Monday, June 20, 2011

Well now I own Cindy Sad Eyes a new skirt...

Well, I started off today with some writing! It's been such a long time that I've been motivated to sit down and actually write. And the few times when I did open the word document, I'd just stare at it before I called it quits for today. But not today! I started off in the section that I'm currently stuck it. At first I was just rewriting the beginning part, but once I got stuck with that, I jumped ahead. Not to a different section, but to later on in the section I was working on. I didn't do any actual writing for that section, but I got the start of what I wanted to happen in that section. Overall I got about a page and a third written with a half page rough drafted out. So I'm really proud that I was able to get back to work with it, hopefully my progress will keep going!
Also today another monumental event happened, I picked Percy's (second) pepper. I haven't talked about my pepper plant since last year when I transplanted him from his pot to our outside garden on the deck, so I wouldn't blame you if you thought he died over the winter. I too had written him off since the time that I should have brought him in before the first frost I was stuck up in Connecticut unable to do so. Kindly my father, unbeknownst to me, went and unearthed him and brought him inside for me. All winter Percy was inside propped next to a window for sunlight. It was very similar to his start of life when I was growing him at my apartment in Maine. In early spring I began to bring him outside during the peak sunlight hours, making sure he was in for the night and one of those days a bud began to show up! Eventually it became two, but one withered and didn't make it very far. But the one that did survive has been maturing. I was able to plant Percy back outside a few months back and let him really get the sunshine. I've been letting the pepper mature into a nice red color. I'm also proud to say there's a lot of other peppers starting out on Percy! He has about five itty bitty buds on him. I doubt all of them will make it to full growth, but it's more than he's ever had before. I'm just so proud of my plant baby!
Also today I did manage to do some sewing... some sewing that I really liked. I was pulling though my miscellaneous fabric bin and I came across this red and white checked cotton fabric. I thought it would make a nice picnic outfit for Barbie. Unfortunately I only had scraps left and I didn't know if I would have enough for a full skirt. But then I remembered that I had made Cindy Sad Eyes a skirt from that material, actually two skirts. Back when I first got her, I needed to dress her, the poor gal showed up naked, and I couldn't leave her like that. So I made her some clothes. But for some reason the fact that she was almost twice the size of Barbie didn't click with me at first. The first skirt I made for her was almost indecently short. Cindy is taller than Barbie, but most of that is legs, she has legs for days. So while I finished it, I did make her another one using the same material, just much longer. That's what she ended up wearing for a while before I ended up making her other outfits. The first skirt went into storage until today. So I decided to take it apart and use the fabric for Barbie. The bodice is one I've used before and adapted. I learned that it needs some more adapting. It's a bit tight in the back and the bust darts are a little high, but it still came out decently enough. I also made her a matching head scarf, one that ties in the front using that narrow white ribbon I bought, I've used so much of that ribbon I'm going to need to get more soon. It just needed the usual finishing up and I was done.... and it was adorable. While I didn't start off planning it that way my TNT flip is going to be wearing this for a while. I'm not sure if it's her perfect dress yet, or just something she's going to wear for the time being, but I really like it on her. It's got a whimsical 60's charm to it. Very Maria VonTrap from the "Sound of Music". I paired it off with a pair of white heels that I had handy, and she's using Charlotte's basket from her Halloween costume last year. Not sure if I have enough room to keep it with her on the bookshelf, but it's certainly cute for photos. She might end up holding onto it for a while longer. Charlotte's certainly not using it.
Wow, a really varied day from me!

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