Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What a terrible day...

I woke up this morning with some swelling in my left ankle. For the most part it doesn't hurt too much except when I'm trying to maneuver stairs. Everything else isn't too bad, still some pain though, but it's minor. There was also some pain on my left arm earlier in the day so I must have slept funny on it last night. Isn't funny how something that is caused by one night is going to have to take several days to get better? *Sigh*
So I wasn't really motivated today. I did however manage to finish re-beating Final Fantasy X. Man, what a powerful game. It's just so wonderfully written. Takes a bit to get into it, but once you are you're hooked. So when I was done with that I started it's sequel, Final Fantasy X-2 (literally ten-two). It takes place two years after the original, and I'm not a total fan of it yet. There's just so much that's happened in between games that it's hard to believe that it's only been two years. Also they monkeyed around with the battle system and I much preferred the old one. And finally, I miss the Aeons, they were my favorite part of the last game (and most Final Fantasy games) so without them it's not as fun. But still I want to beat this game, even though I am using a guide for the whole thing. It's just that you need to do a lot of little thing to get the best ending, and if I'm going to spend hours and hours of my life on something I want to get the most satisfying ending. Today I managed to get 23 percent completed in it. Hopefully I can get 20 percent done each day and wrap this game up pretty quick. (Those are famous last words however.)
I did do some sewing today, something for Skooter, but I didn't end up liking it. I'm still trying to find something that works for her that I haven't done already. While the thing I made today was cute, it wasn't right for her, so it goes into the box for another day. Who knows when you guys will see it.
And in conclusion no mail for me again today. Sad face. At this point this waiting is worse than Christmas. At least with Christmas you know the day it's going to be. So right now I'd say it's like Christmas morning, where you know you're going to get presents, you just need to have your parents wake up so you can open them. Which is well and good, I've just been waiting forever for this particular Christmas morning. But I am happy to say that this evening I checked Fedex, and there was an update. My package arrived in Charlotte (what a lovely name) at 4:29 this afternoon, and the delivery date's been bumped up to tomorrow. I need to make sure I'm within earshot of the door tomorrow and dressed for company. Because if I miss the Fedex man and have to wait until the next day I will be MAD! I don't care if I have to throw myself down those stairs to get to that door, I will get my package!

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