Friday, July 29, 2011

Sometimes you need something to work towards...

I forgot to mention that yesterday was also a shopping day. And I'm still trying to be good in order to save up for that living Skipper I saw last week. So originally I decided to skip the temptation altogether and just not go. But then I remembered that I needed to get a few very specific things, not for me, but for my sister's upcoming bridal shower (on August 5th). It's not fair to make my dad go out and get these specific things, when I can go and not put that pressure on him. So I went along. And I will say that I was very, very good even in the face of temptation. I mean, we even went to the library bookstore that's near the antique stores. Can't get anymore tempting than that, oh wait, it can. My dad asked me if I wanted to go to the antique stores. Since I'm trying to be good, I declined going to them. (I will however go in a few more weeks)
I did however end up getting something while out, no matter how good I'm trying to be I can be tempted. At the Salvation Army I found a full sheet of small snaps. Yeah, a full sheet for 49 cents, I couldn't pass that up, especially since I go though snaps like nobodies business. Really this was much cheaper than buying a sheet at Walmart. So in fact I saved money by buying this now. (Keep telling yourself that, right?) They are Fruit of the Loom brand (didn't know they made snaps), in three small sizes. And that was the only thing that I bought while out. And quite honestly, I wasn't tempted by anything when I was out. Other than the snaps I didn't see anything that I needed. Normally I'd be disappointed that (most) everything was a bust and I didn't get anything. This time since I'm saving up money to buy something, I wasn't so bothered by not getting something. (Real mature I know) I mean, I didn't even set foot into Hobby Lobby this week. Which is good, can't think of anything that I need for a project at the moment.
So even though I did buy something this week, I'm still counting it as a successful no-shopping trip.

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