Monday, July 11, 2011

Come on Fedex!

My morning got started off with asking if I wanted to go with my Dad when he went out to pick up a few things. I declined, and got asked a follow up, "Are you feeling okay?". Okay I get it, I like to shop, but just because I don't want to go one day doesn't mean I'm sick. It means that I'm trying to be better about spending when I shouldn't. Plus I don't have a project that I really need to get anything for. Right now it's all in the pre-planning phase. I'm sure once the new dolls arrive and I decide what Skooter's going to wear I'll need to get stuff, but right now I'm all set.
It was another slow day here. I continue to not have any progress with Skooter or Malibu. I did however manage to post Princess Jasmine for sale. That's one naked doll on my desk. I'm hoping to keep dealing with them until they're all dealt with. Malibu's head is still soaking in the liquid fabric softener. I will return it to her body (one of the naked dolls on the desk) when she's dressed (and therefor no longer naked) or when the other dolls get here, if I decided to do it then. And in case you can't tell, no mail for me today. I got my hopes up when the mailman delivered a package, but it was for my father. I handled my disappointment with the dignity and class you've all come to expect from me. I threw the package through the kitchen window while unleashing a torrent of off color words at anyone who would listen. Just kidding! I put it in front of my parent's door and quietly went back upstairs. My dad was sleeping, he's working tonight... poor him. I hope something for me arrives soon, all this suspense is killing me!
I did manage to finish the second dress I started yesterday. The first dress is still soaking trying to get rid of some of the tea dye. This dress needed the usual, seam reinforcement, snaps, trimming the threads, all that fun stuff. I also ended up changing the color of this dress too, just not using any tea, leaned my lesson with that. This time I just stained it using a tiny bit of paint. Blue, making it a lovely ice blue color. I set it out to dry this morning, and it dried really quick. Today was a SUPER hot day. I really like this color it ended up with. I also added a sash of similar colored fake satin, that ties in the waist. I wasn't even finished with it before Charlotte gave it up to someone else. It went to one of the Silkstones. I love how their proportions are in-between vintage and belly button, really allows some clothing sharing. She used to be wearing a different dress I made for Charlotte. A black one I made for using with the shoe pack that took me forever to find, but now Charlotte's gotten it back. I really like how this dress looks on this doll. Isn't it funny how a dress that was an after thought comes out better than a dress that I wanted to make originally?
P.S. It does suffer a little with gaping in the back, but she doesn't turn her back on people, so it's cool!

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