Thursday, June 16, 2011

Well now I did it.

So it seem that after my short burst of creativity the other day was just that, a short burst. I didn't have any desire to do any sewing today. The most I managed to do today was do some organization of the room. I didn't get it totally clean or anything (I don't think that will ever happen), but I did manage to get at least the dolls that were scattered around the room redressed and put back on the bookshelf. Even though it was just putting a band aid on a broken arm I usually feel a bit more organized when the bookshelf looks good. I still need to pick up and put away a bunch of stuff, but I'm running out of room! Also when you have a dozen or so projects in the air, there's not much you can put away that you don't just have to pull out again to work on something. Maybe it would be better if I actually finished something I started. (What a novel idea!)
But I didn't make any strides today on my projects, and in fact I went the opposite direction when dealing with getting anything done today by adding more to the pile, because today I went shopping. And this was not an ordinary shopping trip, this time I had money, wonderful money just burning a hole in my pocket. My grandmother sent me a birthday check, and I cashed it, last week. Originally I was going to be good and not blindly spend it. And I started off strong, right after I got it, I didn't spend it. I even skipped out on a shopping trip to avoid spending it. But that couldn't last forever. I could have been smart and left it at home to avoid spending it, but I didn't think of that at the time, or maybe I purposely ignored that option setting myself up for failure. Either way I set out for the day with 35 whole dollars in my pocket, that was eager to just jump out and into someone's cash register. It was all a matter of whose.
We started out at the Library bookstore, which for some reason my father really seems to enjoy even though for me they really don't have much of a turnaround in their books. I've never actually gotten anything there the two other times we've been there. I did find a few things that were interesting this time. I got "Salem's Lot" by Steven King, and a magazine from 1989 about making porcelain dolls. It's not my real interest, but the articles looked somewhat interesting and you never know what kind of info you could glean from a source like that. I figured for a quarter I could take my chances. I did look though that 70's sewing book again. While I still only like it for the small assortment of fashion photos, if my father drags me there again anytime soon, I'm going to get it, he should know better, tempting me like that.
Since we were in the area of the antique stores I could feel the heat of desire radiating off the money in my wallet. It was just across the street and pulled me in like a magnet. We went into the first one, but just did a quick sweep. It was really the larger second one that I was really interested in. Do you guys remember the stall that I buy shoes from? Well they've been having a sale there, everything's twenty percent off. I figured that with a sale like that I could get a vintage doll at a decent price. Using simple math, I figured that I could get a doll that was marked fifty dollars, if I borrowed some extra from my father. (Including tax.) So I went into the store and looked over the selection that were available. Even with my money and the sale, the majority of the dolls still out of my price range. There were still several within my price limit though. But a great deal of those were dolls that I was certain I could find elsewhere for cheaper. I mean, 50 dollars for a Malibu Francie? Not in this lifetime. I did see one doll that I was interested in, one that was interesting and within my price range. In fact at 23 dollars she was a lot less than my limit. But I wasn't totally sold on her just yet. Also, I hadn't looked upstairs yet, and you never know what you'll find up there. Also the prices are usually a bit more to my wallet's liking up there.
On my way up the stairs I passed a woman carrying down a Raggedy Ann doll. I smiled to myself because it was sweet. Although, when I was upstairs, I saw a few dolls including a Raggedy Andy that looked really similar to the Ann I saw on the stairs, and that made me sad. I would hope that it would be a coincidence, but it would be a shame if that person split them up. Either way, for the most part, upstairs were pretty much a loss, there wasn't much of anything that really called out to me. I did manage to find something in the last booth I checked out though. There was a bag with some Barbie dresses, as well as a smaller bag inside that with some shoes. It was ten dollars, but everything in that booth was half off. I tried looking though the double bags to see what shoes were there (and if they were pairs), but it was kind of hard to see. I saw a few pairs, as well as a few singles, so I figured I should take the chance and get it. (It was a gamble, because I wasn't a huge fan of the dresses themselves.) But if there were at least five pairs of shoes, I'd break even. So I ended up getting it.
When back downstairs, I looked at the doll again. And I decided that I wanted her. 23 dollars was a decent price, and then it was 20 percent off of that, so even better. She was a "Marlo" TNT doll, on a standard body, and I do not have one of these dolls yet. Her body has it's share of dings, cuts, and missing fingers, but for the most part I can live with that. Her hair on the other hand was lovely (maybe a little dry), I did have to fix her part line because it had gotten brushed to one side, but it was an easy fix at home with my re-root needle. And her face paint was stunning, with just one lip rub on her lower lip. She did come dressed, in a Best Buy fashion, and she came with a stand (Great!)! The stand was black, and has since been claimed by Vanessa, since it matches her color scheme. Her outfit was a blue patterned jumpsuit... thing. It's really not my style, so she's going to be redressed soon. I wish I knew the name (or number?) of this outfit, and it was on the price tag for the doll, but when you buy the doll, they keep the tag, so that really doesn't help me, like at all. Right now, she's only had her hair brushed, and still needs her bath, but... she's lovely. This is another case of I bought the reproduction of this doll and was bored with it quickly, but when I see the real deal it's just stunning. I know Mattel can't make identical reproductions for the second hand market, but these reproductions aren't even close to the originals. But at least I'm learning my lesson and stopped buying the reproductions.
It wasn't until after I bought and paid for these things that I was able to look at the bag of shoes. By the way, my total ended up being 25.27 for both things. The doll ended up being 18 dollars and change. So she was a deal... the clothes and shoes on the other hand, ha yet to be seen. Dumping out the bag in the car revealed that it netted me five pairs of shoes, as well as three solo shoes. There were a pair of shiny white Barbie pumps, a pair of red Barbie pumps, an pair of white Barbie pumps, a pair of black Barbie pumps, and a pair of dark brown (almost black) Barbie flats. I had seen the flats in the store, they were the shoes that sold me on getting this package, love those style of shoes. I'd say they are in my top five Barbie shoe types. It's weird with the pumps. They're the usually 90's generic Barbie pump that I remember from my childhood, but they're much thinner plastic. You don't have to force them onto the foot as much as the ones I have already, much better. The brown flats I assume came with a Cinderella doll because I've seen Mattel use them before with her. They look black unless they're next to something that's actually black, so that's a decent buy in my book. The solo shoes were as follows; a pink Barbie pump, a clear with glitter pump (possibly another Cinderella item), and a brown Ken loafer. I already looked though the bag of solo shoes I have and did not have any matches, so they join their solo brethren in the bag. I'm hoping someday I'll find some of their matches.
Inside that bag with the shoes there were also some accessories. A solid plastic silver Barbie purse with matching tiara and necklace, as well as a fabric crown (which may not be from Barbie), as well as a clone gold clutch, and a tiny, tiny silver clutch (which is darn adorable). Beyond the small bag there were three dresses in the big bag. The first one was a large gown. It has a "velvet" bodice with over sized bright red sleeves. The skirt is a green "satin" with crisscrossing black ribbons with red rickrack. It also has a matching belt thing from the same green fabric with several ribbon roses. Originally I thought it was a hat or a bonnet, but the nice people over on "In the Pink" told me that it went around the waist. I honestly never thought of that. It has a Genuine Barbie tag in the skirt. The second dress is white and gold and is super fluffy almost like what an angel would wear, an 80's angel. It has over sized sleeves too and huge beads at the neck and the waist. It's got a really high neck. So far every doll that's tried it on had had the collar touching her head. It's weird. There's no tag in the skirt for this one. Originally I assumed it was a clone dress (from the style and material), but when I went to try it on Charlotte I found a Barbie tag in the bodice. I posted these over at "In the Pink" asking if anyone knew what they were from, and I found out that they were from a Sam's Club exclusive Holiday giftset from the early 90's. There's another red dress that I'm missing, which is fine by me, neither of these dresses are really my style. The other dress in the bag was another Barbie dress, a wedding dress. I assume from the fashion avenue line because it has the pink Barbie label that I remember. It's a white bodice top with a fuzzy-ish skirt. There's also a flower decoration on the front. Also in the bag was a short jacket with a fake fur collar, and a veil with more fake fur. I assume that they belong to the wedding dress since their material matches. But the fur makes me think that this is a winter wedding dress, since they had a dress for each season in each fashion avenue, but why would it have a flower? Either way, the wedding dress is my favorite of the three dresses. But, gosh that makes me miss the Fashion avenue line, it was just so classy, especially compared to the stuff Mattel is offering now a days. (Edit: I did some research and it it is a Fashion Avenue from 1996, number 17625. The shiny white pumps belong to it, and it's missing the bouquet and possibly something else.)
Finally I ended up at the Dollar Tree. There I needed to pick up a couple Father's Day cards, as well as see what they had in terms of wedding decorations. My mother and I are planning my sister's wedding shower and wanted to see what they had to offer. There I made a pleasant discovery. They had doll sized hangers! They were actually part of a paper doll set. It was two sheets of card stock, the doll and her clothes. But she came with six plastic hangers, and a plastic garment rack so you can hang up her clothes. They looked the correct size, but I wasn't sure if they would fit on the dowels I'm using. I'm pleased to say that they do fit. It's a little tight, but they do fit around the dowel. The hangers themselves are a little narrow to use for skirts or dresses with wide necks, but they work for shirts. And also you can use the short garment rack that came with them for shirts. They're bright, bright, bright pink, but that's easy enough to ignore. I mean, I'm just using them for clothes. I might have to go back and get some more. It was even fun playing with the paper doll, which I did for about one minute. I've already used all six of them! At this rate I'm going to need another garment rack for all these clothes!
But yay for more hangers!

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