Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A maybe not so quick update...

Hey guys, still taking a break from blogging, but I still wanted to keep you updated to what doll related projects I'm working on, no matter how slight like I promised.
But before I begin, I'd like to say that the Canadian postal strike is over! They actually ended it over the weekend, with people going back to work on Monday evening, with the first possibility of mail being on Tuesday. That being said, it's reported that there's a huge backlog of mail to sort though, and I have no idea where my letter with the money order is. I hope that it would be one of the earlier things to get delivered since it was sent several days before the lock out started, but I really have no clue. There were rumors that the rolling strikes weren't rolling at all and no mail was being sorted at that time, but that's a rumor. But at least the mail is moving again, and eventually my letter will get to where it belongs, the sooner the better. It's weird, with all my research on this issue I've become a sort of expert on this situation. And it's not even my country, I'm just invested because I want my stuff!
On the doll sewing front I haven't done much with the book I borrowed from the library, I did try one pattern, but it didn't come out so hot. I think I wasn't using the right fabric for it, it calls for something with a lot of stretch, but mine wasn't as stretchy as it needed. Other than that, really haven't been motivated to try anything from it. But I have been sewing. Even though I haven't been really motivated to do so, I've been forcing myself to sew the presents that I'm sending Joanne and Jessica. I have a nasty track record of putting something off until it's too late to send it, I miss that window of acceptable gift-giving, but not this time. I made myself start and finish them, hoping to get them both into the mail tomorrow.
For Joanne, I made two pleated skirts, one in navy and one in plaid. The navy one was the worst, no matter the amount of care that I did when I went to sew the back seam it wouldn't match up. So I ended up tearing out the bottom hem and redoing it all by hand. That left me with some soft pleats on one side. I tried ironing them to make them sharper, but whenever I would do one pleat, another one would get warped. Eventually I just had to settle with some pleats not as sharp as I'd like. It was either that or redo the skirt all over again, and I don't know when I'll be back to the post office in a reasonable amount of time. The plaid skirt was much easier, it helps that it's got lines to guide you. Both skirts have been color fasted (the plaid one I did twice).
For Jessica I remade that dress I made for Skipper. She really liked it and it's what prompted her to offer to send me some shoes. Personally I would have done something different, but she really liked it, and when I make something I'd rather have the person like it. It's just collars are really not my strong suit, and I'm not sure how they appear to other people. I'm willing to overlook my imperfections, I just don't know how other people would feel about that. But I didn't feel right leaving the collar off, it's kind of boring without it. So I made it with the collar, hoping that it would come out decently. And it did, somewhat, it's better than the original one. Still far from perfect but an improvement is an improvement. I just hope Jessica likes it.
So right now they're both sitting on my dresser each with a thank you card and the addresses they're going to. I don't have any padded envelopes to mail them in. Hopefully I can get them into the mail tomorrow and be finished with them. Another task off my to do list!
I may have another project to share with you coming up, it all depends on Hobby Lobby...

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