Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day one of Cleaning...

Started the whole clean up process of the house today. Once again I was the only one doing anything. And actually I didn't have another prissy little freak out today, although those usually happen on day two or later. Today I started around 10:30, and worked for an hour and a half, quitting at noon. In that time I got done cleaning the dining room, the hallway including the stairs, did a load of laundry (which so needed to be done), as well as make a small dent in putting away things in the Kitchen. I think that will be the best way to deal with the kitchen, a little at a time, leaving it for last. The kitchen is usually where I have those (to myself) hissy fits and end up quitting. Tomorrow I have a living room and the upstairs hall on the to-do list. Saturday is quickly approaching!
In the afternoon I went out the check the mail. I know it's super early, but I was hoping the Skipper head would be here today. And it was! It was actually the only mail in the box today. So exciting, I love not having to wait a while to get my things. I eagerly opened the box when inside and got to see Skipper up close and personal. It's really a nice head. The makeup is flawless, her eyelashes are so long and full, no spots or fades, and the best part, her hair is so nice and full and uncut! It was a little sticky, so she's already gotten a bath and her hair brushed. I did have to fix the part in the back, but that was easy. With a little work it went back to how it was originally rooted. She does have one issue that I didn't know about, the back of her neck opening is a bit warped. It's flat like she'd been positioned like that for a while and the plastic settled on it. But it easily fit the neck post, and doesn't seem to be causing any trouble. I'm hoping that it will revert back to it's original shape over time, but not a big deal if it doesn't, you can only tell if you look at her closely. Also, she was a touch dirty when she arrived, so that's another reason for her getting a bath. For some reason she had some light reddish brown marks on her face, under her lips and over her eyes. Maybe somebody gave Skipper some makeup? Either way it came off with some water and soap.
After she was cleaned and drying I was looking her over. It's weird, I kind of really like her, even though she's much later than the other dolls that I usually like. She just seems so... fun. So fun in fact that I already started dressing her. For some reason I had an idea for dressing her popped into my head, which I liked but wasn't in love with. So I kept thinking about it, and adapted it. Eventually I had an idea that I really liked, so I started making it. And while I was adapting patterns, and and tweaking things on the fly it actually came out decently. I was even able to go back and fix the pattern that I made for making a Skipper shirt out of cotton. It's not finished, so you'll get to see it tomorrow. I hope you like it!
And last we have our final item for the month of finishing it up. Can you believe I've gotten 31 things done this month? This is a square of black fabric that I re-purposed. It was originally the tail of Joe's Regency coat, but it was too big, so I ended up making a second one that was thinner, but longer. But I kept this one, unsure what to do with it. Today I took it out of the box and looked at it for a bit. Then I wondered if it was big enough to make an underskirt out of. And it was! I've never made one out of black before, they've all been white so far. This one is lined in white (to prevent staining), but is black on the outside. I also used some velvet ribbon at the bottom to give it some decoration, as well as made a bow out of the ribbon as well. It's cute, and a little bit saucy!

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