Friday, July 8, 2011


More cleaning today, in the kitchen, where again I hit my wall. It only took me forty five minutes of cleaning until I got super mad because I was the only one doing anything. It happens every time I'm forced to do one of these big cleaning sweeps because I'm not the only person making the mess, but I'm the only one who gets off their duff to do anything about it. Normally it takes more time for me to reach that point, but it gets earlier each time it happens, probably because I'm still mad from the last time it happened. So this time I quit. I was so mad I stopped compared to getting madder by muscling though it. Instead I went upstairs and looked online for outfits I wanted to make for Skooter, no luck with that though. I did end up returning back to it for a little bit, dragging my brother along with me. It's still not clean, but I'll be darned if I'm going to be the one doing all of it. Maybe when it's all my mess I will, but this certainly isn't.
After lunch, I went out to check the mail, since I'm expecting four things. I was hoping that at least one (okay, I lie, I want them all now!) would arrive today, hopefully at least one present for my Dad since we're doing the party tomorrow. Luckily my present for him was in the box! It's 100 (actually 107 when I counted them) vintage German stamps that I found on Etsy. He likes/collects stamps and has special ties to Germany because when he was in the Army he was stationed over there for most of it, in the late 70's. I had no idea when these stamps were from, (I assumed 70's because they were so cheap and that's how they can call them "vintage"), but curiosity got the best of me and I looked one of them up online, seems to be a lot of them are from the 20's, which is pretty cool. I decided on an interesting way to wrap them. Since they're just thin paper wrapping them would be annoying. Plus I wanted a grander reveal (I'm all about the dramatics). So I "borrowed" one of his books and placed them in between the pages. So he's going to think he's gotten a book, realize that he already has that one, then open it to find his real present! I'm so malicious sometimes. Still need to wrap it though. He's going to be getting Elmo Christmas paper. Just think of it as Christmas in July!
I also went out shopping today, I know, again. This time I needed to hit up Hobby Lobby for a few things, that I directly needed. I needed some green calico to make the dress that goes under Malibu Barbie's coat. I'm almost done with it, so I need to get this to finish it. That way I can cross her off the list before all those dolls arrive that will also need to be redressed. So I managed to buy a 1/2 yard of a close enough green. (It was 6.99 a yard so I didn't splurge and get a full yard.) I also got two yards of tulle, finally. I did talk myself out of getting a few things while I was there, first I skipped getting some trim because they don't have the heart kind I liked and I wasn't really interested in what they had in stock, (come on Hobby Lobby time to restock) and I also left some bubblegum pink taffeta that was on clearance rack because it was super fray happy plus... bubblegum pink. Ew. I got out of there under five dollars.
At home again, I started on the dress, like I said, I want to have her dressed so I can move onto Skooter (even though I have no idea how to dress Skooter yet). It was going to be a fitted sheath dress, but I couldn't get it to sit on the doll right, so it's going to be a sack dress. Normally I don't care for those, but for some reason, I don't really mind with this one. Besides, it's going to be under the coat most of the time, her getting a dress is more of a formality type deal. No pictures of it yet, but once it's all done you will get a grand unveiling. I can't promise that Malibu will have her head at the time though... it's still soaking.
So far I've recived 3 out of 5 things I'm waiting for in the mail. And my predictions have been correct. So if they continue to be that way the dolls from Canada from Etsy will be next. How exciting! I know as of now that everything's shipped, so it's just a matter of when....
Oh! And my birthday dolls as of 7:22 this morning departed Troutdale, OR. They're on their way to me!

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