Friday, June 17, 2011

Welcome to the Liv Side... we've got fun and games

That title will make sense by the end of this post. Heads up, it's going to be a long one because before I start with what happened today I'm going to do an introduction post. This will benefit me because I haven't done one of these in a while, so I'm super behind. At this rate that header is going to be around the whole year.
Now this doll isn't in the current header, but she would eventually have made her way into one before too long. So while it doesn't help me now, it does save me some work in the future. Enough set up, let's get to it!
If you'd been playing attention you should know that the majority of the collection consists of Mattel dolls. Barbie was my first love and has been the flame that's burned the brightest. You should also know that I enjoy having a variety of friends and family beyond Barbie in the collection, she's not alone in that aspect. I also like having a variety of other dolls beyond Barbie. They all have the genre of fashion dolls, just not from Mattel. We have Momoko, G.I. Joe, Fashion Royalty, and Takara Jenny (and a few others). Takara Jenny dolls were one of the first dolls other than Barbie that I collected. I think that Joe being Hasbro was the only one that predates Jenny. She holds a special regard because I actively searched for her since she's not something you can purchase locally in the United States. It wasn't until High School that I caught Jenny fever. (I think it was because of an article in Barbie Bazaar about the Takara Barbies.) From then on I was hooked and I burned with the need to add one to my small collection. Luckily I had an interesting tool at my fingertips, the internet, and more specifically E-bay. I forgot what I paid for her, but I'm sure it was reasonable. She was not wearing her original dress and her hair was a mess, but she was lovely and mine. She also came with a Licca doll, whom I still have, but I'm not attached to like Jenny.
While I was the one who spearheaded getting her, she ended up being a Christmas present from my parents. Eventually I learned that her dress was originally belonged to the first edition of Ariel (from the Little Mermaid) from Simba toys. I still have that dress, but she didn't wear it for long. She wore it all Christmas though, when we did Christmas we would do it at our house, then go off to my Grandfather's house, followed by my Grandmother's house, so it was a very busy day. I remember sitting on the living room couches examining her at my Grandfather's house on Christmas day, and burying her in the couch cushions when someone beyond my immediate family came into the house. (Doll collecting was my secret) Ironically we have those same couches in our living room. We got them after my Grandfather passed away in June 2003.
It's easy to see why I loved her so much. She was the usual Jenny blond, with large anime styled blue eyes. She had bangs, but like most of the dolls that came with the curled bangs they were flattened from play. Since I've had her they've been parted and brushed off to the sides of her face, it's a cute look. She also had the longest hair on any doll I've ever had. It's like, insanely long. For as long as I've had her she's had a high ponytail with two braids. This is a trick I use for dolls with really long hair. The braids help keep her hair from tangling, and since the hair in the braids isn't hanging straight it help mask how long it is and makes it more of a realistic length. Doing her hair was much easier than dressing her. Again, like a broken record I had a hard time dressing Jenny. She was smaller than Barbie, (this was before Francie and MUCH before Momoko, and even longer before I was sewing for the dolls) so her clothing options were limited, and don't get me started on her shoes. Jenny feet are much different than Barbie, so she was out of luck in that department for the most part. I forget what she changed into after the Ariel dress, but I'm sure there was a lot of changes while I was trying to find a decent outfit for her. For a while she ended up wearing the blue and white outfit that came with Belle from Beauty and the Beast. To deal with the size difference it was duct taped in the back, because I'm resourceful like that. It was then that Jenny became a character in one of my stories. It's a girl crime fighting group, called Club 500. All the members are based off dolls I own; Charlotte, Ashley, Artemis, and Jenny, even Joe is in it. Jenny here was the teams physic with a sad past. Her costume was the same as what she wore in real life, except she also had a grinning skull mask she wore all the time. To add to the macabre factor, the mask had three bleeding bullet holes. And yes, the mask really does exist, and yes, I still have it. Maybe eventually it will make an appearance.
She didn't remain in that costume for long term, as most dolls in the collection do, she changed again trying to find her "perfect" dress. Eventually she moved into the orange dress that came with the collectors edition Queen Amadala (sp?) from "Star Wars" that I got for a song. It was a really nice formal dress, and it was just unusual enough to become another character dress. That's when she became "Serene Moon", another psychic. That seems to be a theme for her. That's the dress she was in for years and years.
Jenny was not part of the first wave of dolls to move south. For a while she was in storage with all of the rest of the collection. She was however part of the second wave of dolls that made their way down here, as well at the other Jenny dolls (there's three in total). For some reason, Jenny had a weird reaction from storage, her torso yellowed, pretty severely. It's weird because her dress covered all of her torso, so it's not like it was exposed to the sun, and if it was the dress that stained her it would have leeched into her face and arms as well. Even odder if you took off her head, the top of the neck and neck knob were the original pale white. Just weird. So Jenny went over to the bookshelf when she finally got down here, on the Japanese doll shelf. She was the center doll on that shelf, all the dolls radiated off from her. Each shelf has their own center doll, they sort of make a line though the center of the bookshelf. Charlotte is the center one of her shelf, and my brunette standard Barbie is the one on the vintage shelf.
So Jenny was over on the bookshelf minding her business until today. It was then that I stumbled onto a picture of a Jenny doll on a Liv doll body. I know that articulation really made me enjoy Charlotte more, and I wondered if something new like that would bring a breath of fresh air into Jenny and my relationship. I just didn't know if the head would fit on the neck knob without any modification. I sent a comment to the person about that, but I went out before they could reply. Since they didn't seem like the type who did any real body mods I took the plunge and got one. I went to Walmart to find a Liv doll for Jenny's new body. It was a bit of a gamble because I wasn't sure if the body would fit, and I wasn't sure if there was a body as pale as Jenny. Annoyingly, Walmart only had one type of Liv doll, the beach line that came in skimpy swimsuits and no shoes, and still cost 14 dollars! That's nuts, she should have at least come with shoes. This would be my first foray into Liv dolls, I just hope that my re-body would work, would have to waste the last of my birthday money on a wild goose chase.
But I needed not to worry, the neck knob fit Jenny like a dream. It just snapped into place like it was made for it. The hardest part was taking off the Liv doll's head. The color was even a good match, I believe the original doll was Sophie, but I could be wrong. Either way her head, along with her sunglasses and wig are going to be sold, I don't need any of them. But the body is really nice. This is the first time I've handled a Liv body, and while there's a lot of subtle difference between this one and the fashionista body, it's a good option, but I still prefer the fashionista body. The Liv doll has better range of motions at the knees, but the fashionista body has better movements in the hip joints. I do like the arms and wrists of the Liv body, but I think the fashionista has a slightly greater range of motions. Still, it's a good option for some dolls. However while it's close to the fashionista body, it's not an exact match proportion wise, the Liv body is a bit smaller, but still it's bigger than Jenny's original body. This meant that the orange dress that she's been wearing for years, no longer fit like it used to. While I'm still adjusting to her gained bulk the dress wasn't make the change any easier. So I was forced to redress her. Also the Liv doll feet are much bigger than her original ones, so her shoes no longer fit.
I did not have to search long to find her new clothes however. Over on my new garment rack I had the Japanese School Girl outfit that I made for Sweet Sixteen that eventually went to Charlotte. So Jenny got to try it on, and... it was darling. It's now hers, Charlotte's lost another outfit. (Not like she doesn't have enough already!) She also claimed the socks that I made for it originally. That just left me with shoes for her. And do you remember the group of shoes that I bought from Matthew Sutton a while back? There were a pair of yellow converse that ended up being too big for Barbie and I theorized they were Liv shoes, remember that? Well turns out they are, or at least they fit her. They're a little snug because of the socks, but at least she has shoes and they sort of match her outfit. I'm just so in love with her now, this body was such a great buy. All day I've just been playing with her and having fun. I just can't make up my mind how to pose her when I finally put her away on the bookshelf.
Also, today I was able to go and get more hangers. Since they worked on my garment rack I wanted to go back and pick up some more before they sold out. I managed to pick up two different paper doll packs with them, so if I want to play with them I have more clothing options. I don't plan on popping them out, instead I'm going to donate them, or give them to my cousin's kids, (but they might be too young) paper dolls were never really my thing.
Oh! Before I forget, all this time with Jenny made me want to find out who she is. Since she came nude and used I really didn't have that much to go on. I did find a site that helped you identify your Takara doll based off their eye paint. It turns out she's not really Jenny after all. She's actually a friend of Jenny called Olive. Judging from her hair she's most likely Long Hair Olive from 1992, she's actually an uncommon doll. Pretty cool, huh? Also I'm assuming that she's that Olive because of her hair length, all the pictures I've seen of her have been really blurry or distant, so she could be a different Olive doll. I'm positive she's Olive doll. She's always going to be Jenny to me, even though her face isn't the same as Jenny's she's always going to seem like the iconic Jenny to me. I actually like her more than Jenny. Weird, right?

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  1. Hello, Good evening. I found myself a Takara doll in a second hand shop.But i don't know how to identify her.I think she a Licca doll but i search for a long while and i can't find something resemble her.Because she got olive hair which i thought easy to look for but was i wrong ><.I would love to send a photo of her to you but i am not sure how to post it. Thank you for your help.