Sunday, June 12, 2011

It wouldn't be Sunday without some Family Drama

Another low key day, played more Lego Batman, and generally didn't get much done.
But there's been some extended family drama going down recently I wanted to share (vent) with you all. It might get a little confusing, so bear with me as I explain it.
It's dealing with my mother's mother's family. So my mother's cousin's son is getting married in August (Kyle). My parents got a save the date card a while back for it. We assumed that the invite was for everyone in the family (My parents, my siblings, and myself). Turns out that the invite was only for my parents, my siblings (and myself) were not invited. Which is fine, my sister is planning her wedding and has been forced to pick and choose who gets invited for financial reasons. But what's upsetting, is that they're inviting several of my cousins, but not all of us. They're inviting the three cousins who live in state. (Hillary, Sunny, and Lisa) "They didn't want to invite people they didn't know who didn't live in state". Which is total baloney because they don't know those cousins either, and when they made that decision, Lisa didn't live in state, she was in Mass. So they invited those cousins, but not Beth in Maine, or Donnie in North Carolina.
Ironically the invited cousins are the "popular" ones in our family, the ones that we have to let control the family and not upset them. Did I ever tell you the story of how Hillary forced us to do Christmas at her house compared to my Grandmother's one year?
I call that incident, "The Binch that stole Christmas."
I am bothered by this turn of events, but hardly surprised. That side of the family has a wide spread issue with causing petty drama. I'm more bothered by the fact that my mom's upset from this callous action. They were planning on going up for the wedding, but now are planning on skipping it. I mean, why pick favorites like that? My sister is inviting several people from that side of the family to her wedding, but only because she has to, and she's not picking and choosing who she wants there.
Uncalled for.

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