Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being good has consequences...

I'm still going strong with my work on getting something finished from the box each day. Not too shocking since today's only the second day I'm doing it. We'll see how gung-ho I am after a month of this.
Today was another mend of something that I didn't make. This was the rest of Mr. Heart's suit, the shirt and pants are all one piece. Again the seams needed to be fixed as well as the bottom inch of one leg re-sewn. After that I soaked it hoping that the colors would refresh, again no luck. The pants are a bit lighter than the jacket, so for some reason they must have gotten more sun than the jacket. The collar seems to have lightened from the soak so I must have gotten some dirt out. I also put some glue on the ribbon to stop the fraying and trimmed off the frayed part.And just like that I was done. Can cross that off my list for today. Hopefully soon I can start finishing up stuff that I made compared to fixing up stuff that someone else made. But Mr. Heart's suit is all done and ready to go into the Ken clothes bag for me to forget all about.

But today was not all about getting his outfit finished, it was also a shopping day. Today marks my second full week of being good until I can get living Skipper. And it was not an easy trip. We ended up at the Library Book store, which is dangerously close to the Antique stores, a section I'm definitely trying to avoid. But I was weak and managed to stop in anyway. I was still trying to be good, but I wanted to see if the dolls were still there. I'd hate to get excited about getting a doll to just have her sold before I get her. Luckily she was still there. Unluckily I noticed that like P.J. her hair had been cut. Which was disappointing. I thought that her hair wasn't cut. And while I know I can re-root I just hate doing it. It just takes forever! Lately I've gotten several dolls that need a re-root but can't find the motivation. I would just hate to add more work to the pile, especially since I don't want to do the ones I have already. So I was in a little bit of a funk over that. My Dad offered to get her for me this week, since we won't be able to get to the store for a bit next week, but I declined. I had some thinking to do about her and I didn't want to rush in and regret getting her.
But I was good this week, and didn't get anything. No sheet of snaps this week, nothing. But instead of feeling happy I was in more of a funk. It was part of the fact that I was starving (It was mid afternoon and I was just running off of two pieces of bread with butter and a cup of tea), but part of it was the fact that I was still feeling glum from Skipper's haircut. I had two options, wait the rest of the week and get Skipper the next week like I should, or I could wait another week and get Ricky. His hair wasn't cut since he has painted hair. But that would add another week to my wait time, and I don't know if I want to wait that long without getting anything. Either way I had some thinking to do. I will be happy when I have all the dolls from there that I want and I can get back to my spending each weeks ways. I'm much too spoiled to keep denying myself like this!

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