Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh my gosh! Let's go to the spa!

That title will make more sense at the end of the post, I promise. My morning was a difficult one, plagued with the fact that when the lawn mower went on the truck yesterday, it needed to come off this morning. So I and my brother were called into action by our father. We went out and helped getting the heavy thing off the truck. Shockingly it went pretty well. There was only one real anger freak out, and it was from me. I'm sorry, but when I'm trying to get your attention to tell you something important about the truck you are moving and I know you see me, you don't ignore me and start backing up... Dad. But we got it done without incident, and don't have to deal with it for a while. The rest of my morning was filled with video games. I'm still working on Final Fantasy X-2, but I'm getting pretty annoyed with it. It's an interesting game, but it's filled with all this busy work. If I wanted to do busy work I'd get an actual life. I chose video games to escape from all that, not do it in a digital format. But still I slave away at it so I can finish it. I'm addicted like that.
It wasn't until the afternoon when the mail arrived that something exciting happened. Since I was expecting something I went out to check it. Since I assumed that eight dolls would be too big for the mailbox and that the postman hadn't delivered a package to the door (which is what happens when stuff it too big for the box) that I was going to be out of luck for my dolls from Canada today. But I was wrong, they were wrapped up in a large plastic envelope and in the mailbox! I was a little worried on how they were packed, since that's a lot of dolls for one envelope, but I didn't need to worry, they were all packed securely, and I even found out the woman was charged more than what I paid for for shipping, (by 73 cents) so that cut into her already slim profit margin. She didn't mention that when she e-mailed me, but I would have reimbursed her if she had asked. I've already given her some glowing feedback.
But anyway, I'll start off with the bad. The Heart Family... those babies are still creepy! They're are just so mis-proportioned. Mattel's done much better young children before and since. I mean just look at Kelly, adorable and not at all odd looking. They look to be in decent condition and come with their clothes, no shoes however, and there's a few dings and loose threads in each of their outfits. Their hair is beautiful just needs to be reset (especially the boy, it's sticking straight up!). Mrs. Heart on the other hand... has a lot of problems. She's a bit more messed up than I was expecting. She's got a cute face, but she'd need a lot of work, and I just don't have the room, time, or desire for just another cute face, especially a non-vintage one. She has bite marks on both hands and feet, one leg is discolored, and her hair has been cut. I think she had some makeup or something on her lips, but was able to wipe most of it off with rubbing alcohol. I'm thinking that I'm going to end up selling the three of them in a lot. I'm thinking for four dollars, can't see much of a demand for them. Ken who was wearing Mr. Heart's clothing is also moving soon. I also stole his clothes. He's actually in really nice shape, I don't think he got a lot of play from whoever owned him. His clothes are interesting. They are so dreadfully 80's it's almost funny. I made Joe wear them for a bit. They need mending in a few spots and the pants have faded, but I'm still going to keep them. It's not like it was his original clothes anyway. His white loafers don't fit Joe (he's got big feet), but have several Ken and male dolls that can wear them. (Although with our most recent clean out only five dolls in the collection can wear modern Ken shoes.) So basically the Heart Family dolls were a wash, but I'm not shocked, I didn't buy the lot for them, I bought it for the second set of dolls. Being able to steal the Heart Family's clothes was just an added bonus.
Now onto the second section. From the first one we have the Superstar Barbie, you want to know her flaws?... Nothing. This doll is mint, mint, mint. No bites, no chews, no haircut. Her face paint is perfect, her hair shiny and full, she even came with her original ring, although it's missing it's "jewel". I mean this doll is so mint that even her hip joint still squeaks. I'd say that other than taking off her original clothes and earrings this doll did not get any play. That's a bit different than my original Superstar doll, (the re-bodied Ashley) who came to me with an arm ripped off (ouch)!
Next I'm going to talk about the Tuesday Taylor dolls. There were two of them in the lot, but only one body between them. And that body, was missing both hands. Since I had Dorthy Hamill's body for one of them, I had to make a choice to which one I was going to pick. but I had a shock when I was looking at them for the first time in person. Only one of them had a swivel scalp! I just always thought that they had that feature, even though my knowledge of those dolls are super limited. But the one on the correct body didn't have any brunette hair, just blond. She also had an interesting feature where you moved her feet she swung her arms. Just like Walk Lively Miss America. I did some research and there is a doll like that, she had a special stand that made it look like she was walking the runway. Apparently you could get the walking doll or the swivel scalp, not both on the same doll. I prefer the scalp one myself, so that's the one I moved over to the spare body I had. I mean, I have a Barbie (type) doll that can walk, and Barbie doesn't have a scalp that can rotate (not intentionally anyway). The other doll that's missing her hands is in the spares box. Maybe eventually I'll get another body for her, I just wish I'd figure out a way to just give her new hands, I'd hate to lose her walking feature, without it she's be just another blond around here. And there's plenty of those around here, can't throw a rock with out hitting one of them, not that I would throw rock or anything.
Taking Tuesday Taylor's head off the body she came on freed up the TNT Barbie body. When I did that I also took the TNT head off the Free Moving Barbie body. That's when I found out she had two small neck splits on her head. I can live with that, unfortunately. I also saw that she's had a hair cut. For some reason somebody cut off both sections of hair near her ears. Other than that it seems fine. Not sure why only that was cut. She's missing most of her eyelashes, but her face paint is stunning. She doesn't even have the usual bottom lip rub that I find on most of my TNT dolls. Kids are weird sometimes. Right now she's drying from her neck gluing. When she's finally on her body I'll try and see if I can style her hair to cover the cut parts. I'm hoping I can manage something that works. Her body is also one with an usual play pattern. For the most part it's in decent condition. Both legs click fine and hold positions. She had all her toes and finger, there's a bit of wear on one of the hands, like she brushed up against something rough. She twists just fine. But one of her hips is out of joint. It still turns and moves just fine, but when she's standing there's a weird gap in it. Might just leave it alone, not sure what I can do to fix it, and I wouldn't want to make it worse.
Since she's back on her original body, that meant the one she came on was free. It's the Free Moving Barbie Body. It looks in decent shape. There's a bit of melting going on at the hip joint, but both of the legs still move. I just hope that I can find a head for it. It's actually a bit harder than I was thinking it was going to be. Shocking I know. I guess if worse comes to worse I could just put somebody else on there, but I'd like the correct head for her. And her "free moving" feature is a weird one, it's basically a large ball joint that the torso can rotate on. Weird. It's in the spares box as well.
So overall I'm happy with what I got. For thirty dollars I got three dolls that I'm going to use. I do like the TNT doll the best. I will say however that all of the dolls stunk! Not a bad smell, nothing like smoke, but everyone had a heavy floral scent. Like they've been rolling around in a garden. Normally I'm fine with florals, but not when they're this strong, it's overwhelming. Just a bit much. So before I did any sewing for anybody (like I have a clue on how to dress them) I gave a couple of them baths. So far it's only been Superstar and Tuesday Taylor. They got baths and some hair work, thus the spa comment up at the top of the page. (Their pictures for this post came after their spa treatments, and the TNT's picture was after she was put back on her body.) They came out from their baths pretty well, but they're the easy two to work with. It was all surface dirt. The TNT might need some more hands on work. But that's for another day, this post has gone on long enough!

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