Monday, June 13, 2011

Some good news to share!

I finally completed Lego Batman! It's finished with a 100 percent completion amount. I've had this game since May of 2008, so it was about time I finished it, right? Now the good news is that now that I have that monkey off my back I can move onto something else. It's either some new sewing, or another video game. I will say, I want to do some sewing, but don't have anything to sew yet and... Final Fantasy X is sitting right there tempting me....
Either way I didn't get play more video games or sew. Instead I went out to the stores again. Needed a few things so out I went. I ended up at Walmart, and since it's been a while since I've been there I hit up the Barbie isle. And I was totally underwhelmed. And I'm not lamenting that fact. I know that I've complained about that before, but this isn't that type of post at all. I was walking down the isle and I didn't see anything that really jumped out to me, that I just had to have. Even though I had money on me, I didn't see anything that I really wanted. Although, I will point out that I would buy the Ken outfit that came with the boating shoes for Joe because I love those style shoes personally, but they're too small for Joe's big ol' feet. So that's more an issue with Joe. And I've been looking at the Jack Sparrow doll more lately thinking about buying him, but I think that's more me trying to make up for not getting that Dynamite Boy doll, so I'm trying to be smart and avoid him, especially since I'm not really into that character. (stay strong), besides I've never seen him in person only online. And if I'm really that much into an articulated male doll I can always buy a Fashionista Ken, he's a third of the price and I'll be bored with him just as quick as with Jack.
But enough comments on that stuff, this is supposed to be a positive thing. I mean, I'm glad that I'm able to look at these dolls and products more objectively. Before I started sewing I really had a lot of people that needed to be redressed, and my only option was buying them clothes. So I had to make do with what little that was out there in my style. I should comment on how I bought a five dollar Barbie a few years back just because she was wearing a simple red t-shirt. That was the only thing I liked about her, so I bought it. And then I went back and bought a second one, for another shirt. I spent ten dollars for two shirts that now I can make something I like better in a matter of hours, for a fraction of the cost. With all my sewing I've managed to dress a great deal of the people in my collection, satisfactorily. And while I pull out my hair over the people on the redress list, those are only the difficult cases, the majority of everyone else is dressed. And even though I complain a lot about those stragglers that remain poorly dressed, if everyone was dressed perfectly I'd be super bored with the collection. I mean, how many outfits can Charlotte wear? She's only one doll.
And so at Walmart today I saw a lot of things from Mattel that was not in my personal style. And instead of lamenting the fact, I realized that it's what motivated me to sew in the first place. If it wasn't for my dislike for what was available I never would have started sewing in the first place. And look at me, over half of the dolls in the collection are wearing something I made, and skill level has improved greatly. So really, instead of complaining about the lack of things I want to buy, I could applaud the fact that I'm no longer under the control of Mattel. My collection is now a greater reflection of myself because I'm no longer just styling these dolls, I'm designing and creating their outfits, many times from scratch. I have a greater pride in what I created, and continue to create.
Now I will say that I'm still a consumer, but now I'm a little more selective in what I'm getting. I mean, I'm still focusing the collection on vintage dolls and will always amass them whenever I can and however I can. I'm also still a shoe addict, even though at Walmart when I looked at the carded fashions their shoes were a little much. So I'm not a hard core junkie, more like a casual user/abuser. I'm also on a big hanger kick. I'm trying to find the best prices on doll hangers since I need more so I can hang up more clothes on that rack I made for Charlotte. Right now I only had enough to hang the Steampunk blouse and I want to hang the entire outfit, plus several other outfits. And finally I'm also looking into getting more dress forms. I have one and really like using it for displaying clothes. So eventually I will want more, even though today online I found a set that had two of them, but I didn't get it because I didn't care for the doll and clothes that came with it. I can get them somewhere else, in time. So I guess, I'm still in a purchasing state of mind, but I've grown to a more relaxed about it. And I can thank sewing for that.

But I still want that Dynamite Boy doll! Curse you Integrity for only making 300 of them!

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