Thursday, July 14, 2011

What a day...what a day...

My ankle appears to be on the mend. It's still not totally back to normal, but it's much better than yesterday. Still having troubles with stairs, and there's some odd pains from time to time, but I'd say that on a scale of one to ten, I'm a three. Hopefully it keeps going away and I can get back to normal mobility. I'm tired of having to be careful on stairs.
But anyway, with my ankle sore I decided to skip out on another shopping trip. But when I was asked again, my resolve weakened. Plus I remember that I needed something, so I decided to go out. Of course since I was going, we ended up in a variety of places other than our original reason going. We never go straight to where we should go. First we ended up at Habitat for Humanity. This was one of our first times back there since it moved to the new location. I was looking for more small cabinet doors to make another garment rack out of. Lately Charlotte's one has been getting rather full, and I needed a second one. Not for her things, but I decided since I got a bunch of Vintage clothes the other day I was going to start storing them on the racks, since it looks pretty. I've already placed some of what arrived yesterday on the one rack I have, but space is limited. Charlotte's a gal with a lot of clothes. Plus, I want to keep the original rack just for her stuff, since while the vintage stuff is cool, I doubt that I'm going to end up using most of it in the collection, preferring to make my own. It's mainly just for show. But I did not see any cabinet drawers there, I don't know where they ended up from the move. I did however find something interesting there, Ken. I saw him on a shelf and immediately snagged him. I couldn't remember his name, but could picture his outfit in my head. I knew that he was older, but couldn't remember how old exactly. He was nude, but for his price I could overlook that, he was only a quarter. They also had a Hannah Montana doll, and a modern play line Barbie, they were both a dollar, and I knew I didn't need either of them, but Ken came home with me. I'd be hard pressed ignoring a doll that was a quarter, much less one that could be vintage. At home I found out he was Sport & Shave Ken, from 1979, so he misses the cut of where I call things Vintage. Since he's so close to the bar, and is a bit different, I'm going to keep him in the collection. I think I'm going to have to split up the true vintage dolls with the newer dolls. Otherwise it's just going to look weird. I've already brushed his hair, and have been thinking about how to dress him. I want to do something similar to his original outfit, I just need to make it different enough from the way I dressed Micheal, with his 70's jogging outfit. I'm sure something will come in time. I also picked up another doll at that store, this tiny little Baby doll. I also did some research on her at home, and she's a Little Miss Matchpack doll from the 70's not made by Mattel, I forget the company who made her right now... I just got her because she's cute. She actually ended up being free. She's in decent condition except at the back of her head the plastic is a little ragged. Not sure what caused that, but I might need to hit it up with some vinyl glue to stop the issue.
After that we hit up the Salvation Army, and my hot streak continued. I was looking though their craft section when I found it... I was so excited I held it in my greedy little paws. It was... it was... it was... RIBBON ROSES! I finally found some in state. It was a package of eight, light pink with green leaves. You have no idea how happy that made me, I finally have some. I don't know why it's been so impossible to find these, you'd think they'd be readily available. Either way, these were mine! I also found a book, it's the sequel to the one of the books I bought a while back. It's called "The Meanest Doll in the World". It takes place after "The Doll People" book I bought somewhat recently. I had this book long ago but I lost it. Now I have it again. There's a third book in the series, which I have not read, so I'd be interested in picking that up if I found it, but only for cheap, it's a nice series, but not one that I'm willing to spend a lot of money on. (This one was only a dollar.)
Next was the Christian Second Hand store. They had out front a rider mower... which apparently we needed. It was 250 dollars (expensive!). My Dad thought it over, and called my Mom. Apparently we were going to get it...yay... I was not really excited to load it into the truck, especially since my ankle was still easily re-injured. Luckily the back of the truck was full, and we needed to go home and empty it and come back for the mower. We paid for it before we left. I also got something there. I found an American Girl doll there, for a decent price. She's the Native American doll, I forget her name now. She was in played with condition, but other than a nose nick she was in okay shape. I'm not planning on keeping her, so she's going to be resold. (Anyone need an American Girl doll?). Since she's been home I did some hair brushing (she still needs more), redid her braids, and removed the scuffs on her. She's really interesting. This is the most interaction I've ever had with an American Girl doll. Before that I've only seen a few of them in person, much less held one.
Okay, confession time. I've always wanted an American Girl doll. My (spoiled) older cousins each had one, Molly and Samantha, and I remember seeing them the few rare occasions that we went to their house. Of course we were never allowed to touch them, I don't think my cousins touched them very much either, they were show dolls. I remember my sister would get the catalog and we'd sit in her room making a wish list. I would like to say we were still somewhat modest even though we were just making it for fun (but wished it wasn't just for fun). I always liked Molly, and my sister liked Samantha, but we would pick out clothes and accessories from other doll's collections that we liked. We never got one, so it was only a dream. So I moved onto other things. I ended up focusing on Barbie and her friends and family, since even from a young age they were plentiful in my life, and from there I moved to vintage. Eventually I got a similar sized doll, Chatty Cathy. Since she can wear American Girl doll clothes, that's where most of the patterns I made for her originally were designed for. And now that I have an American Girl doll... I'm just not impressed. Sure they're a cute doll, but Chatty Cathy is just as cute, if not cuter. (And I will say that American Girl dolls are oddly similar to Chatty Cathy, I wonder if she was an inspiration source.) They are nice dolls, but for their price I was just... expecting more. I see people who spend so much money on them, and treat them like such a big deal, but they're really not that impressive to me. She's just a doll. I guess I built them up in my mind into something they're not. I guess nothing will ever live up to the grandiose ideas that you can build in your head during childhood. And I know lots of people like them, so it's all my issue. But, not that big of a deal, just not my thing. I know lots of people out there love them, and good for them.
So when at home I was able to send my brother off with my Dad to get the mower, but I really should have gone, hurt ankle or not. It turned out that the heat was just a bit too much for my brother. When he was out with my dad getting the mower, he ended up passing out. He seems fine now, and doesn't seem to be worse for wear, but he does have a cut on his forehead. So I feel a touch guilty for that. We've all been checking in with him throughout the day to see if he's okay. So far so good.
Other than that it was a quiet day. No real progress on any of my project. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit better on that front. I did re-read the book I bought today. It's a children's book so it's a quick read, plus I'm a fast reader. It's a decent book, although the moral of the story is really laid on rather thickly, especially at the end. It was tolerable until the last few pages where one of the adult characters basically flat out told the children characters the moral of the story. It was not subtle, like at all. It was like watching Cinderella, and right before the credits role she looks directly at the camera and says, "See what happens when you're ever gentle and kind compared to being mean?". Really takes you out of the moment, but it's a children's book, so maybe I'm being a touch too critical.

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