Sunday, July 24, 2011

Did you miss me? I missed you

And my one week mental hiatus comes to an end. And while I enjoyed my time off, I still missed working on the blog. A few times I wanted to come back to talk about my day, but I held off knowing that if I did come back it would just mean that I wouldn't get the break that I needed. Instead I played video games, and worked on several projects. It was a good time off, although, I will say this terribly hot weather's really thrown me for a loop, most days it's been too hot to do anything. Can't wait for it to cool down.
But even with my break, I did do some work on the blog. I have several posts that were still in draft format, that needed to be finished. I got a couple of those done, so that was good. Although, I will say that I had one post totally disappear on me. I wrote it, let it do that auto-save thing, clicked off the page, and when I came back, it was all gone. I wrote to Blogger asking them for help, but haven't heard anything. Blogger really isn't the best about those things are they? I still am having issues from their major mess up a few months back, which was totally their fault. Just good to know I'm on my own when it comes to issues with Blogger, but you get what you pay for I guess.
I do have a few things to share with you guys, but that's for later posts. But before I go, I have a question for you. Does anyone recognize this logo? It's on a Barbie wardrobe that I bought the other day. I found it in one of the local antique stores, for a dollar. Can't beat that price, right? It was missing all the stuff inside it, (including the bar at the top), but it was only a dollar, so I bought it. A great price, plus it's not blindingly pink, it's an off-white color (but I think it was originally white) It also had one of the folding chairs from the Barbie Camper from the 70's in it. I replaced the bar in it with a chopstick that I cut to size. Right now I've been using it to store the vintage clothes inside. Remember how I said I wanted to make another garment rack for them? Well this is a better solution because I can hang them up, but they are protected from the sun and whatnot. Also it's cheaper than buying the parts for the rack. Right now I just have the few things from the Barbie case hanging up in it. I may have said that in the post about the dolls, but did you know that when I got that case it basically doubled my vintage clothes collection? (I collect the dolls, not the clothes, so whenever I get clothes, it's a happy accident.)
More updates to follow!

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