Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Malibu Gets Cold Sometimes...

of course I don't mean now since it's the middle of the summer, and in the middle of a terrible heatwave, but I'm sure sometimes Malibu is a chilly place. (I mean, dead of winter, middle of the night? It must be cold to them, even if it's in the mid 70's or something.)

Do you remember that I was working on the coat for Malibu Barbie? It's made from that doll skirt that I got in the bag of stuff at the Christian Second Hand store. The skirt was a terrible home made mess, but the fabric was really pretty. I ended up making the coat a while back, and was satisfied with it. So poor Malibu sat around wearing a coat and boots, just waiting for me to come up with something for her to wear under it all. Something that wouldn't even be seen since I was planning on keeping the coat closed. My girls are modest like that.
Originally I was planning to make a skirt out of the same fabric as the coat, but I didn't have any to spare. I just had enough to make the coat, luckily. I ended up buying some matching green fabric from Hobby Lobby. I decided I wanted a simple sheath dress, since the coat's the real show piece of the outfit, but I'm still trying to find the best sheath dress pattern. When I was working on it, I couldn't get a decent fit with it. So I ended up taking out the darts and leaving it as an unfitted sheath dress. And while I was fine with how that turned out, the dress as a whole seemed a little plain. It was this great expanse of green with a minor strip of orange at the base. I tried using what little bit of orange fabric I had left to add some sort of interest to the top of the dress, but I just couldn't work out anything that I liked, especially since I had such a tiny amount of orange fabric left.
So I took a break, and ended up buying another half yard of orange broadcloth at the store just for this project. But even with a huge amount of fabric at my disposal, I couldn't figure out anything that I wanted to do with it. Instead I changed gears. I decided that I wasn't happy with the dress as a whole and it was time to try something else. So it went into the unfinished project box for perhaps another day, and I started a second dress. I decided that I wanted to use the same pattern as I had when making the American Girl's dress. This is where I discovered the issue with the pattern, when trying to flip the dress the right side out, the fabric at the neckline had a nasty habit of tearing. I ended up throwing out two bodices, which sucked because this was expensive fabric compared to what I usually use. The red fabric was cheaper and held up better, annoying.
Eventually I ended up cutting the neckline a bit shorter, so there was less stress on it, and it wouldn't tear. So I was able to get it to work. After that I toyed around with several different skirt styles, and couldn't come up with a decent one. Again everything I tried just didn't work out. This dress seemed to be shaping up into another failure, so it too ended up in the unfinished project box. I stopped thinking about it and worked on some other projects, leaving poor Malibu on my desk waiting for her dress. She ended up becoming my fit model for a while, so it worked out for me. But it could not last, eventually I had to come back to her and get her dressed. So I pulled out the second dress from the box and took off the skirt that was on it. And I replaced it with a simple circular skirt, made from the green fabric. I've used this pattern before. It's the one I use for underskirts that hang off the waist. And it looked good. Certainly not like how I originally envisioned it, but certainly doable. But it still needed some decoration. So I added a "belt" of orange at the waist. The best part, it's what I had left from my original orange stash. I made this dress without any of the new fabric I bought for it... what a waste of money. Hopefully I can find a use for it eventually.
But she's dressed. I was able to fish her head out of the fabric softener and wash her hair. Seems to be a little bit better. She's already dressed and over on the bookshelf with the rest of the collection.
Another one dressed!

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