Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have arrived!

Since I knew that my Fedex package was arriving today I spent the morning stalking the Fedex man. I had a poor night's sleep, and was awake and functioning by 6:30. By 7:30 I was dressed and waiting for the sounds of tires in the driveway, other than the ones belonging to my Father's truck. he arrived around eight, he was working last night. Today's his Birthday, I wished him Happy Birthday in the morning. The morning was a very quiet one, I did not want to be distracted by any noise that would cause me to miss the delivery. I ended up cleaning up the room a bit (it was seriously a mess), and even managed to do some dusting on the bookshelf. It gets so dusty so fast!
I started off pulling all the dolls on the vintage shelf and sticking them on my desk. Here's a photo of all of them over there. Please ignore the naked plastic man in the back, he's one of those naked dolls that have been inhabiting the desk. He's going to be sold... eventually. As you can see it's a veritable who's who of the plastic world. Lots of clothing that you've read about here on the blog with this group, but there's several things there that predate the blog.
After that it was Charlotte's shelf. So I moved the vintage group back and pulled out that shelf. There's also a picture of that chaos. You can see that Charlotte's not there (she rarely is), and there's also two vintage dolls there (three if you count re-rooted Midge). Midge lives there full time, the other two are just there for the time being. You can't see it, but Tommy and Kelly are there too. You just can't see them behind the bigger dolls. They are to the left and right of Ashley (rebodied Superstar in the red suit). Also I went and redressed Kelly and Tommy, when I was moving them I realized that they were still wearing their winter clothes, that must have been hot these past few days. They are finally wearing some hot weather appropriate clothing, and I'm sure much happier for it. Joe is still stuck in his Regency outfit.
And the last shelf I dusted (I ran out of steam after this one) was the Japanese doll shelf. It's all the Momoko's and Jenny dolls, as well as most of the short dolls that don't fit elsewhere since that shelf is shorter than all the rest of them. Some familiar faces here, but lots that I've never introduced before. You can also see my single Monster High doll. After I got them put away, I stopped. The shelf below it didn't seem that dusty, plus with my swollen ankle (which is now even more swollen), I didn't feel like much for kneeling or putting more stress on it than I had to, so the rest of them can stay dusty.
But shortly after the last doll was back where they belonged I heard a car pull into the driveway. Messed up ankle or not, I rushed down the stairs like I had the devil behind me. I was greeted with the best sight possible, the Fedex truck! So I went onto the porch to meet him, and he handed me my Birthday present! I was so excited I almost passed out, I just couldn't find a fainting couch to do so with. Instead I took it from him, and dashed back upstairs, like the devil was chasing me back up them. I placed it down on my desk and manged to snap a couple of quick pictures before I tore into it. The first one is the package itself (with my address blurred out). After that is a photo of Charlotte sitting on the box. She wanted to help. Also it shows you the dress she got back from the Silkstone the other day. I forgot how much I like this dress. It's adorable. I set Charlotte aside, since it was time to open this box up! Opening it revealed it's newspaper packing, as well as a pair of black flowered patterned Barbie pants. I don't see them in the original pictures, so they might be something they added last minute, but they could be original to the box, there's lots of things in there that I didn't know were going to be there. Finally I pulled out the newspaper (and just threw it on the floor), to reveal the case. Here's how it looked the second I pulled back the lid revealing my treasures. I felt like I was opening King Tut's tomb, who knows what treasure I'll find.
The first thing I did was look at the dolls themselves. They are the reason I bought this thing in the first place. I'll start off with some good news. That stuff on the Casey body that I thought might be glue? It was just some scotch tape, that looked new. I think the people at the second hand store put it on there in an attempt to keep the neck split from getting worse. I was just able to peel it off. I also eased the head off the body. I'm going to repair the neck splits tonight, and let it cure while I'm sleeping. So the American Girl head. You know that it has a neck split, as well as one that starting on the inside. She also has some damage to one of her eyelids. There's a chunk out of one, which I didn't know. Also that eye is missing it's pupil... which is kind of creepy. But other than that her makeup is stunning. Her lips are in the process of oxidizing from their pink color to a yummy butter cream yellow. She even has the dot of paint in each nostril! Her hair is lovely, soft and full. She may have had a small cut to her bangs, but it's really not that noticeable. Once she's gotten her neck fixed it's time to get her the body I bought a while back. I'm going to miss having it around for a fit model, but it's going on to bigger and better things. I'm going to need to work on dressing her soon, after she gets her correct body I mean.
I also freed Casey from the body she was on, since it wasn't the right body either. It is a Skipper TNT body, I wasn't totally sure from the pictures. It seems to be in decent condition. Both legs click and hold their positions. It's got some play damage, but nothing too different from most of my Vintage dolls. Now I'm going to need to find a head for it, and I'll have another Skipper. She's my first TNT Skipper...partially. Everyone else is SL, and there's one solo Malibu.
When both Casey's head and body were free, it was time to return them to each other. It was also time to see how her hair looked under the wig. And just like I feared, it was terrible. It looked like Casey had spent a lot of time at the beauty parlor. It was fried, and missing large chunks. I can't save it. So guess who's going to be getting a re-root soon! I'm sure she's going to clean up nicely. Her face paint is beautiful. I wish her body was an easy of a fix compared to her hair. Her body is one that shows a lot of wear. Whoever had this doll really liked playing with her, either that or Casey was clumsy and lived near a meat grinder. Her toes are all chewed up and missing pieces, her knees are both broken, her legs are covered with marks, her thumbs are gone, and she has an odd green stain on one of her hands. A stain that was never mentioned in the ad, and when you look at the pictures from the seller, the dolls hands are both behind the dress she's wearing, and the stain is never mentioned. (Have I been had?) Does anyone know how to get rid of a stain like that? I'm not sure what to do, so advice would be appreciated. Also, her wig was appropriated by Hong Kong Lilli, who needed some hair.
Now onto the clothes. I again will say, that whoever owned this really loved these toys, and played with them... often, and a lot. I saw several different things here that I recognized as vintage, but most of them all show a lot of signs of play. Not sure if I can save some of them, but they're more of a bonus since I really just wanted the dolls. First up we have the pile of clothes, that I'm calling, "the do not wants". These are mostly things that are not going to be staying in the collection, with only a few of them being thrown out. I labeled the pictures with number so you will understand which thing I'm talking about, plus it's easier for me. I've also labeled the pictures with letters. This all pertains to the photo marked "A"
1. Home made pair of Barbie pants. They're some sort of soft possibly fake velvet. Cute but not what I can use.
2. Barbie Towel. Made from Terrycloth, light blue-green in color. This looks a lot like the towel that comes with Malibu Barbie, but it's the wrong color. It could be that towel, and just the wrong color (or maybe a variation of the regular one?), but if it was it, it would be a totally different era than the rest of the stuff in the case.
3. This is a red and white polka-dot bag. It's okay, but it's got this weird applique on the front, that really doesn't add anything. Not a fan of it.
4. Home made Barbie skirt. It's made of red denim and used to have an elastic waistband, but it's snapped. It also has two pockets in front, or at least I think it's the front. Coming undone in the back, not going to bother fixing it.
5. Purple wool like pants, also home made. These have some holes in them, plus they look really too skinny for Barbie. These are heading to the trash heap, as soon as I take off the hook and eye in the back since I'm out of those.
6. Modern Barbie Swimsuit, not sure if Mattel or not, but it's broken. Not really sure if it's worth repairing.
7. Black Velvet coat with sheep collar. This is actually cute, but it's really threadbare and not going to last to too much play (even light play). I may end up remaking this coat, it's that cute. My mom really liked it too. It's also got an interesting decoration on it. For buttons (most are now missing), they used sequins, with a single clear bead sewed in the middle. That's pretty neat!
8. Unusual bag thing. It's a little satin? bag made up horizontal striped. not really much to say about it, it's just really tacky to me. It's empty.
9. Okay, I will keep this, I just learned what it was after I took the picture. It's the original swimsuit to Bend leg Midge (I thought it was). It's a bit rough, but original swimsuits are still cool. Has a "Midge" tag in it. I'll add it to my vintage swimsuit collection. I have the Red Bubblecut one, one of Francie's, half of Ken's, and half of Ricky's.
10. These are the pants that were in the box outside of the case when I opened it. The pattern is cute, just don't need the pants. I assume they were for Barbie, but the elastic's shot so they could fit Ken. I may end up re-purposing these. Turns out they are for Barbie, they are a best buy 7514, from 1975.
11. Small doll? apron. Mass produced apron of blue and white checks. On it it reads, "Little Beggar Bear". A quick Google search shows me that this was from a bear (shocking) and it's not an apron it's a bib. Either way, I don't plan on using it.
12. Dark blue Jersey knit skirt, another home made item, with more shot elastic. Would be easier to make a new one than fix this one. Not that I need to make one.
13. Fake suede bag. Cute, needs to be fixed. Another home made thing, might see if my brother wants it. Wouldn't G.I. Joe look good rocking this?
14. And finally we have a circle skirt made out of the same purple fabric as the pants. This also has some holes in it, so it's going to go into the trash as well. It has not closures in it at all. It's just supposed to go over the hips of the doll. That's got to be fun with a doll that doesn't have smooth legs. Could you imagine getting that on a doll with bendable legs? Ick!
All right, photo one done. Now it's time to move onto some vintage Barbie clothes! I also set this up using the number system as the last one. This is for the photo marked "B".
1. First up we have the dress to Suburban Shopper. Such a cute iconic dress. It's in good shape with some discoloration that I'm sure would come out. This is the dress that the American Girl doll was wearing in the photos from the store. It's weird, it doesn't zip up all the way on the vintage doll, the bust is too big. Fits Charlotte though. I cannot find a tag in it.
2. Next is a Skipper dress, Red Sensation. It's in rough shape, and has been repaired at the waist. Also untagged it's missing one of the gold beads. Maybe with some work it will be pretty again.
3. Next is another untagged dress. Now I'm not sure if this is Barbie or not I just have a hunch that it is. So any shared knowledge would be appreciated.
4. After that we have the dress and vest to Francie's Concert in the Park. This outfit is really really nice condition. If I didn't know better I'd say that this was a new outfit. This one clearly did not get a lot of play.
5. This is the top of "Fashion Editor". It's in somewhat rough shape. The linen is in good shape, but the ribbon on it and the flowers at the waist are both shot. It could stand a good pressing.
6. Next we have the coat and dress to Francie's Shopping Spree. The dress is in good condition, only suffering from some unwoven threads inside. The coat however has a few wear spots to the fabric. Don't think I can fix them since they're so severe and it's a woven. It's a cute outfit though, might have to see if I can get a replacement coat. It is blindingly pink!
7. This is the dress to Francie's Go Granny Go. Another really nice condition dress. It has a Francie tag at the bottom of the skirt. Love the pattern on this one, super cute.
Onto Photo C!
1. This is the dress that "Casey" was wearing in her photos. It's a cute (I assume) home made dress. It's made from a cute pink flowered pattern cotton. I believe that it's a shirt dress, possibly made from the vintage Barbie pattern. They had it on "Skipper" backwards. You can't tell because it's backwards in the picture but it has four mother of pearl buttons down the front.
2. Next is another home made dress, this time for Skipper. It has an off white top with a red checked skirt. Pretty cute.
3. Next is what could be a Mattel made dress. I think this is a dress that is from the 70's but I could be wrong. Anybody care to correct or conform that? It's in decent shape, but part of the trim on one sleeve is coming undone.
4. Next there's a home made skirt with a rainbow color scheme. I just think it's pretty. Not too much to say about it. Might end up putting someone in it.
5. And finally in this photo we have the nightdress to Francie's Tuckered Out. It's another really great quality outfit. The only issue is that the buttons are a little warped on it. Interesting to see that such a modest nightgown is actually really really shear. Francie's a bit of a naughty girl!
Photo D, nearing the end.
1. Up first is a cute little dress. It's made from a white and blue micro-dotted cotton. Super cute, but also super short. Might make a fun costume for somebody.
2. This is a dress with a matching head scarf, at least I think it's a scarf. It's another cute dress. It's in nice condition, and adorable. No idea who made it, anybody have any clue? It just screams best buy to me. It's missing half of the snap in the back. Will have to see if I have one to replace it.
3. After that is a vinyl rain jacket. It's tagged with a "Made in Hong Kong" label. I think it's really cute and might end up with a doll wearing it. I do need to fix the snaps a one side has come undone on both of them, but they're still attached to the other side.
4. Here we have a small flowered slip? I think it's a slip, I feel like I've seen this before, but not sure when. Anyone have any clue? Is it Skippers?
5. Next we have a purse. It looks like the one that came with Barbie's Red Flair coat, except that it doesn't have a stone clasp, just a bead. So it could be from anything. Cute purse though.
6. And finally we have a pink bathrobe. Not a lot to say about this, it's untagged, but pretty. You can see it in the picture from the seller, it's under Casey's feet.
Now we have two final things. First off we have simple white dress, obviously hand made. I'm not sure why I like this dress so much, but I do. It's got lace at the sleeves and the neckline. I think it may be a bit too big for Barbie. I'm sure I could make something like this myself, but I wouldn't. So this is the next best thing.
And for our final final thing, we have this: Barbie's Sophisticated Lady from 1963-1964. It's a lovely dress, with some major wear on it. It's still very lovely. It has a very frayed tag in the jacket.
Whew, that was a lot of typing, took me most of the day to write it. I'd say that this was a very decent purchase for me. I got some interesting dolls, as well as several outfits, most of which I had no idea existed. I'm just super glad my wait is over.
I wonder if I'll get mail tomorrow...

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  1. That's great that your b'day present finally arrived. Love the clothes you chose to keep. Nice mix of goodies