Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good weekend full of celebrations for all the freedoms we're granted each and every day! Go Freedom!
I started off my morning posting two dolls for sale. No, I'm not getting two more dolls I just felt it was time to sent these two on their way. It was my Bubblecut Reproduction and my Ponytail Reproduction. I've been thinking about getting rid of them, and today I finally bit the bullet and listed them. They're both still for sale, so if interested you can find their info over on the "Doll Show and Sell page". I still haven't moved any dolls in their spots on the bookshelf, not really sure who's going to go in their place yet. I'm thinking that as the dolls on the shelf move out, vintage dolls should move in until I have a second shelf of vintage dolls. What do you guys think? Does that sounds like something I should do, or is it too soon for that? My main issue with that is when I put the dolls together on a shelf, they just don't seem happy. It doesn't feel like they belong together. It's weird I know, but the dolls on the vintage shelf seem happy together, these dolls don't seem to like being like that. Maybe I'll figure out a solution for them that makes everyone happy.
I also did some more sewing today. Not on the dress I've been working on. I'm taking a break from that. Today I tried it on several dolls trying to see who looked best in it, and I just couldn't find anyone that it looked good in it. So I set it aside to come back to at another day. Today I worked on something for the Malibu Barbie. I want to get her dressed soon, so I can keep the redress list somewhat short. Especially since I'm getting Skooter, and hopefully the dolls I got for my Birthday ... soon (fingers crossed for that people). But anyway, I wanted to dress Malibu. It helped that I had an idea for what I wanted her to wear. It all started with the bag of random doll clothes that I bought the other day (that I have yet to share with you), inside it was a home made doll skirt. And honestly, it was not the nicest of construction. It was unhemmed and parts weren't sewn correctly. But I could see that it was a really interesting fabric, and the trim at the bottom was cool too, just not something I'd use for this project. It was just calling out for me to make a coat out of it for Malibu. I was hoping to be able to make a simple skirt to go under the coat, but I didn't have enough material for it. I barely had enough for the coat, so I'll have to think of something else to go under the coat.
For the coat itself I made it using the pattern that I used for Charlotte's pea coat. I just extended it, changed the front of it, and got rid of the flair at the sides. Since I didn't have any room for error, I made a quick mock up before I cut into the fabric. Seeing that it was possible, I started it. And it went together pretty quickly. I was able to get the coat finished, including three whole snaps to keep it closed today. I did have to use glue on all unfinished edges to keep it from fraying since it's pretty prone to fraying, some seeped to the front, so I need to go back and wash it out, but other than that it came out pretty nice, especially since I tweaked the pattern before I started it. Here's a picture of it:
As you can see, Malibu Barbie's missing her head. When I was trying the coat on her I managed to break off a piece of her hair. Which was so not cool. Her hair is pretty dry and brittle, so right now she's soaking in some fabric softener. Hopefully it can make her hair a little less fragile.
Now, what should I make to go under the coat? She can't be wearing just that, we have a no flasher policy around here!

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