Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, I did it

I finally finished the Skipper dress. It didn't need a lot done today, so I managed to get it all finished, finally. I also made her a pair of white knee socks. I'm really running out of that fabric. I think that I'll be able to get one pair of short socks out of what's left before it's all scraps. And so without further delay here's the photos. I dragged myself outside so I didn't have to deal with my terrible lighting. I might have to do more of that, these are better than my usual ones. I even made one my new Flickr icon pic. (Replacing one of Charlotte!)

After that I did some more research for Sweet Sixteen's new clothes. I found a couple things that I want to try, but the one thing that I attempted did not come out so well, so I'm going to have to keep working on it. Hopefully I'll come up with something that works soon, I'm sure either I'll figure it out, or come up with something different. I'll keep you updated.

And speaking of updates, there's one about the present. Turns out I can get it shipped Fedex for 23 dollars. Still a bit more than I would like, but it's only 13 dollars more than I expected, and I have that much to chip in. Still have to deal with the Canadian postal strike if that happens, so fingers crossed that they can work something out before then. But it's high time that I share with you a photo of what I won especially since I've been dragging this out for such a long time. Also it will help you see why I want this so badly. So, we saw the case the other day, and now it's time for something inside the case. Here we have a Casey head on what I believe is a Skipper body (but I could be wrong). The pictures aren't the clearest. What you can see is that her face paint is in decent shape, doesn't seem to be anything really missing. She does have some pale spots, you can see in the profile shot she has a big one on her ear. Doesn't seem to be any green ear (no picture of her other ear, but I think the seller would have pointed it out. In case you haven't looked at the pictures you can see that Casey here has managed to pick up this odd red Bubblecut wig. Could be Barbie's originally, but I really have no clue. There's no picture of her without the wig, so I'm not really sure what her hair looks like under the wig. I'm hoping that it's in decent shape, but if not, I can always re-root her. Wouldn't be the first one I've done. I just hope that if it comes to that, her wig comes off easy, I would hate for it to be glued on or something. So I guess this mean, I'm going to need a Francie body, and a mod Skipper head. It's always something, right? Also, if anyone sees any outfits or fabrics that they identify from the pictures I'd love to know. The only one I can identify is the blue and white fabric as vintage Barbie. When (and if) I get it, I'll take better pictures of everything. Don't worry about that.
Stay tuned for the final post tomorrow, I hope!

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