Friday, July 1, 2011

Let's go to the Mall! Part one!

I failed to mention that yesterday that the Christian Second Hand Store was closed yesterday. When we drove by it had a bunch of signs up saying closed. So we didn't go. Today my Dad needed to go out, so he asked me if I wanted to go. I said yes, even though I didn't need to get anything, and wasn't planning on going anywhere special. He decided to go to that store, and was he lucky that he did. Or unlucky, and I was lucky. Apparently for their fourth of July celebrations they were having a half off sale. Everything was included except their new "antique" and "collectable" section. (Most of what's in there aren't much of either of those things.) But I didn't need to go into that section, it's mostly stuff that doesn't interest me. I ended up several things that I wanted or needed (mostly wanted). Since it was a sale I was like a starved chicken in a corn silo. Just gobble, gobble, gobble. I got so many things that in fact I'm going to split it up over several days and posts, because I'm lazy like that.
First up I found a bag of misc action figures. It was five dollars originally, but with the sale it would end up being only two fifty. Normally I would pass it by since action figures aren't really my thing. Never have been, never will be. The most I can do is when they're Barbie size, like Joe. But there was a G.I. Joe in there. He was an astronaut, and a legit Hasbro one. So I took the plunge and bought him. Since the bag was full of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings toys I figured that I could take what I wanted, offer the rest to my brother, and whatever he didn't want I could offer to my sister's fiancee. So I bought it. When I was looking over it later, I saw my error. The majority of the figures were very worn and most of them were missing pieces. The G.I. Joe I wanted was not what I was expecting. His suit was missing all of the added parts, and the worst part is that he had big bulky gloved hands. Meaning he had no real hands. And I couldn't even get his suit off since it had to go over those big hands. But I ended up popping off his hands to remove the suit. I mean, might as well use the suit if I can't use him. Then I had a bright idea, why can't I do a hand swap? I had a spare pair of hands after a failed attempt at getting Joe a new body, so I might as well try. Using pliers and boiling water I was able to give him some regular arms.You can see him holding his old hands in the picture on the left. Not really sure if I'm going to keep him, but he's more normal now. My brother ended up taking a Spiderman figure from the bag (with a semi-broken neck), the rest are for Jesse to look though. Whatever he doesn't want (which I assume is most of it), is going to get re-donated.
Also I picked up some fabric there. I will stay that I was very good and didn't go crazy. It helped that I already had my hands full by the time that I sorted though them. I picked up this red jersey knit. It's actually about 2 yards long, and 20" wide. Thankfully I don't need to to be that wide, Barbie's short. I just couldn't make a shirt out of it or anything for me. It was 50 cents. I also bought this, I'm not sure what it is, but it looks very silk-esque to me. No project in mind for it yet, but it's pretty. And you can't beat the fact that it's a dollar.
That's all for part one, the next parts are going to be bigger, I wanted to start off small. So, see you tomorrow!

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