Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday with the Sis!

So, I didn't stand too strong on my "done with cleaning" position. I did manage to finish the living room/dining room and pick up a few things in the kitchen. I will say for whatever my brother and I didn't do was left there for when my sister was here, so not a whole lot of effort from other people. I did make some baked goods for my dad today. My mom had suggested instead of the usual cupcakes I could make chocolate chip cookies, we just didn't have any chocolate chips, which was one of the things I got while out yesterday. So I made those this morning, and I burned the first batch. It was only slightly, but I learned from it. I did not burn the rest of them. Hazah!
My sister and her fiancee didn't arrive until around two. So I was able to go outside and check the mail, since it's typically here by 1:30. Nothing in it for me today (sad face), not horribly surprised about it though. Out of the three remaining things I'm expecting two are coming from Canada and haven't been in the mail that long (My birthday present isn't due according to Fedex until the 14th), so it's not too surprising they're not here yet. And the last thing, my mom's present to my dad hasn't even shipped yet. Not sure if it'll be here by the 13th, which is his birthday. So I'm still correct for my guesses of what will arrive when. Although, since I'm expecting the Birthday dolls on the 14th that leaves a very narrow window for everything else to arrive since I guessed they get here last. (But if I'm wrong, I'm wrong, not that big of a deal.)
After they arrived it was a pretty quiet day. We sat around chatting for the most part, we're not that exciting of a bunch. One of the first things we did was presents. My sister gave my dad a book for his birthday, and I have him the stamps inside the book. We all had a good laugh over him pulling out each stamp I had placed in it. Of course as soon as he was done pulling them aside he sat both presents away never to even look at them again for the rest of the day. Even at night before he brought the dog inside they were still in the living room where he left them. But that's no surprise, he's a terrible gift receiver. Which is why I only spent 3.50 on him for a present, I'm thinking Etsy is the way to go for presents for him, if they are nice and cheap like that. He got the same enjoyment from the stamps as he did from my sister's expensive (comparatively) book, by which I mean barely any.
After they left in the evening, I didn't do much. I had managed to get the dress for Malibu mostly finished, all that's missing is the back hem, and I didn't do that because it's not matching up in the back how I want it to. I was just so tired that I didn't want to fuss with it when I was so exhausted. It can wait until tomorrow. Also I'm trying to figure out something to put on the top of it. Right now it's just looking a little plain, and while I know it's going to be under the coat most of the time, I'd at least like it to be interesting on it's own. So I've been looking up ways to jazz it up, but still haven't found anything that I like yet. I'm sure something will come, she's almost done and it's just missing a few things. Come Monday I'm planning on checking her head to see how her hair's doing. I think a week is a long enough time to let it soak before I check it and see. Hope it's made enough of a difference so I can put her back together. I will say that now that I'm thinking about it, not really sure where she's going to go on the bookshelf. I know we've had a lot of people move out, but there's still a space issue. I'll figure something out.
And speaking of figuring something out, it's confession time. I have no clue how to dress Skooter. I know I say this often, but I have the hardest time dressing her of all my dolls. I had my first vintage Skooter for years (maybe even a decade) before I finally found something I liked for her to wear, late last year. And now I go get a second one? So I've been looking around trying to find inspiration for an outfit, but no luck yet. I was hoping to get an idea of something before all those other dolls show up, but it's not looking so good right now. But really, I'm sure she'll get dressed eventually, just might take more time that I was hoping. She'll just get added to the list and I'll get to her one of those days. Just might be a few more days than I thought!

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