Thursday, June 23, 2011

So slow today...

Today was a sluggish day today. No matter what I tried, I just couldn't light a fire under my butt and get my act together. Even with my motivation troubles I did manage to work on some writing today. I only got about a page done before I called it quits. I'm not really sure I'm satisfied with the direction it took today, so I stopped and let it settle with me. I'll come back to it Monday and see if I still like it.
After lunch I spent my time checking the mail a bunch hoping my package would come in the mail, but it did not. In fact we didn't get any mail at all yesterday, how upsetting! But I guess I do need to learn patience. But I think I've been plenty patient lately. I mean, just look at how patient I've been waiting for the Canadian postal strike to end so I can finally get my birthday present. At this point if I get it before one month past my birthday, I'll be lucky. So see, I can be patient.
I also got some sewing done today. Working again with the organza that I bought the other day. And again, I came across some issues. Different issues than last time, but issues none the less. I'm thinking that this project can be salvaged and finished, but not today. Maybe tomorrow? Also the light in my sewing machine blew today, which sucked. I hope I can find a replacement. Where would they sell those?
See you then...

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