Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sometimes you already have everything that you need...

So this post is from something that happened last week. (In fact several of the last posts are from things that happened earlier than the day I'm writing it.) I'm still catching up from my week off, so please bear with me.
After I got Malibu Barbie dressed and put away on the bookshelf my desk looked so empty without a naked doll lounging on it. Oh, I totally forgot this little tidbit. Since I had so many naked dolls hanging around here I was feeling a little overwhelmed about dressing them all. So I ended up taking them everyone and sticking them into the boxes the Silkstones came in. I also put some kitty litter in one of the boxes with the floral scented dolls, hoping that it will absorb some of the smell. With this system I'm able to tackle the dolls one at a time compared to just having a giant pile that I want to get done. It's much more effective, and kinder to my delicate sanity. But since Malibu Barbie (and the American Girl) were dressed my desk was a little devoid of naked plastic. I've grown accustomed to somebody naked when ever I look over there. So ended up pulling out another doll from the boxes.
Tuesday Taylor was the gal who came out to play next. Really I just wanted to brush her hair some more. She's got such pretty hair compared to my first Tuesday Taylor. I did do some research into how I was going to dress her too. Nothing too major, just some quick searches but nothing that really netted me anything that I really liked. But I did have one thought when I was playing around with her. How about a shirt dress for her? It's got a silhouette that fits many eras and if I use a bold enough fabric it would work for the 70's. I find that's the best way for me in creating clothes for other eras, 50's silhouette with a different fabric choice. I figured it was worth a shot, so I pulled out the most recent shirt dress I made and tried it on her to see the fit. It was the pink and white flowered one that the Ponytail Reproduction was wearing before I undressed her to sell her. It looked cute on her, even though the fabric was certainly not the right era I was trying to invoke with her. So I needed to make one for her in a more appropriate fabric, and I turned to my stash to see what I had. I found the material that I had bought for one of Charlotte's kimonos. It's the white (or a very light blue) calico with the light blue paisley and flowered pattern on it. I was attracted to this fabric in the store when I first saw it and wanted it before I had a project in mind for it, even though it's over-sized and a bit more bold than my usual choices. But I held off until I had the kimono project. I still had some left over when it was done, which is why I still had some in my stash.
Which was lucky for Tuesday Taylor. If I didn't have the right fabric, she'd have to wait for a dress, especially since I'm trying to not spend money for the next couple of weeks. But I had it, so I got to work. For the most part it went together pretty easily. I did have one issue with the sleeve at the cuff that I had to fix by hand, but other than that it came out well. Especially since it had inset sleeves... my favorite. These dolls are lucky I like them that much. But I managed to get the entire dress done in one day. It closes in the front with four snaps.. I didn't feel like sewing the bottom part of the skirt together, so I just added another snap. After she was dressed it was time to think about the styling of the outfit. I was thinking about adding one of those buckram hats to the outfit, but I decided against it. I also decided against a belt at her actual waist (her dress has a drop waist). I did however make a neck scarf for her from a dark green fabric that I had. It ties in nicely with the green in the pattern of the dress. I color fasted it so it wouldn't stain her. These bodies love getting stained from dark colors, they really do.
Other than that she got an underskirt. Taken from Charlotte actually. It's the simple a-line skirt that belonged to the Little Red Riding Hood Costume from last Halloween. Charlotte's been wearing the underskirt a lot lately because since it doesn't have a waistband it gives the volume in the skirt that I want, and doesn't add any extra bulk at the waist. Double win. Now I have to make a new one for Charlotte since she lost this one.
And that's how she's dressed. For her hair (she looks better as a blond), I just pulled part of the front back... and used an elastic to keep it back. I don't know the name of that style, but it's one of the ones I can do, so several of the dolls wear their hair like that. The poor gal doesn't have any shoes, but she's dressed. I guess I'm going to have to find her some shoes eventually. Does anyone know any dolls that can share shoes with her?
I wonder who's going to be dressed next???
Only time will tell.


  1. Hello. I found this article while I was searching about Tuesday Taylor doll.
    Although you might have already found the answer, let me leave what I know. Tuesday Taylor only got a pair of that white shoes and Barbie shoes doesn't fit her at all. But, the shoes of Cher doll (by Mego) fits her :)

    1. Hello! Thank you for your comment. I actually did not know that Mego shoes fit Tuesday Taylor, thank you so much for sharing that fact!

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