Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All over the place today...

So I was actually able to drag myself to get some writing done this morning. Exciting, right? It's even a bit surprising since I've been having more sleep issues again and I rarely get to writing when I'm tired like that. But I got another page done today, although I did switch to another section in order to get anything written. After such a long break it's no surprise that I'm having such difficulty jumping back into the emotionally heavy section I'm stuck on. I can work on the later stuff to get familiar with the characters again then come back to where I'm stuck. But the good thing is that I'm actually working on it. And getting some important sections expanded on.
I also went out again today in the early afternoon. I was specifically asked to go with, so I couldn't really say no. But I was good again. Today would have been the official day that I would have earned Skipper, had I not already gotten her. So now I have another doll that I've set my sights on. She's one of the dolls from yesterday's post. Care to take a guess? I did manage to stop into the store again and get a few more prices on dolls in that booth while out.
They are as follows;
Live Action Ken for 19.50
Brunette TNT on a Standard Body for 60
Titan Living Barbie for 39
Live Action Barbie for 40
Skooter for 50
Live Action P.J. for 56
Casey for 65
Malibu Ken for 18
Hair Fair Francie for 41
Tutti doll with case for 68
and an Allen for 55.
I also checked the doll that I was interested in. I wasn't going to get her if she was in poor shape, but she seems to be in good condition (Just not on the right body). So we are all set for getting her. I hope I can keep being good long enough!
Actually I did get something while out, some allspice. I needed it for a recipe that I wanted to try out. It's a variation on a spice cake, something like the tomato soup cake, just without the tomato soup. I got the recipe from here; a Snow White blog I follow. You're supposed to prepare it like a Swiss roll, but I didn't have the ingredients for the filling, plus I just wanted to see if the cake recipe was any good. And it was okay, not a very big cake, but you don't have a lot of ingredients. I think I'd rather stick with the tomato soup cake. It's popular, tastes good to me, and you get a small dose of vegetables with it. Total win-win. Or more like win-win-win.
Also I have some news to share with you all. I just found this out myself. My sister and her fiance are coming to visit this weekend. Overnight. Apparently, there's a play in Asheville that they're going to on Sunday, and while it's a long drive from our house, it's an even longer drive from their house. So they are coming to stay. Which means that again the whole house has to be tidy for their visit. It's not like it's a terrible mess... it's just we have a general amount of dissaray that we deal with, and when company comes it's time to clean up and make everything look presentable. But this time is worse because, since it's overnight we have to clean the upstairs bathroom to make it look nice, have only four days to clean everything, and with my brother back and school and my dad working several nights it's going to be a lot of cleaning on my part. So be prepared for some real boring updates on the blog. And her visit totally wreaks my plans for the next couple days. I have an announcement for you guys on the first, but it and my plans are going to have to wait until after the weekend. How come even when she's not living here she manages to cause trouble for me? Sigh.
I also managed to get my finish it up project done for today. You may remember a few days back I made a new underskirt for Barbie. I figured since I'm always stealing Charlotte's I might as well make a spare to have the next time I have someone who needs one. But the first one I made I used the wrong pattern, so I had a skirt that was much too small for Barbie. I tried it on Momoko and Skipper, and it didn't fit either of them. So I gave up on it and put it into the box. Today I was pulling through the box to see what I wanted to work on, when I pulled this out and remember a doll that I hadn't tried it on... Ghoulia! She's so much thinner than everyone else so she has a much greater chance for the small skirt to fit. And it did! Which is good since I hate taking off her boots, so I would have been annoyed to take them off only to have the underskirt not fit. Since it fit her I finished it up for her. I added the lace on the bottom, added the snap, and sewed the back seam. I just wish I had some skull like decoration to add to the bottom. This is my first bit of sewing for Monster High dolls. Not sure when I'll ever use this underskirt, but I'm darn pleased that I found someone to fit it. Waste not, want not!

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