Sunday, July 3, 2011

Well, I'm poor again...

But totally worth it. Today I started off with my usual online rounds. When I signed in over on Flickr, I saw that one of my contacts had posted a few dolls that they were trying to get rid of. It was the same person who I bought Sindy and Ken from last Christmas. I checked his pictures because he has a doll I know I want. She was a vintage Skooter, I had seen her when he had posted her over on the Show and Sell page, (after I bought Ken and Sindy) but the ad had lapsed by the time I had any money and he hadn't re-posted it. She was one of the dolls that he had posted today, so I knew that now was my chance. Get her or lose her to someone else. The only issue was that I wasn't sure how much money I had left in my Paypal. I spent part of what I had on Malibu Barbie, and I recently bought a birthday present for my Dad. Luckily I had enough to make an offer I felt he might accept. I remembered that he was asking seven for her plus shipping way back when, so I offered ten dollars including shipping. I also reminded him that I was also in North Carolina, and I'd be fine with him shipping it in a padded envelope to make it cheaper. And he accepted! I've already paid for her and she should be in the mail on Tuesday (Monday's a holiday). So exciting, I'm going to get a second Scooter, another redhead! Although this means I now have another doll to dress added to the list. That's his picture that I snagged off Flickr. Isn't she pretty? I guess it's time to start researching vintage children's clothing again.
With the (eventual) addition of Scooter it meant that I was really behind on my "one that joins, one must leave" rule. So today I fixed that. I didn't post any dolls for sale though, instead I just retired two from the collection. I took the Cinderella doll that I bought a while back to wear Charlotte's Regency dress and put her into the donate box. I hung Charlotte's dress on the garment rack. While I liked Cinderella, that doll's head was just too big, and I really shouldn't have bought a doll just to display a dress. (That's silly and impractical.) She's a modern play line, so it would have been more work to post her than to just donate her, she would be worth much. I also retired my Dorthy Hamill doll, I've decided that I don't really care for her, just not a huge fan of celebrity dolls, I'm sure she's a lovely woman in person. I also know that those dolls don't sell for much. So instead of trying to sell her, I'm just going to use her body. She has the same body as Tuesday Taylor and I really like Tuesday Taylor, so I'm going to hold onto it and see if I can find a solo head for it. Dorthy's head is going into the box of random parts. If I get a head for cheap, then I have another Tuesday Taylor doll! That would technically count as a new doll, so then another one would go, but it works for now to keep the status quo. When I was finished with that, I did some organizing of the shelf they came from. It looks much better now, less crowded. I was also able to finally put P.J. on the shelf, since she's hanging out there since I can't use the last shelf on the media bookshelf at the moment. The rest of the dolls are over on Charlotte's shelf until they can go back to where they belong. I wonder who's going to be the next one who leaves. I have several dolls on the cusp, when I counted there's only about eight dolls that I want to keep on that shelf. There's lots of people who are going to be moving onto other homes eventually. But that's just how my collection's evolving. Eventually I'll need to decide who's the next one to go.
I also did some sewing today. I'm still working on the dress that I started yesterday. It's having some issues, mainly with the wearer. I'm just not in love with the look on her. And it's totally my fault. Okay, I'll be more specific. The issue is with Sweet Sixteen, I'm just not sure how to dress her yet. I've been racking my brain, and have made several outfits for her, but just haven't found any that I really love yet. Usually they end up looking better on Charlotte than her. The main problem is her cute anime face and her large vintage Barbie bust. They are just so contradictory on each other that if something works for one, it doesn't work out with the other. Also I'm having trouble figuring out who she is. Originally I thought she was going to be a real cutsy girl, but that didn't work out. I don't have a whole lot of "cutsy" clothes. The most I got into with that was the Steampunk outfit and even that was pretty masculine if you look at it deeply. I'm just not that much of a bows and ruffles kind of guy. But I guess I need to look at Sweet Sixteen and learn more about who she is.
At this rate she's becoming be more of a challenge than Vanessa! (Just don't tell them I said that.) But in Sweet Sixteen's defense, Vanessa's outfit came about from using Charlotte, can't do that with Sweet Sixteen. I'm sure I'll figure out something in time.
Okay, I've decided that this post is too long to talk about what I bought the other day, plus I'm too lazy to finish taking all the pictures I need for it. But I will set up the final item I purchased in this post. So, the last thing I bought at the store was this bag full of doll clothes. It had been there for several weeks, but I had passed. It was full of random doll clothes, and from what I could see not a whole lot of Barbie stuff. It was four dollars so I was a bit hesitant about splurging on something that I might not be able to use most of. A lot of it looked like baby doll clothes, and I didn't know if I had anyone that would fit it. Beyond Barbie and her friends and family there's only three other body types that I have in my collection; Chatty Cathy, Cindy Sad Eyes, and Sally. If these clothes didn't fit them, it would be a total wash. But since it was two dollars I was more inclined to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found inside. I guess that I would have bought it for four dollars had I known all that was inside there, but for the most part, I can only use about half of what was in the bag. The rest is due to get donated again since they don't fit anyone around here, and I'm not planning on getting any other sized dolls anytime soon. Also part of what I ended up keeping I'm just going to be using for fabric for making some stuff. Overall I'd say it was worth four dollars, but I'm glad I was able to get it for two, especially since there's very little that Barbie can wear.
But really, does she really need more clothes?

(Yes! The Answer is Yes!)

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