Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Be Prepared,,,

Today was a very trying day. There's going to be several things during this post that will cause you to flip flop between proud of me, and disappointed in me. So let's get to it.
First off, still working on the clothing post so you won't get to see it yet (disappointed), but I did start it (proud). Instead I ended up going shopping today (disappointed). My father had a Doctor's appointment in High Point today, so he invited me along to hit up any second hand stores along the way. I ended up going, even though I had to wait forever in the Doctor's office. I did however bring along those cushion things I bought the other day and managed to take them apart when I was in the car. We ended up hitting up several stores on the way home; a Salvation Army, a Goodwill, and a indoor tag sale thing. I did end up getting a few things along the way, a shirt for me, a pair of pants for me, a shirt for my mother, a pair of pants for my brother, a shirt to use for material, and finally a book. I did not get a single Barbie or doll (proud), or another sewing machine (prouder), and I did come across both. I found a few single dolls when out and about, but all modern play line, so I was fine skipping over them. At the last place I found a bag full of dolls, clothes, and a case. It was all modern play line, and twenty dollars. While it was interesting, it was not twenty dollars interesting, so I left it. If it was fifteen, or ten I might have been more tempted, but not at that price. I didn't see any pairs of shoes in it, and I didn't need random new dolls, or a case. The only semi interesting thing were the clothes and even that I don't need anymore random doll clothes. I still have several bags of them that I rarely use, and I keep making more. So I left it (proud). That was not the only temptation in the store. They also had a sewing machine with a table, on sale for 12.50. It was an older Kenmore, and I was tempted by it. But it didn't have any drawers in the table, and I didn't know if it worked. Plus do I really need another sewing machine? I should be trying to keep as much furniture as I can out of the room much less add more! So I left that as well (proud).
At home I basically did some other doll unrelated stuff. I'm excited to say that I heard back from the woman that I bought the dolls from yesterday, they've been shipped. They're coming from Canada, so I have no clue when they'll get here. I'm sure they'll get here before my Birthday dolls, which is so ironic and annoying.
I also did a body swap today. You may remember the G.I. Joe I bought a few days ago, well I decided that he wasn't going to stay. I just didn't want him after I brought him home and lived with him for a few days. But I decided to use his body than just get rid of him. He had a special leg joint that makes him more flexible than most of the Joe dolls I have. My brother has a G.I. Joe that's his favorite that has the same leg joint. Except that his had a broken leg. So I decided to use this body to fix his toy. The only issue I had was with his hands and feet. The ones on the body were the basics ones with the cup hands and over sized feet. But I had a different Joe with the better hands and feet, so I did another swap. It's very confusing, so I won't get into details. Basically I was taking the hands and feet from one Joe, putting it on another doll, then would use the hands and feet from my Brother's Joe I'd replace the ones that I originally borrowed. Leaving me with two dolls with the better arms and feet and unbroken. Except when I took the head off my Brother's Joe, his neck just crumbled. I guess from years of play it had become fragile and it just snapped. It kept fracturing in my hand so it was almost impossible to get his neck knob out. I eventually did, and was able to get him on his new body and give him back to my brother. It was a bit touch and go there for a while. But it finally worked out. His original body on the other hand, not such luck. I was unable to remove his hands no matter how hard I pulled, so I eventually gave up and threw him into the trash. That leaves me with a Joe head, and a body with the not as nice hands and feet, not how I wanted it at all. But it gives me the motivation to post him for sale. Normally I wouldn't bother, but he has a cool Asian face, so someone might like him. Also this means it's time for Elvis to go as well, but that's going to have to wait for tomorrow. It's too late for that tonight.
I'm pretty sleepy, see you tomorrow!

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