Sunday, August 28, 2011

Does Julia own that pattern?

Or another title could be; "The things I do for my hand". That was the original title for today's post around noon today. Because... I bought a new Living Skipper head. Yes, I know I should have just sucked it up and re-rooted the one I have, it's just that it takes forever plus I don't have enough hair left. I'd have to buy more hair to re-root anybody. So I thought about buying another head, and went over to E-bay to see what they were going for. I'm also looking for other Barbie body parts in this ghastly hobby of mine. Anyway, I found someone selling another Skipper head with good hair for 20 dollars (buy it now price), much out of my price range. So I made an offer to them of ten dollars, explaining that was all I could afford at the moment, and that I would understand if they declined it. I was expecting a counteroffer, or just getting told to buzz off, but they accepted! Shocking, that was. This was my first time making an offer on something, and I now know that when you make an offer you are asking to directly buy it. I guess I assumed that if they accepted your offer you'd then be prompted to buy it, not automatically close the auction and have you "win" it. But that's what happened. So I now have a Living Skipper head with good hair heading my way, arriving between the 30th to the 8th of September. The seller is from Kentucky, so that's not too far away so I hope I get it sooner than the 8th. So while I wish to not spend the money I just so don't want to do more re-roots. They take hours and always end up hurting my hands. Besides, I'm still going to have the original head, so if I choose to I can always re-root her down the road, and get her a new body down the road.
But anyway, the finish it up project for today is why I have a different title up there. I picked out my first attempt of making that dress for Julia. Since she's been dressed already, I decided to play around with this one. I ended up taking out the cuffs on the sleeves. It was much too much fabric to put in cuffs. Instead I hemmed them using the tulle. Then I added two darts under the bust. Unlike Julia's dress these go to the waist. Her's are just under the bust. After that I just finished it like usual. I even went and made a belt for it out of those gold jewelry findings I have. I kind of like this dress a lot how it came out. Charlotte's been wearing it for a while with those pink boots I got a while back (It's since moved onto that Silkstone body I use to display clothes on). But I also tried it on Casey (or just her body), and it looked good on her. It did need some minor tweaks, plus a different design element, but I could remake this dress for her. But I didn't. I have a real problem reusing fabrics like that, especially since it's so bold (and easily identified) and Julia and Casey will most likely be on the same shelf, and that they'd both be wearing outfits from the same pattern, just adapted. That just feels a little too similar for my feelings. I know that the same patterns and fabrics repeat through the collection, just not as blatant as that. Am I being weird, or does that make sense to you guys too?

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