Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Means No Mail...

Although, I don't think I'm getting any mail on Monday either. The Fedex site hasn't updated since the other day when my package left Oregon. I don't know if they're just driving straight though to the East Coast and will update when it's in the hub for my area or if I just need to suck it up and wait until it's on my doorstep on the 14th. I just don't want to wait anymore! I'm fine (ish) waiting for the things I ordered just the other day, but I've been waiting for these dolls forever. (Forever I tells ya!) So hurry up the 14th!
Not much progress on dressing Malibu or Skooter yet today. I spent some time working on Malibu's dress this afternoon though. I feel like there's something missing still with it on the top (I think I'm repeating myself). Not sure what is missing yet, but I know there's something missing. I was playing around with colors and shapes today, but didn't find anything that really worked, you know what I mean? I guess I'm going to have to keep working on it, and eventually I'll find that perfect thing. Just need to keep trying.
Not any progress on Skooter's clothes actually. The most I've done with her is give her a bath and put her hair back in the ponytails. Other than that I just have her laying on my desk with several other dolls that need to be put away. It's like a nude resort over there. However, when doing research for Malibu's dress I did find two things of interest. I found a picture of a dress that could work for the American Girl doll, and one that could work for the Superstar Barbie. I'm not going to bother with making them before they arrive because when I do that they rarely work on the doll. I'm much better served waiting for them to arrive before I start working, plus I need materials for both. It's not like there's not enough dolls around here waiting to be dressed. So far both Malibu and Skooter are going to be joining the others on the redress list! But I still have some time this month to make some sort of progress on them (and the others).
And I did do some sewing today. Just nothing that would help me get rid of dolls on the list. While I was having trouble with Malibu's dress I decided I wanted to do a fun project, a vanity one if you will. I've been in a wedding dress mood lately. (I wonder why.) I made one a few months back, but I wanted to make another one. I bought this sheer flowered place mat? at the Christan Second Hand store the other day for a quarter. It looked like a good material for a skirt for a wedding dress. Since I wasn't doing anything else, I figured it would be a good time as any to try to use it. Otherwise who knows when I'll get around to using it, I already have far too many things that never get finished. So I sat down to make it. Again I called upon the usual bodice for it, using more white calico for it. The bodice went together easily, like it should since I've made it many, many times. Once that was done I started on the skirt. Since the fabric I was using for the skirt was a sheer it needed an underskirt or else it going to be a very different wedding than I was planning. I just added a rectangle of more white calico under the skirt, hemming it, since I didn't need to hem the place mat. This part was relatively simple, and I didn't even need the whole place mat for the skirt. I was able to save maybe five inches off of it, and still keep the skirt floor length. After the skirt was attached I started work on the top. I wanted to add a strap of fabric across the shoulders, but it ended up being too big. Also I messed it up in the back, so I might go back and take it off and redo it, eventually. It will have to do for now. After that I had an issue with it, the sheer overlay wasn't white like the bodice, and to remedy that I soaked the whole dress in tea. But, honestly I don't care about how the color came out, it was much too much of an ugly tan. Right now it's soaking trying to get rid of some of the colors. Not really sure what I'm going to do with it, hopefully I can make it into something I'm happy with, I'd hate to give up on it when it's so close to being finished. Maybe it's a project for Friday in the future.
I wasn't finished sewing today. I still had that length of left over sheer fabric and was itching to use it all up. So while I couldn't make another floor length skirt, I could make a tea length one from it. Also this was giving me practice using a pattern that I will need to use for how I want to dress the American Girl doll when she arrives. My first attempt was not a success... not my a long shot. But I was using a really old pattern that I drafted a long time ago, and I've learned a lot since then, so I changed gears. I used the modified bodice pattern (the one I made one piece and added sleeve holes) and just modified the neckline to get what I wanted. This one came out much better compared to the first attempt. This one would also work for what I want to try later on. Once the bodice was done, I added the skirt just like the last one. That's where I stopped for the night. It's on Charlotte now. I tried it on a vintage gal, but it's kind of drop waisted and it doesn't look the best on their body type. It's really cute, not pictures yet, but I promise that you will get to see both of these things in time, I promise you that.

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