Thursday, July 7, 2011

I'm all over the place today!

I forgot to mention that my Sister's coming this Saturday for my Father's Birthday. His actual birthday isn't until the 13th, but they both have this weekend off so she's coming then. So you know what that means, cleaning time. So that's how I started off my morning, cleaning. I managed to get the living room, the stairs and hallway, and most of the dinning room done. I was also able to get part of the kitchen put away. I'm going to do the rest of the kitchen tomorrow, I also have some cooking planned for tomorrow too.
My morning wasn't just filled with cleaning, I also listed several dolls on the Show and Sell page. It's been a mass exodus around here! Although, most people haven't left the house, they just move into the closet in the hall until someone wants them. But today I posted Elvis, as well as Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker. I also posted the dress to My Melody Barbie. It's weird, I used to have such trepidations about selling dolls, but now it's just so freeing. I'm honing my collection down to ones that are more "must haves" than "haves". There's a twinge of nostalgia when I think about them, but most of the dolls that I've gotten rid of haven't made me really happy once their newness wore off. I mean, Princess Leia was a pretty doll, but after I originally dressed her I couldn't do it again, even after I had grown unhappy with her outfit. I'd show you her original outfit, but it's a terrible clunky thing. It's a very early attempt at doll sewing, all done by hand. Not pretty. I have a couple more dolls to post over there and then I'm done for a bit. I can't remember where I stand on the getting rid of one when one comes it, but I'm saying I'm all set for now (but I kind of think I'm ahead of the game.) Did you know that I've whittled the collection down to 93 dolls? It was a little over one hundred earlier, but that's not including the dolls I'm expecting in the mail. That's quite a number change.
But that number does include the Skooter I bought last weekend. She arrived today in the mail! I was so excited for that, I'd hoping she'd come soon. Since I was expecting five things in the mail (three for me, two on my Dad's behalf), I was hoping something would come today. And I want to say, she's lovely. She's got a variety of issues, but most of the dolls in the collection do. I will say she has wonderful coloring, and her hair is tops! In fact, seeing her next to my original Skooter makes me think that Skooter needs a re-root. I wonder how she looks with long Skipper like hair? Maybe she'll get reworked when I go though my next re-rooting spell, but it may be while since she's got a huge part line, and I hate parts with a passion. Anyway, Skooter is lovely, now I just need to figure out how to dress her. I'm sure something will come to me in time. I just hope it's soon because I'm going to have a lot of dolls that need redressing soon. I heard from the lady with my Birthday Present, she got the money (last week, but she was on vacation... no comment), so my dolls are on their way by Fedex right now. I have a tracking number, so right now they are in Washington, expected arrival date? The 14th, but at least they're on their way to me. Right now my guesses for arrival time for everything is; my present for my dad, then the dolls from Etsy, followed by my mom's present for my dad, then the dolls from my Birthday. But I'm more than willing to be wrong and have them all arrive on one day (tomorrow would be nice).
But even as I received Skooter today, I didn't get much time to play. Since I finished my cleaning for the day, I wanted to also get those Skipper skirts done. I don't know if I'll get a chance to get to them before Sunday if I didn't get them done today. And I did... but I messed up. I made the waistbands slightly too short. They fit Skipper, you just couldn't tuck a shirt into them. Which was annoying because otherwise they were perfect. But I listed them anyway, knocking two dollars off the price. They're now seven dollars, including shipping in the US. I really hope they sell, otherwise my delicate psyche will be crushed. I guess if they don't sell I'll try Etsy. I just hope it doesn't come to that.
Finger's crossed for me people!

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