Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let's go to the Mall! Part Three!

It's about time to get this written and off my back, in order to motivate myself I haven't put away anything that came in the bag, so I want it off my desk. Since there's a wide variety of things that came in the bag, I'm going to split it up into sections to make it easier on me, therefor more likely to get written.
For our first section we have Chatty Cathy! There wasn't a while lot in the bag that fit Chatty Cathy, but for the most part in her wardrobe if I find something missing I'll just make it for her, which is how she got any clothes in the first place. But there were a couple of things that I found that she can use, but most of it was too small for her, or too juvenile. First off we have this baseball cap. It's light blue and made from a knit. She only has one other hat, and this one's certainly different than the one she has. Not sure when she's going to wear it anytime soon, but she has one now. (No picture of the hat because I can't find the silly thing.)
Also in the bag that she was able to claim were these yellow bloomers. They're cute, but I could have made them myself, but now I don't have to! Maybe she needs a cute yellow sundress to go along with it... maybe, if I can find the time or the motivation. And with those two things, we have all that fits Chatty Cathy from the bag. Not a whole lot, but at least she got something, right?

Chatty Cathy was also almost the owner of this fake velvet beret, but it was just a touch too small to fit on her head. But I was able to use on someone in the collection. It fit Cindy Sad Eyes, and it looks really good on her. She works best with vintage looks and this certainly fits vintage. However, it doesn't work with any of the clothes that she currently has, so I'm going to have to make her something if I want her to wear it. I'm thinking that a matching coat would look really darling on her. What is with this bag of random clothes that keeps giving me more projects to do? Again, might not do it, since velvet is expensive, and I might not even be able to find a matching piece of fabric to make it from. That's all that fit Cindy that was in the bag. But at least she got something right?
That was all that was in there for the larger gals, there was nothing that fit Sally (who you guys still have not met, someday I promise). I tried several things on her, but everything was just too small. Which is sad, she rarely gets her clothes changed. She and her sister have the smallest wardrobe and their clothing changes reflect that.
But at least Barbie wasn't ignored in this bag (like she needs anymore clothes, right?). She managed to pick up a few things from the bag, so let's get to it! First up we have this dress. It's an odd one (Okay, more like ugly). It's got a red stretch top, with a lower bodice made of this green and black fabric, followed by a skirt made of fake white satin. Really a mishmash of fabrics. It also has a red ribbon rose on it. I kept it out of the bag because it fits Barbie, but I don't plan on using it for anyone around here. Instead I'm going to steal the red flower (since I still can't find the darn things locally!), then use the dress to dress one of the dolls I'm planning on donating. It's just a really tacky dress.
Next we have something... I think it was a dress originally. It's just someone hacked off the skirt from it. Which is a shame since it looks pretty cool. I have no idea who made it originally, but it looks decently made, it even closes in the back with snaps. I'm keeping this because I'm thinking about fixing it by adding a skirt to it. It all depends on how much I have to take it apart in order to fix it, because there's a point where it's just not worth it. Hopefully I can get it fixed. (Maybe something for "Finish it up Friday" sometime?)
Now I think that whoever added stuff into this bag was a sewer, or was at least learning. Because I found it full of those little somewhat Barbie sized fabric bags. They're actually a bit big for Barbie, but they could still work. I pulled out about a half dozen that really work for the scale, but not really sure if I'll ever use them. I have several small bags for Barbie and I rarely use them. Typically she packs more than those little bags can carry!
Also in there was this red cape. It's an interesting piece, really simple in it's design, but really interesting as well. It's clearly home made, but still nice. It's actually just a circle of fabric, with part of it folded down to make it look like a collar, and has a single snap in the front to close it. It's a very basic cape. But with it's dramatic off the shoulders look and bold simplicity I like it. It reminds me of an opera cape.
Also in the bag were these tie aprons that fit Barbie. The one on the right is a stylized floral print. I'm not going to use it on anyone, but I just wanted to keep it. Maybe someday I'll find a use for it (but I really doubt it). The one on the left is actually from Mattel. I didn't find this out until later but it belongs to a best buy from the 70's. I forget which one it belongs to at the moment, but it's missing the dress that goes along with it. Don't think I'll ever get the dress that it goes with, but at least I have the apron.
And finally in the bag were these two (I think they are) bottle aprons, that also fit Barbie, if you don't mind messing up her hair. One of them has a price tag of a dollar on it. I wouldn't pay a dollar for both of these, much less each. I'm keeping them, but they're going into the bag full of stuff that I probably will never use. I could have sworn there was a third one originally, but I can't find it. So maybe it never really existed. I could really get behind the logic that my mind is starting to go.
And for the final thing for Barbie we have something really cool. Something that I would have bought at regular price, had I known that it was inside. In the bag I found a piece of vintage Barbie clothing. It's her graduation gown! Pretty cool right? I was pulling though the bag when I first got it, and saw the white tag on it and immediately knew that it was vintage Barbie. It's got some stains on it, but other than that it's in decent shape. However, it's not really worth that much since it's just a graduation gown. Not one of her more iconic outfits. It's missing all the little accessories that it came with. I'll add it to the vintage clothing pile.
And that's all that Barbie "got" from the bag, even though there were several things that while technically fit her will never go on her. I did find one thing that fit the dolls I have that are smaller than Barbie. It's a little pink jacket. I assume it's from a Bratz doll. I don't really know because I don't collect them. So, it now belongs to Ghoulia, I added it to the bag of stuff she has. But she won't wear it very often. She's stuck wearing her original outfit since I'm really not invested in her enough to change her clothes. (Sorry Ghoulia!)
And that's all that I got for the dolls right off the bat. There were several things in there that will become fabric donors, pattern sources, or outfit inspiration. Let's get into those! (Can you tell I'm getting tired of writing these things?)
I'm going to start off with the outfit inspirations since there's only one of those from the bag. It this 60's/70's style dress. There's a reason why it's only an outfit inspiration. The fabric is offensive. It's this terrible heavy scratchy polyester. Really just icky. I might end up taking off the trim at the waist for some other use, but I might not. It might be too heavy for anything I could use it for. But still I liked the silhouette of the dress so I wanted to keep it long enough to preserve it in a digital format.
Next we have pattern sources. Again, there's only one of those. In the bag there was this hat. It's very "Little Miss Muffet", with a large floppy brim and ties to keep it on. It's made from this loud print fabric, and it's a little too big for Barbie, but it's certainly different than everything I've ever made before. It's basically a circle of fabric, with a smaller circle of elastic to create the section that goes around the head (the brim?). Not sure when I'll ever need a hat like that, but it's certainly interesting enough to want to know how it's made. You never know when I'll want to make a hat like that.
And next we move onto our fabric donor section. I'm going to go rapid fire with these since most of them I don't care enough to actually write a lot about them. They'll get more details when they actually become something I like. First up we have this skirt. It's made from this green fabric with white and orange stripes. While I like the fabric, I don't get the skirt. It's home made, by someone who didn't know what they were doing. It's got trim at the bottom so that they didn't have to hem it, but they way they sewed it, it didn't make a hem, the un-hemmed bottom part is totally visible at the bottom, and fraying like the dickens. They hemmed the back part, but it uses an elastic waistband so they didn't need to bother to hem the back. I really don't understand what's going on with it. But I'm going to use the fabric, and the trim at the bottom is really cute, so I'll be able to save and reuse it.
After that we have a pair of fake velvet breeches. They're too small for Chatty Cathy, but too wide for Barbie. I just liked the fabric enough to keep it to see if I can make anything from it. Might not be enough material for me to make anything decent. Plus it looks like really cheap fabric. Not that I'm thinking about it. I might end up putting these back into the donate bag.
Next we have this small flowered bag. Normally I wouldn't bother with it since someone else might use it. But someone cut the strap on top in half. So I'm thinking that I'm going to make something out of it. Not sure if I have enough fabric, but wouldn't it make a cute sundress?
This is another... interesting design. It's a dress (Barbie sized) made from a nylon top, and a paisley printed skirt. The skirt's fabric is really thick and heavy. Really, not something that should be used in a skirt. I'm planning on using the fabric for something else. Not sure what yet, but you never know when something will come to you. I'm also going to steal the snap from the back of it. I'll probably end up throwing away the top. Not the prettiest of dresses is it?
Also in the bag we had this, I assume Barbie dress. Barbie can fit in it, but the fit of the dress on her is terrible. It was too interesting to throw away, but too ugly to reuse. Not really sure what I'm going to do with this, but I wanted to hold onto it to see if I can find a use for it eventually. You never know what I'll come up with for some of these things.
Another thing in the bag were these pair of "jeans". I put that in quotes because they're just printed cotton to mimic jeans. These are really large, sized more for those cheap walker dolls you used to see in discount stores. So while I don't have any dolls that can use it (or have any dolls close enough to just modify them to fit) I can as least use the fake denim for doll clothes. Although, it's a bit light for my usual tastes, so I could picture myself never getting around to use it. But I've been proven wrong before.
For another fabric donor we have... this. I have no idea what it's supposed to be. It's a tube of furry fleece? with some pink and white elastic at one end. It's fully opened at both sides and that looks original. Like I said, no idea what it's for, so I plan on using the fabric for something, eventually.
That's all the fabric donors that were in the bag, we also had a couple or random things there there that I'm keeping.
One of those random things in the bag was this fabric bag. Roughly eight inches by four it's a simple purple bag. It closes with a ribbon and has the world Glory spelled out on it. It's nothing that special in both fabric or construction, but I figured that who couldn't use another little bag in their life? Although, I am thinking about offering it to my mother. She might have a quicker use for it than I do.
There was alto this little blanket in the bag. I assume it's for a baby doll of some sort. I actually think it's kind of cute, so I'm holding onto it. Honestly, I have no idea what to use it for, it's within Chatty Cathy size, but they don't have a bed (and I don't have the room for something like that). But I'm sure eventually I can find a use for it. It might come in handy if I use it to wrap something fragile in it. I would have killed for something like this when I was moving last. I don't have many breakable things, but what I do have I don't want to get ruined.
Almost at the end! Here's the final thing in the bag I'm keeping: It's something that is really interesting and really weird. You have to check out the picture to get an idea of what I'm talking about. (It's at the bottom.) You see it? It's crocheted underwear, or a diaper. Who in their right mind thought that was okay? It's seriously peek-a-boo, you can see all that bear's business while he's wearing them. He's wearing them because he's the only one that could, they were too small for Chatty Cathy. He's been wearing them for a few days so I'm not sure if he's going to give them up, they are pretty sassy on him. Interesting side note, this bear is one of two stuffed animals that I keep. You should know I talk about my Grandparents from time to time, but it's usually my mother's parents. My father's parents have both passed away, his mother was the first to go in 1989, shortly before I turned three. I only have one memory of her, it was with my sister and I and her. We were in Frankie's room at her house, (Named after her son who's room it was when he lived there.) and from under the bed she pulled out two bears, one for me and one for my sister. That was one of these bears. Now, for the longest, both of these bears were missing. I didn't know if they were still in existence or if they had been lost though the years. Last November when I was in Connecticut on the last day I was going though the storage unit I found this one. He was in a box crammed full of random stuff. He was a little warped, and stunk, but I was thrilled to find one. Honestly I was beginning to wonder if the bear I remembered really existed, but here it was. While I've never been big onto stuffed animals, this one is one that I'm going to be keeping forever, and ever. (That was a long tangent)And like that this post is done... finally! (Good riddance to it!)

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