Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Well they did it...

Canada's Postal System is now on a total shut down. Leaving my money order lost somewhere along the lines. I don't believe that it reached the seller yet, even though I mailed it several days ago. (And yes, I do know how far away Canada is from here.) It just stinks that the one, THE ONE time that I would need to use it all of this stuff keeps happening. At this rate I won't have my Birthday present until my next birthday. And if you know me, you should know how much I hate waiting. And I hate even more when everything is in limbo like that. *sigh*

Anyway, today was another low key day. I spent most of it writing yesterday's post. I was able to post the pictures of Skipper and Francie over on "In the Pink", for family and friends day. And received some lovely comments. Since my ego always enjoys a nice stroking, I'll share some of my favorites with you.
"REALLY cute dresses!! Good job! Love them!" - Marirose (The same Marirose that makes wonderful Barbie clothing reproductions, and author of "Vintage Clothing for Fashion Dolls"!!!)
"Eddie, I love your fashions! Your girls are always dressed in the best of quality." - Danalynne
"Eddie you do beautiful work and Francie & Skipper look so pretty & summery in their fashions." - Judy in Pa
"Your outfits are exquisite!" - Wandy
I think that's enough self fawning over my skills. (Got to stay somewhat humble.) Also in some really cool news Joanne (the moderator over at "In the Pink") had kindly offered to send me some shoes for my shoeless Skipper. Joanne is such a doll herself, one of my favorite people over on that board. And it's so sweet of her to send me a pair of shoes. I don't own any Skipper shoes, these will by my first pair... ever. Out of the five Skipper sized dolls I own, three of them are wearing Barbie sneakers, and the other two are shoeless, but wearing socks. Francie suffers from the same fate too. But I'm so excited about getting some shoes for Skipper. Maybe it will motivate me to get shoes for everyone else that needs them.
Will this gift be the start of a new addiction?

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