Saturday, June 25, 2011

A slow weekend starts

I think I caught can'tgetoffmyduff-itus. Not sure where or when I was affected, but I certainly have it. All day I tried to get myself to do something, anything, but I just couldn't manage to do so. The most I managed to do was pick up some stuff around the room. And honestly, with that it's never enough, there's always stuff out and things that need to be put away.
At mid-day I managed to drag myself outside to check the mail. Basically because I'm expecting something, otherwise I wouldn't bother. I've been waiting for this package for a few days now so I was hoping it would be there today so I wouldn't have to wait until Monday for it at the earliest. Luckily it was there, so I didn't have to wait until then! It was a present from Jessica from "In the Pink". She too had contacted me offering to send me some Skipper shoes, and I accepted. She sent me a pair of black Skipper flats, as well as a pair of yellow flats. They are darling, but unfortunately one of the yellow flats doesn't fit on my Skipper's feet. On the bottom it's marked "Philippines", while the one that does fit is marked "Japan" so I assume it's newer than the Japan one. I tried it on my Malibu Skipper doll and her foot had enough give to wear it. It doesn't match her outfit, but maybe that's a sign that she wants to be redressed... we'll see. The black pair are both marked Japan and fit Skipper just fine, I just don't have an outfit that matches them, so I guess I now have a spare pair. I am planning on getting more Skipper's down the road (since I'm planning on expanding the vintage collection overall), so it is always good to have a pair handy for when that happens. Jessica also sent me one of those cards that came in the recent reproductions, as well as a reproduction of the invite that comes with the "Masquerade" outfit. Ironically, I have part of that outfit already for Ken, now all I need is the mask and his shoes. Pretty cool huh?
After that I remained unmotivated for the day. For my entire evening I spent playing video games, one in particular, Final Fantasy X. I've been lured back into it's time-consuming spell. Luckily (or unluckily), there's like a billion non-skipable cut scenes in it. So while I played I was able to finish one of the dresses I started the other day. Still not happy with it, the fit in the back isn't the greatest, but it's finished.
Ho-ray for finishing something!

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