Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An untraditional day

Another quiet day around here. I ended up oversleeping this morning, and to make matters worse, my computer was being painfully slow all morning. It just shot my morning right to heck. I barely got my usual morning stuff done by lunchtime, that's how bad of a morning it was.

And I vowed to make my afternoon more productive, otherwise my whole day was going to be a wash. But before I got into the days stuff, I got a present in the mail! The wonderful Joanne from "In the Pink" offered to send me a pair of Skipper shoes for my poor shoeless Skipper. And I gladly accepted, I've had a dickens of a time finding Skipper shoes. So they arrived today, and they are darling. They're white, marked "Japan" on the bottom. I've never owned a pair of Skipper shoes before, they're kind of bigger than I imagined. I always thought they were going to be snugger than they actually are. When I first got them I put them on Charlotte to see if they would fit, and they did, just not very well. Just something new I learned. Also, while they are a tad roomy, they're still not roomy enough to put on over her socks. I only tried to put them on over the socks once, and didn't force them or anything. I know Skipper shoes split and I wanted to avoid that if possible. Right now she's wearing the shoes and the socks are next to her, not sure if she'll stay like that. I might end up putting the socks back on and keeping the shoes next to her. You know how I feel about knee socks. (Love them!) Also I took the picture of the shoes on the fabric I bought the other day, so now you can see the color of it. Pretty, right?
Joanne was also super kind to send me some extras! I'm a boy who loves surprises. She sent to me a pair of Barbie jeans, I think these are from the newest Barbie basics line. They're super nice but since they're for the model muse body, they're a too small for Charlotte and too long. They fit the vintage gals, but they're really long on them too. She also sent me some cute pastel colored elastics (they look like headbands to me!), a set of Barbie sized plastic gardening tools (Percy's going to love that), as well as a cardboard plant that goes with it, a plastic Barbie sized tote bag with a fake magazine, as well as two pairs of shoes. One pair is a black plastic sandal that I have one like it, oddly enough it came from the Barbie basics shoe pack, but it was painted, and they didn't include an unpainted variation. The last thing she sent was a green clear plastic ankle boot with a black painted sole. This one is really cool. I have several variations of this boot already, but since it's clear and the heel is dark, when on the doll's foot it almost looks like an odd variation on those Victorian styled boots (or spats). It just looked very Steampunk to me. So it might be time to make another outfit based off these shoes. Pretty cute huh? It's always a good day when you get more shoes.
Also I decided what I was going to make for Joanne as a present. I'm still trying to "pay it forward" when people are kind to me. Last time she sent me something I made two sheath dresses for her, not sure if she needed them or liked them, but it made me feel better to send them. This time, I wanted to send something different, but something I'd hope she'd like. So I decided that I was going to send her a pair of pleated skirts. I know I like them, and they're always something that could be used in a timeless wardrobe. I decided I was going to do one in navy, but couldn't figure out what to do the second one in. Then I decided to use that plaid John Deere fabric, that I had. I just need to go and get more of it. I figured that I should get a yard, since I really like this fabric. Doing this for Joanne, will just motivate me to actually get some. I'm also going to get more navy fabric and buy the matching thread in store, to save me the trouble. So heads up, that's going to be a project in the next couple of days.
I also manged to get some sewing done. I wanted to work with that fabric I bought the other day. But, I managed to mess it up. It's not as easy as working with cotton, but I was not having a total fail with it. My only real issue came about because I used the wrong pattern. I didn't throw out the messed up item, so I might be able to fix it, but not at this time. Since I'm already working with a new learning curve of this fabric, I didn't want to add any more to the pile. I can start fresh tomorrow.
See you then!

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