Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Single Gal seeks housing, major hair work, no extra baggage...

As you should know from my post on Sunday, I did manage to go out shopping last week. I needed to pick a few things up from Hobby Lobby to work on some redressing projects. It's that always the case whenever you think of something, you never manage to have the supplies on hand?
I was actually really fortunate that I went, they had everything I wanted plus more. I guess they restocked finally! (They must read the grumbling on my blog.) First I went and picked up what I originally went there for. Orange Broadcloth for Malibu Barbie's dress (a half yard), and some bead caps to use for a broach for American Girl Barbie's dress. I was also hopeful that the pink taffeta was still there from last week. I know, I said I didn't need it, but then I came up with a project for it and needed some. Again, isn't that always the case? I was in luck there was still some on the bolt in the clearance section. I ended up getting the last of it, it was just a yard and a half left. So it was three dollars. I'm a little hesitant about using it since it's so fray happy. I'm sure I will get around to it, I just need a little more courage. While in the fabric section I looked through the fabrics to see if there were any that inspired me to make something for the people that I don't have any ideas for yet (most of them). No luck, but I saw several things that were new. That's when I realized they had restocked. So I went out to check the trim section, hoping that they got more of the heart trim that I like. And they did! I was hopeful they were going to get more since it was still being sold online. And since they had that I also checked to see if they had buckram, and they did! It was over with the muslin. I was basically checking to see if they had it but with a different name (that apparently happens sometimes), but this was clearly marked buckram, so they must have been out last time I checked. I ended up getting a yard of it. Since it only takes a five by five inch square of the stuff to make a hat, and I don't need that many hats, I think it will last a while. I'll run out of interest before I run out of material.
We also stopped in at the antique stores. I headed over to the Barbie shoe dealer and picked up a pair of white thin superstar heels (with a split), as well as a pair of blue clone pilgrim type shoes. Thinking I might need them for a mod doll, don't have many mod shoes. I did check out other stalls in that store, but didn't see anything I wanted. I did see someone who was trying to sell a dirty icky superstar Barbie on the wrong body for twenty two dollars. Even if they wanted that price they should have given her a bath first, why would someone buy a dirty doll for that price? And I hardly believe she was worth that much.
Anyway, we also hit up the other antique stores on the strip, one I didn't get anything at, but another one I made a nice discovery (nice depending on who you ask). Do you remember me talking about the booth that had a Skooter, Talking P.J., Malibu Ken, Ricky, Living Skipper, and Malibu Barbie locked away in a case? I mentioned it way back when on May 20th of this year seeing it at the store. They were all locked away the case with their price tags not visible and judging from the other prices in the booth, they were most likely out of my price range. But today, I could almost make out what it said on Talking P.J.'s tag. It looked like it said 14.00, which was a decent price for her if correct. So I mustered up the courage and asked if I could see the dolls in the case. (After I asked my dad if the tag looked like it said 14 dollars to him as well.) So the woman working there opened the case for me, and I asked if I could take the dolls out to look at their price stickers. P.J. was really 14 dollars. Ken was 15, Ricky was 29, Skipper was 18, and Barbie was also 18. Kind of really decently priced. Skooter on the other hand was 187 dollars! Why, I have no clue. She was a regular blond, normal skin tone, and she was wearing a dress that I own, and don't think is so uncommon. It's just weird that she has such a huge price jump compared to the others. No idea why it's like that. But that group's one Talking P.J. less now. I just had to have her. I'm planning on eventually getting all of them (if I'm able), except Skooter. Since I don't have any real cash flow of my own, I'm going to use being good and not spending any money when going out each week as money earned to put towards these dolls. Right now I need to be good for the next three weeks to be able to afford Living Skipper. One week of being good to make up for being bad this week, followed by two weeks of being good to save up for her. So far I'm one week down, so just two more to go. Oh, and before I forget, while I'm interested in the Malibu dolls, I'd only get them if they're from Japan. I already have two Malibu Barbie's from Japan that I paid less for, and one Hong Kong Malibu Ken that I again paid less for. So depending on where they from they might not join the collection. But I am interested in Skipper and Ricky.
So they might join the collection in time, if they're still at the store when I have enough money. But I still managed to get one doll from them. I picked up Talking P.J. there. When I first saw her I thought she was just a Mod P.J., but looking at her up close she has the speaker holes, and the hole for her pull string to go. She's since lost her pull tab, so I have no clue if she speaks or not. I wouldn't be too shocked to find out that she could still speak because she's in really nice condition. Like, hard to believe the actual age of this doll nice. She has no bites, no scuffs, nothing like that on her. Her knees click, hold position, and don't have any splits. She might have a few stains on her skin though, she hasn't gotten washed or anything. Her makeup is full and flawless, her eyelashes are perfect, and her skin tone is a rich pink, no paling on her. She has no smell to her either. Unfortunately her hair's been hacked at, which is a shame since what hair is left is in really great shape. If she still had her hair she's be one of the top condition dolls in my collection. Also, this is a bit funny, her legs are bolted on. It's really smart how they did it, both legs still are able to move separate from each other. I know that the talking dolls have a history of having really poor leg joints, and this is how one person dealt with it. You can't even tell she's got this when she's dressed. I didn't even notice it until I was looking at her later. She came dressed wearing her original dress, again in wonderful condition. I took it off her and hung it up in the Barbie closet.
I don't think she'll wear it again anytime soon. I think she breathed a sigh of relief when I took it off her. Could you imagine wearing the same dress since the 70's? She will also be getting a re-root. At first I thought about just living with her hair like it is, but it eventually wore me down. The mullet's got to go. But, it's going to be a bit of a twist. I'm not going to be rooting her with blond hair, P.J. is going red! She's also going to get a name change, I'm going to be making her over into a Mod Midge. I mean, Midge didn't just vanish in the 60's. In my world she tried to grasp onto the Mod world but couldn't do it. So while Barbie was running around trying to pretend she was still a teenager Midge grew up. Doing her own thing until Barbie came around in the 80's. So while I will dress Midge in a mod-esque outfit, I'm going to be doing something not as wild as it could be. But her re-root is first. I just have to get over the fact that her part line is all the way down the back of her head. I will tackle that someday...someday...

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