Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming

Today was another one of those quiet days around here. Although I played around with Jenny some more. I really like her new body. I think that if I come across any Liv dolls second hand I'll buy them to re-body my other two Jenny dolls. But I'm not as invested with them as the one I did yesterday, so that can wait. (I'm also planning on expanding my Monster High collection that way!)
Even though I played with Jenny, I did manage to break away and do a little sewing, for my newest doll.
I just hate having dolls naked, so I wanted to get a crack on dressing her as soon as possible. Even though while nude my flip TNT is in good company, Sweet Sixteen is still waiting to be dressed too (Although she is wearing the underwear I made for her, so she isn't totally naked). And I haven't even thought about the American Girl or Casey (whenever they arrive). I'd hope to have at least one of the two dressed before they arrive. If not, pretty soon we're going to look like the Playboy Mansion over here, and I'd hate for that to happen, we're not zoned for that. So today I made my first attempt at dressing my flip. I say attempt, because it didn't end up being something I liked. I didn't even finish it before I saw and knew that it was just so... boring. So I called it quits, threw it into the box and decided to think about it some more. This is when having some fashion books would be really handy. I'd love to be able to flip though those and get inspired. But alas, I have none, so I'm going to have to look online and see what I can find.

But I wanted to talk to you all about something other than sewing. Lately I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed. There's just too many projects going on here, and I know it's totally my fault. I'm the only one who can be blamed for that. And recently I've really been feeling the crunch of it all. So I've been doing this weird thing where I flit around to each project working on each of them for a short period of time before I move onto the next. Which is really counter productive. I don't get anything done doing that. So today I started a to-do list, something to work on. Each day I write down four things that I will get done during the day. And then I work during the day to get them taken care of. If I get more than that done, great, but I'm required to get the four things done each day. Today's list was; Write a blog post (I'm a few days behind), e-mail someone (name withed for their anonymity), redress Charlotte (She's been wearing a dress that I wasn't too fond of because it was what I had handy and her hair needed fixing), and put away twenty things (which I need to do each day). Nothing too extreme, but by just listing that and getting it done I feel accomplished and less likely to psych myself out thinking there's too much for me to do.
Finger's crossed that this is a step in the right direction!

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