Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cross her off that list!

I woke up this morning in a much better mindset than I was yesterday. I don't know what was up yesterday, but it was terrible. Scratch that, I was terrible. Hopefully I won't have something like that happen again.
Anyway, today I focused my attention on Julia. Other than the hat staining snafu her hair had come out really nicely from getting styled. I'm still not sure if it's been cut or not. I want to say no, but I can't really be sure. If it was cut, whoever did it was a pretty decent hair stylist, especially compared to the hatchet jobs I've seen other kids do. But either way, I felt it was time to work on getting her dressed. I was looking over on Flickr for Julia pictures to see how other people dressed her and what I liked best on her. And I found something I liked, it actually was the silhouette of the dress that I liked. It was a simple a-line dress, with bell sleeves and a turtleneck. It was a silver metallic fabric, which I didn't care for. So I drew out the design and worked on it a bit. I was going to do the dress the same as the picture, except I was going to gather the sleeves and add cuffs, and change the fabric. Instead of the silver (which I don't have) I was going to use that vintage green and pink floral fabric I bought recently. Remember how I claimed that it was too big of a pattern for Barbie? Well I should really stop making claims like that since I keep end up doing the opposite of what I say.
For the pattern I chose one that I'd played around before. You can find it online on Flickr. It's in the wonderful Dolly Stitches group, you can find the group here; the group. There's several other patterns there to try out. So I made a dress using that pattern. I did change the neckline, but other than that I cut the pattern out exactly how it was created. I gathered the sleeves into the cuff and everything. I got most of the dress done except the hem and stopped to try it on Julia... and wasn't impressed. Adding cuffs just was not working for this dress. It was not at all how I wanted it to look. So I gave up on it then, there's no point continuing on something I'm already so unimpressed with.
But I didn't give up on Julia just yet. In fact, I still kept using the pattern, or at least a variation of it. I had played around with this pattern before, back when I was trying to dress Talking Barbie. I went in another direction with her, but for a while she was going to get a dress made from this pattern, just adapted. I trimmed the bell sleeves to regular straight sleeves and changed the a-line dress to one with a more defined empire style waist. I had never gotten a finished garment out of it, but I knew that it would at least fit. Before I started this next one, I did another tweak to it. I taped the front and back pieces together at the shoulder seams. I find that I work better when I don't have to deal with shoulder seams. And so I got to work, with a dress now made from one piece of fabric, compared to three.
It went together pretty easily. I made mock cuffs from folding and sewing down the fabric at the wrists. For the neck hole I used the tulle trick. Which has been surprisingly helpful. Chalk that up for another thing that I shouldn't have made judgement on so quickly. I'm really starting to appreciate using that for neck holes. That alone makes borrowing that book from the Library worth it. I used lace at the bottom to hem it. Before I was finished it, I tried it on Julia. I liked it, but it was still missing that fitted look I like in most of my clothes. I ended up making two under bust half darts in it to bring it closer to her body. It actually made it look a little better because it gave the skirt a pleat in front, which was totally unintentional, but much appreciated. I also added a strip of ribbon at the waist for decoration. I thought it looks nice breaking up the big expanse of the patterned fabric.
I also ended up making a head scarf for the outfit. It was a bit of the leftover cut away that I had kicking around. I don't know what is about mod that makes me want to add head scarves. Hers also is made from using tulle to line it. For shoes I gave her the blue pilgrim clones that I bought a while back from the antique store. I was hoping to save them for Mod Midge, but they just worked for this outfit. I'll have to find something else for Midge when I get around to dressing her. I got the entire outfit finished and even took some Flickr worthy pictures to share. I was even motivated enough to share them over on "In the Pink", since it was family and friends day today. I was able to put Julia away on the bookshelf after that. She's chilling on Charlotte's shelf since I'm running out of room on the other shelves. At this rate I'm going to need another bookshelf!
For my finish it up project of the day, I finished this skirt. I made as part of an outfit for Charlotte before the outfit changed gears and ended up being for someone else, but by then I had already made a lot of progress on the skirt. It is made out of that silk like material I bought a while back. It's another pleated skirt, nothing too special about it. Today I added the waistband, reinforced seams, added a snap, and sewed the back together. It doesn't match up in the back at the bottom the best, but I don't care enough to tweak it. It goes out of the box and into the bag! Link

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