Saturday, July 2, 2011

Let's go to the Mall! Part Two!

Okay, so I know I should be doing to second part of what I got while shopping, but I had such a full day that I just had to share with you all. So I might get to what I bought later in this post, but I might not, it all depends on how much it takes to tell you what happened today.
It was an early morning today, I was out on the road at 8:30. We needed to go to the local tractor supply store, but not for tractors or supplies. Apparently every month the Humane Society has vouchers you can buy for getting your animals spayed or neutered, and we needed one for Yellow Fellow since when we got him he had not been fixed. It opened at nine, and by 9:02 we were in line. There were maybe seven people in front of us. It wasn't until 9:59 that we finally made it to the front of the line. It was really set up not the best. It was all volunteers, but still. But we have the voucher, and now we just have to call and set up an appointment for him sometime. We have to go to Greensboro for it, but with the voucher it definitely makes it cheaper than using a local vet. I'm probably going to have to go along for that as well.
Also today, my newest Malibu Barbie arrived. It's good that she came today because Monday's a holiday so I'd have to wait until Tuesday for her at the earliest. And I just realized I'm now over the limit of for every doll in one must leave. So either I'm not going to keep the new Joe after all or it's time to post another doll on the show and sell page. I'm thinking that I'll post a new doll. Anyway, Barbie here did come with the outfit that she was pictured in. While it's cute (and smells like grapes) I'm still planning on redressing her. Again I'm thinking green for her clothes. I don't know what's with me and green on Malibu dolls, it just seems to work with their skin tone. Speaking of skin tone, her's is bit different than my other Malibu Barbie, her's is more orangy, and my others is a bit more brown. Also their face makeup is different, one has bigger eyes than the other. I took a picture of them side by side to show the difference. Either way I really like her, and can't wait to get her dressed. It's odd how much I like the Malibu dolls, but they're so... interesting. Her hair does have some issues though, it's a bit damaged. In the back it's several different noticeable lengths! Also in the photo you can see Stacey, who they share the same head mold. Pretty interesting the looks you can get out of the same mold!
Also I'm pleased to say that Jessica got her dress in the mail, and she likes it! She sent me an e-mail (which is need to reply to), and she also posted pictured over on "In the Pink". She even posted some with Skipper in my dress next to her Number one Barbie! That is seriously the closest I've ever been to a number one! (Is it weird how excited I am over that?) She did however not keep the bow tied around the collar, so it showed off a little of my shoddy collar construction, but if she's fine with it, I'm fine with it. But seriously, there must be a better way to make collars, seriously. No word if Joanne got her package yet.
I also did some sewing today, but I didn't finish it. It still needs some serious work, so you'll get a photo of that when it's done (if it ever gets done).
All right, that was my day. So it's time to get into what I bought. So, while at the Christian Second Hand Store I found this bag of random cloth. I took it off it's shelf and looked at it to figure out what it was. It was marked "vintage handkerchiefs, 6.00", meaning with it's half off sale it would only be three dollars. Even at full price it seemed like a good buy since it was full of handkerchiefs, and I've been looking for some. I've been seeing people make stuff from them for dolls and I wanted to have a go at it. I just haven't been able to find any since I started looking. (Isn't that always the case?) But here was a bag full of them. It's a sign that I had to get them. I expected to pay a dollar each (at the cheapest) for them, and here was a bunch of them for three dollars. I wasn't able to open the bag and look at them, but just from seeing them in the bag I could see that there was an assortment with some whites and some colored ones. I'll start off with the mostly white ones. I didn't resize the pictures, so click on them if you want to see a larger view of each description. Starting at the upper left we have a large white handkerchief with some (I assume) hand embroidered yellow flowers and green dots, to the right we have a medium plain white one, and to the right of that is another medium white one with a machine embroidered flower design. They are pretty blue and lighter blue flowers, although they did manage to sneak some pink in there too! The second row, far left, a smaller handkerchief with three pink and green flowers, wrapped in a bow. The bow was added later by hand, or maybe the whole thing was done by hand, it's pretty, but like a lot of these handkerchiefs there's some spots of discoloration. To the right of that one is another white one. It's hard to tell but it does have decoration. On each corner there's a small white flower and several small dots. It still retains it's original stickers. There's one in gold that reads "Hamilton the Hallmark of Quality" and a simple white one that reads "Hand Rolled in the Philippines", the the right of that one we have another white one (all these are white), this one is cool because it has an embroidered "E" on it. Very pretty. For the final row on the far left we have another one of these handkerchiefs from Hamilton, it has the same stickers on it as the other one did. Same decorations too, I wonder if it came in a set? Next we have another handkerchief with a flower design on one corner. Interesting feature about that one is that both sides of image both look nice, there's no real "right side" or "wrong side" (unless you look real close). And finally we have another flowered one. This one looks very similar to the last one, just with a different colored flower, pink this time. I guess it's a rose. It also still has a sticker, it reads, "All cotton, Imported from Switzerland".

Whew, that was only the first part. In our next photo, starting at the upper left we have our first not white one (finally). It has a purple edge and some lovely large flowers that I have no clue what they are. It's all printed, no embroidery on this one. To the right of that we have another printed one. It's cream colored with a blue trim and on each corner there's a blue rose. It's hard to see, but there's also very faint white flowers among the cream background. And to the right of that we have one covered in red flowers. It's a pretty one, our first one with scalloped edges. It's a really bold coloring of all those pink daisies. For the second row we have another white one. This one's different because the fabric is really thick. Part of me wants to guess this may be a napkin more than a handkerchief because of the fabric difference. It's got a really pretty woven flower design on it. Next we have a different handkerchief, this one is a lot more silky than the rest. So far they've all been cotton. This one's got a nice manly decoration and color design, just blue. It's very pretty, there are a few snags and wear holes in it though (and a few spots). To the left of that we have a solid blue one. No decoration, or anything. Just a simple blue one. On the final row of this one at the far left we have a large white handkerchief. Just like the blue one, no decoration, just cloth. To the right of that we get a bit fancier, scratch that, a lot fancier. It's a very thin almost gossamer one. The more interesting feature of that one, it all the lace. Most of it is made from this wonderful lace fabric. It's very pretty, not totally practical, so maybe it was just for show. To the right of that we have a yellow handkerchief. Not sure if it was originally that color, or just aged that way, but it's a nice color. The fabric has a square pattern woven in and at each corner there's several orangy-yellow dots, as well as some larger ones with white centers. Not sure if you can see it in the photo, the bottom got cut off when I was taking it.

For our final assortment photo we again start on our upper left. First up we have another printed one, this time it has a wide pink border and is covered with Lilly of the Vally(s). These are my mother's favorite flowers incidentally. It also has a scalloped edge. To the right of that we have a very purple handkerchief. It has black line drawings of a flower I don't recognize. I really like the flowing ribbon designs on it. It has surged edges. To the right of that we have another one of the first handkerchief, more lillys, one of them does have a stain on the white part though, I wonder how I should treat something like that. I'd hate to damage one of these by accident. On the bottom row we have a white handkerchief with more printing. This one has a rim of blue stripes as well as some red, white, and blue flowers (how fitting for this weekend). At the center is a huge photo of several flowers, roses. I'd say this one is my favorite (if I had to choose)! Next we have a smaller one. It's surged on the edges with blue thread and the fabric is covered in blue and red daisies. It also has some interesting woven elements on the fabric, but I have no idea how to describe them. For our final one we have another printed handkerchief, this time blue flowers with a red/pink background. Very sheer, but very pretty.

Whew, that was all of them. What a lot of typing. I'm glad I bought these because they were cheap, and even if I don't use them it will keep me from buying more knowing that I have some already. Not really sure what to make from them yet, but I will keep you posted. I'm a little hesitant about working with them because there's very little room for error. Also they are so sheer, I wasn't expecting them to be so thin. Does anyone have any hints or tricks they'd like to share? How about any pattern suggestions? I need your guidance people! I do know that I'm going to put it away for a bit, none of these fabrics work for Malibu, and she needs to be dressed first!

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