Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Okay, I'm totally spoiled...

Remember when I was talking about how I was done with getting new dolls? Yeah, well that went right out the window today. It literally took me like five seconds to break down and want more. I should seriously look into some sort of therapy. Do they have spoiled brat therapy sessions? I need to look into it since I don't want what happened to Veruca Salt to happen to me. (What do you do when your kid is a brat...)
I've been eying something over on Etsy.com for a while now. It was decently priced, but the shipping was what made it really out of my price range. So I decided that I needed to raise some money in order to afford it. I was hoping that someone would be interested in the dolls I posted yesterday, but there's been no interest so far. Oh well, they're not the most in demand at the moment. So I thought about what else I could see that people might be interested in. Then in hit me, pleated skirts! People really seem to like them, and they're easier to make than something with sleeves and collars, plus they're pretty. So today I started making two of them, for Skipper, out of that John Deere plaid. I didn't get them finished today, but I got more than halfway done today. It's a good start, so I can finish them tomorrow.
The reason I didn't get them finished today was simple, it was a shopping day! I ended up at Hobby Lobby, but didn't get anything. I needed some tulle, but when I was waiting to get it cut there was a woman who was just blocking the table. She was talking to the people who worked there about the project she was working on. I waited for a little bit, but it was hot out and my Dad was waiting in the car. So I couldn't wait that long, I guess it will have to wait for another time. Since we were in the area, we stopped into the Christian Second Hand store. They were still having their half off sale... more temptation. For the most part it was the same as last time, but there were a few things of intrest. I found a yard of white calico there. I don't need it yet, but I know I will eventually. That cost me a dollar, I didn't bother taking a picture of that. I also found these two small squares of this green patterned fabric. I'm always on the lookout for interesting patterns when I'm out, so I couldn't pass it up. The woman working there just gave it to me. Also on the interesting fabric pattern note I found these... things. I think they're seat cushions? They're bizarre, and strange. I didn't even know what they were when I bought them. I just really liked the red fabric on one. So I decided to buy it so I could take it apart. I started with the green one, one of the straps are already off. It's weird, they're not sewn, everything is just tacked down. I wonder if whoever made it was going to sew it with a machine eventually, but never got around to it? Either way I'm going to undo all their hard work. Not sure what I'm going to do with all the trim on them. How's 70's-rific is that? But that red fabric is so cute, so cute. It set me back a whole dollar. But that wasn't the only thing that I bought today, we had another doll joining us. But she's not staying long, she's just joining us to give up her clothes. She's Jasmine, from Disney's Aladdin. I'm not sure who maked her, I just know it's not Mattel. I just really liked her dress, Charlotte's wearing it now. I don't think she got a lot of play, just enough to mess up her hair and lose her shoes. She still had the plastic elastics on part of her. Still, it's a pretty dress and it only cost me a dollar. Not too shabby, couldn't even buy the fabric to make it that cheaply. I just spent three dollars there, and got stuff that normally I couldn't get for three dollars separately at a regular retail store.
But that's not why I'm spoiled. There's another reason. So I was talking about the skirts to my mother, asking her what she felt was a fair price for me to ask. We also talked about my father's Birthday present she's getting for him. She found something on E-bay that she thought he would want, and asked to use my Paypal in order to keep it a secret. I said that was fine, but she'd need to transfer the money into it since I couldn't cover it on my own. I also told her that I had some rebates from Ebay that I could use on it (A whole 32 cents!), which is good because I was thinking they were going to lapse since I didn't have anything I wanted to buy. My Mother did the money transfer today when I was out shopping with my Dad. Only when I came to buy his present for her, there was forty dollars in my account from her! Which was about 35 dollars more than needed for his present. I asked her about it, and she said it was for the dolls. That way I can buy them and make sure I get them, and pay her back... if I want to. And I so want to. It's super nice that she sent me the money so I can get them before someone else does, but I'm still going to repay her, although I could use the money to buy her something special, just not sure what yet. Which do you think would be better, give her the money back, or buy her something nice with it (and I cannot honestly think of what at the moment)? But first I need to earn the money before I can decide what I'm going to do with it. Here's the photos of what I'm getting. First off we have the Heart family, or at least part of them. Apparently since the 80's Mrs. Heart divorced Mr. Heart and married Ken. Does that make them the Carson Family now? I could be wrong about him since this line used a lot of molds that started elsewhere, he could be Mr. Heart. Not really a fan of these doll, they're just tagging along because they came with something else I wanted, out of these four, I really only like Mrs. Heart, her dress, and Ken's outfit. The rest I'd get rid of, especially those babies, I've never been a fan of those babies. They're just really mis-proportioned. But the real reason why I bought this was because of the next photo. Here we have from left to right; a Superstar Barbie, A TNT Barbie head on Free Moving Barbie's body, a Tuesday Taylor minus her hands, and a Tuesday Taylor head on a TNT body. From that selection, I have three dolls that will be joining the collection. I just need to put the TNT back on the correct body and put the best Tuesday Taylor head on the body I freed up the other day. Also I need to find a Free Moving Barbie head for that body, before I can add her to the collection making it four dolls in total. (It's always something, isn't it?) Luckily it seems Superstar Barbie is on the correct body and everything. Lately I've decided that I want to get a Superstar Barbie and Ken for the collection, to show the evolution of Barbie. But I'm still having reservations, they just feel too new. But even if I do include them they are the most recent doll that I will allow, and that I am adamant about that. As long as there's breath I my body I will not call an 80's doll vintage, that I promise you.
But guess who's got a lot of sewing ahead of himself? ... This guy.

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