Thursday, July 28, 2011

More mail for me???

I got a package in the mail today that I was expecting (But had not told you all about). Don't worry it was not another doll, it was just part of a doll that I needed. It was the head to Free Moving Barbie!
Do you remember how I posted over on "In the Pink" looking for her head as well as one for a TNT Skipper? With the recent influx of dolls I'm managed to pick up those two specific bodies as well, and I just can't have a body without a head. It's a sick compulsion, I tells ya. Back when I posted, I didn't get a lot of people contacting me about them. I did have on person offering me a Sweet Sixteen Barbie head, but I politely declined that. Since it's such a specific gimmicky body I thought she should have the correct head. Also Sweet Sixteen has such a pink skin tone, I didn't think it would work with the body I had. Eventually I do want to get a Sweet Sixteen Barbie.
So knowing that my ad didn't net me any leads, I moved on. I searched Ebay and Etsy looking for the heads I needed. Which is a lot easier said than done. I guess since my search was so specific that finding exactly what I needed was going to be more difficult than I expected. But I didn't give up, I kept looking, checking from time to time. But I didn't have to look for that much longer. Someone over on "In the Pink" had found one, and posted on the board looking for the person who was searching for one (Me!). I e-mailed them about it and was sold even before they sent me a picture. When I saw her picture I was even more sold. She was on a Malibu body (not included), but her makeup and hair was in really nice condition. She ended up costing me ten dollars (which was a bit more than I was originally thinking), but it included shipping and like I said her hair and makeup was in really nice shape. But I am cheap, so I usually think things cost too much. Luckily I had enough in my PayPal account.
She arrived the other day and she went straight from the padded envelope to the body I had for her. She was still warm from being out in the mailbox from the sun that I didn't have to heat her head to put in on her body. She's actually pinker than I thought she was going to be, but she does match her body. I guess my earlier statement about her being too pale to use Sweet Sixteen's head was wrong. I just went on memory about how pale she was. Since she didn't have a head when I got her I put her away and worked on the dolls with heads.
She ended up getting a bath as soon as she arrived. I hadn't washed her body when it had arrived. Plus, (this wasn't disclosed when I bought her,) she does smell a bit like cigarette smoke. The bath helped it a little bit, but it's still there, just fainter. (Like smoke does) It's not a strong smoke smell like other dolls have had, but it's definitely smoke. I guess she just didn't spend that much time around the smoke, just enough to pick up the smell. Hopefully it will keep going away. Right now her body smells like a heavy floral and her head smells like smoke. It's a fight to the death to see who wins out. Hopefully they will both counterbalance each other out until they fade away. I can hope right? If I had to choose one, I'd hope that the floral smell wins, anything's better than smoke.
Still need to figure out how I'm going to dress her. But there's several dolls ahead of her on that list, and since she's new that mean's she's at the bottom of the list. Did you know she is the tenth doll I've gotten in the past month? I've never had that many dolls come in at one time.
Now I just need to find a Skipper head... (Actually I already know where to find one, I just need to save up the money first. Here's hoping something sells on Etsy or the Show and Sell page!)

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