Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday and some Stuff

Sorry for the lack of an interesting title, I really couldn't think of one.
I started off today with some writing, or at least I opened the word document. (It's a start.) After staring at it for several minutes I decided that I was stuck. I was having trouble in the section because I wasn't really sure about a character's motivation. I had this issue with Princess Rosebud way back when and went back and figured her out, but this was with a different character, the Lead Ogre, our main villain. He's been in the story before, but this was the first time that we've really dealt with him in a large sense. I had tried to keep trucking and working in the section, but the motivation was unclear and really wasn't working with the story. So today I set out with learning more about the character. I did this by drawing a picture of him, I've done this before with Princess Rosebud, it really does help me with them. I took a picture of my drawing so you can see how he looks, note the "In the Pink" pad, it's what I had handy. When I was done, I was looking at his photo and I had a couple more ideas come to me, as well as a couple story ideas. I think that what I started writing was a good beginning, but I wasn't refining it in the best way. I think that I've come up with something that really will allow me to get back to writing come Monday. I didn't get to do any writing today because I wanted to have the thoughts stew around in my head a little bit longer.
Before I forget, tomorrow should be "Finish it up Friday", but that's been cancelled. My sister is coming to visit on Saturday for my birthday, even though it's early for that. She cannot come next weekend, so she wanted to get together this weekend for it, although I wonder if it's really for my birthday, or more wedding stuff... So tomorrow is going to be filled with cleaning and organizing the downstairs. Fun times, right? Really how I like my birthday's to be, more busy work for me... Just wanted to give people a heads up, would hate to disappoint you all if you were expecting something fun. Also, Saturday is probably going to be a pretty low key day too. Sunday should be more interesting. (I hope!)
Anyway, my afternoon was filled with some shopping. I needed to go out and get some stuff into the mail, like it's been long overdue, like really overdue. So I got that done, and off my shoulders. Originally I was going to just go wherever we needed to go, and not make any not necessary trips, but I was asked if I wanted to go to the second hand stores. And while I'm trying to be better, I just can't say no when asked, it's a serious addiction, and right now I'm not willing to go cold turkey. Next time I'll be better (I promise...ish). The Goodwill and Salvation Army were pretty tapped out. I did see one Barbie at Goodwill, but she was a generic 90's doll, and I know that I don't need any of those. They don't last long around here. I did manage to get a weight when I was there. It's an eight pound one, which is good because I need to work on my arms, and I like that because five pounds is too little, but ten pounds is too much.
At the Christian second hand store I actually found something of interest. They had some new bags of dolls, but again, modern play line, and I don't need any of those. I did manage to snag a almost complete Irwin Toys Tuxedo Mask doll from Sailor Moon. All I can see is that he's missing his mask and his infamous rose. He looks pretty mint except that he has a scratch on his face under his nose. I bought him with the thought of swiping his clothes, but unfortunately he's got an extremely short torso, so nobody can wear his pants/shirt combo. The jacket fits Joe nicely, so it's a shame that I can't use the outfit as a whole, so he gets to keep it. His shoes fit vintage Ken, so I'm thinking about swiping them and reselling him, but I might get more interest if he has his shoes, so I might end up leaving them on him. I mean they fit, but I don't think I have anything that really goes with them. So it might just be easier to sell him how he came.
That's not all I bought at the store today, believe you me. There was a bag full of doll clothes, marked "Doll clothes and Barbie", but for the life of me I could not see anything that looked like it belonged to Barbie. Everything looked too big, and other than Chatty Cathy and Cindy Sad Eyes, everyone is smaller than Barbie, so if I ended up with a bag full of bigger doll clothes, most of it was going to be useless. (And that's only if any of hit fit Chatty Cathy, she's an odd fit herself.) So I left it, but before I left the toy section I found another bag. This was actually a zippered case for one of those "Wee Friends" that Mattel made. You may remember those, they were the line of dolls that looked like Stacie, but were not in the same scale as actual Stacie. It's been a few years and they didn't make much of a splash. Either way, I saw that there were several pieces of clothing in there that looked interesting, as well as some shoes, so I figured that for three dollars I could risk it and if I found at least three things I could use, it was worth it. So let me show you what was inside.
First up is all the little accessories. Here we have a large plastic brush, marked with a "T". I assume it's for Tinkerbell since it's covered with a flower motif. I can just tell you it does a great job grooming the cat. I brushed him with it and it picked up a lot of his shedding hairs, plus since the tips are so dull, it won't scratch him. Also included was a pink scepter thing, I assume again for Tinkerbell since it's also got the flowers molded on it. Don't think the cat would use that.
Also there's the pink lunch box looking thing for the rainy day wee friends that originally came in this package. This one is the one that belonged to the blond doll. Next is a really nice woven purse. The details on this are really nice, it's partially lined, and actually is made up from a woven straw material. Not sure where this came from, but it's really nice. After that is a Barbie sized purple plastic mirror (metallic side down), a solo black and white sock, the red floaty thing from Baywatch Barbie, a pair of sky blue sneakers, a pair of white Ken sneakers (yay!), and pair of light blue mules, and the purple boots that came with the blond wee friend. Now you might think that this container originally had the blond doll, but get this, the shiny plastic thing on the bottom is the doggy rain poncho that came in the set, but it's the one that belonged to the red head doll. It's the thing next to the McDonald's toy Christie doll stand/comb. Also there were some solo shoes, a pink pump, a purple pump, a blue and tan sandal, a solo ballet shoe, and a large pink flat, that could belong to the wee friends, it's roughly the same shape as the boots. Round out our final item is a cat figure, not sure what it's made out of, but it's oddly heavy for it's size. I think I'll re-donate him, as I can't find a reason to keep him.
Now we have one more pile of stuff before we get into the clothing that was in the bag. First up we have two doll sized feather boas. I assume they're supposed to be mimicking maribu boas (but they're really chicken feathers), there's one in pink and one in purple. These aren't my normal style, but I must admit I have my stripper days. Sometimes it's fun to break loose and make the tackiest outfit you can imagine. These just got added to that pile of fun. After that is a light blue fleece hat. Followed by the purple and orange hat that belongs to the brunette wee friend. Have you been paying attention? Inside this bag of random stuff we've found pieces to each of the wee friends, so whomever owned this originally, had all three. Impressive, no? Next is some random baby bib, with a flower monogrammed on it. There's also a tiny, tiny shirt (that I doubt fits anybody I have), and a flower elastic bracelet. And followed by that we have the ugliest sack dress I've ever seen. It's made from that cheap polyester fabric. I assume it's a sack dress I could be wrong. It actually has a tag, "Disney Princess Walt Disney World" and "McDonalds" so I assume this is a dress that you get in Disney World at McDonalds? Judging from the color I assume it's Cinderella, all I know it's ugly and you'd have to pop the dolls head off to put it on. I'm never going to use it.
Now onto the clothes! First up the stuff that's going into the "stuff I'll never use" box. It's a pair of pink satin capri pants, an ill-fitting jean skirt, a torn and fraying clone dress (I don't think it's made for Barbie, it was woefully short on Charlotte), the Baywatch swimsuit (another terrible fit on Charlotte), and a tube top that requires getting tied in the back. There's nothing wrong with most of them, just not my personal style.
It wasn't all bad in the box, there's many things that I like and plan to use, so let's get to them. Here we have a gold bikini top, with a genuine Barbie tag, as well as a black permanent marker mark of "M", I guess the child who owned these clothes had a name that began with m. Next there's a hounds tooth skirt. I have one like this, but it's weird, the one I have is more of an A-line skirt, this one's more of a fitted skirt. Not sure if they're from different outfits, they look like they're the same fabric, but it's just interesting that they're so alike, but so different. After that is what I assume is an ice skating outfit. It's cute, but it must be for the larger busted girls. Charlotte was swimming in it. It's also got a genuine Barbie tag. It's going to go into the costume bag, for the stuff that's fun to play with but you wouldn't wear day to day. After that is the raincoat belonging to the red headed wee friend. It fits Barbie, but the sleeves are really short. I think Skipper or Momoko would look better in it. After that is a knit pink patterned top. It's cute, (but low cut) I might try and make a pattern from this. After that is a pair of electric blue satin hot pants. Isn't that weird? Cool, but weird. After that is a jean and cotton genuine Barbie tagged outfit. Not sure when I'll use this, but it was too cute to put away. After that is a vest, maroon fake leather with fake white fur. It's got this great Ski bunny look to it. I'm thinking come winter, someone's going to be wearing this. It's untagged, but really nice quality.
Next we move onto one of my favorite pieces from the bag. I don't really know a whole lot about this piece, it's a Barbie Princess dress. It just has all my favorite things, the sleeve ruffles, the bodice with the pointed bottom hem, and the best part, it's not pink! It's a lovely patterned blue fake satin. Like I said, not sure who originally belonged to, Barbie's been so many princess's it's hard to know anymore. But either way, it's really cute. Charlotte's wearing it now.
Also in the bag we have this coat, another favorite. I have no idea where it's from as well. It's a grey velvet material with fake fur. Not a huge fan of the butterfly "clasp" on it, but other than that it's a fierce coat. I think Vanessa is going to be wearing this, but Charlotte was wearing this for a while, it looked good on her. Also I want to point out, it closes in the back. The front doesn't open, and there's a line of velcro down the back. The raincoat from the wee friends is like this too. It's really weird, most coats I have open in the front, like they would in real life. I never even thought about making them close in the back, just feels weird to me.
For our final item from the lot we have this dress. It's weird, I feel like it's Barbie, but I could be wrong. It's in poor shape, and had been repaired. This wouldn't be a big deal but I cannot sort out how the bodice should go. Right now the fabric in the front is twisted, and I have no clue if that's the way it's supposed to go. I'm not sure if I can really fix it, the netting material is really beat, but I'd like to know what it's supposed to look like. Does anyone know?


  1. I have that Tuxedo Mask doll. He was my sister's but she never liked dolls so I swiped him from her! Mine's doesn't have the rose and a boot! He's great either way! I just took Ken's black shoes.

  2. That blue 'sack dress' is actually half of a pair of fingerless gloves from a 2008 Happy Meal promo. Here's a link - . The plastic clip-on thingie held your choice of Cinderella or gem-shaped images - it came with extra stickers.

    The pink gown at the very end of your post is from Dance and Twirl Barbie, the very first remote control dancing Barbie. 1994. Here's an ad of the doll - and dress - in action. The bodice is a bit unusual - I think I ended up donating mine, since it was so floppy, it never stayed up on the dolls.

    Hope this helps ! Hugs !