchase! I won't lie, part of the enjoyment is putting them on my fingers and pretending my fingers are legs. I will comment that for shoes made from the same mold, there's some pretty noticeable differences with each one. I'll explain, first off the cream and pink pairs are made from very thin rubber. They're just so much more thin than the black pair I've originally had. Like even the heel is hollow. They also are marked differently than my original pair. On the bottom on the toe it says "Mattel" and "Korea", and is really faint and hard to make out. (I had to strain under the light to read that). I think that those two are the oldest two of the bunch. On the new black pair it is marked on the bottom "Mattel Inc.", in a different sized font, also in a different spot. They're also much more thick than the cream and pink pair. They seem to be a trifle bit thicker than my original black pair, but that could be because the original pair got a lot of play so they might be a bit more "broken in". Either way, love these boots. I've already placed them on the bookshelf on the bookshelf. Now for the light blue ones, I will admit are my least favorite of all of them. They're made of a thicker rubber than all the other pairs, and I really had to jam them onto Charlotte's feet, and even then I don't think I got them on fully. I'm sure with enough effort I can get them on her, but I wouldn't feel comfortable putting them on a doll with more delicate feet. I love Charlotte, but if I broke her I can just buy a new body, other dolls aren't that lucky (or expendable, I guess). I did take a picture to share with you guys. Like I said, I love these boots. Getting these even went and encouraged me to split the boot storage into two sections. They're now lights and darks, to avoid staining. (Since the lighter colored ones are prone to staining) Can't wait to be able to use them in the collection, and even if I don't right away, they're still fun to play with!
That's not the only thing that arrived yesterday. I also got my new phone today. It's a Kin Twom (not a misspelling). My family is due for new phones on our plans, and we ordered mine because it became free, and it arrived today. While I was sad to see my old phone get retired, I'm excited to get a new phone with some awesome new features. So far it's been smooth sailing, but right now I'm having trouble getting it to sync with my computer, so I can upload music to it. Also it requires Zune for music, which in case you didn't know, is terribly confusing. I like I-tunes much better. Hopefully I can work something out, or else I'm going to be mad. I mainly use my phone for a music player, (sad, but true) and if I can't use it with this phone it's going to suck. So, here's hoping that I can figure it out sooner than later.
Today wasn't all shoes and phones, I also did some sewing today. I wanted to get that top I made for Francie made into something that I would actually use. There's only so many issues you can see when you're making quick mock ups of the pattern, compared to trying to make a decent attempt at it. So I decided to make a simple sundress from it. (start off slow) I picked the bright yellow calico for it. You might remember it from such projects as Malibu Ken's Shirt, Walk Lively Miss America's Shirt, and Christmas Bubblecut's Obi. I started with the bodice since that's really what I was testing out. I was going to fully line it, so I can avoid working with hemming sleeves and necklines (Which, I just don't do). I learned that next time if I'm going to do that, I should make the holes a little bigger, the shoulder straps ended up being really thin. But it did come out, well I might add. For the skirt, I just cut out a Barbie one that I had. I was going to add two rows of lace on it for decoration. I have all that lace from those bags I buy, I might as well use it. But I was looking over the bodice and it looked rather plain. I thought about adding a strip of the same lace down the front, but it had a definite top and bottom, and wouldn't look good being vertical. You know me and my parallel issues. So instead I sewed two pieces together at the "top", then opened them. Sort of like a butterfly. That way I have an identical piece of lace on each size. So I stitched that to the top. After that I just had to finish and attach the skirt. Which I did with soft pleats, not the ruffler, I'm sort of over that at the moment. With that done, all I had to do was reinforce seams and add snaps.
I put it on my "Most Mod Party Becky" doll, and fell in love. I paired it with her yellow square toed heels and even made her a headband with a bow. I actually named it. It's called "Sunday Side Up". Cute right? with just a touch of insanity. Which is how I roll. Enough chattering, here's a pic. What do you guys think?

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